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Piedmont International Baccalaureate Middle School Reviews

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Piedmont was an inspiring experience! The community was great, I miss it so much!the work was challenging but your peers and teachers are always there to help.
Piedmont was a wonderful experience, it had truly pushed me to work hard and build my character. It not only prepared me for Highschool but also life in general. Giving me multiple tools and resources to be the best that I could be.
This school is where I first realized my potential in studies that I had come to hate as a child. Mathematics was something that I had always hated with a passion, but my math teacher was able to help me get a 5 on my EOC. The same thing happened for my Language Arts and Science EOC. I attribute my most influential years to that middle school and the friends I made there.
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Best part of my grade school education by far. Piedmont was so formative to my growth as an artist and academic, and I still employ many of the practices I learned there, even now as an Honors College student. The friends I made are still with me, and it is amazing to see what other Piedmont grads are accomplishing.
Most people will say that their middle school years were the worst years of their lives, but for me, the opposite is true. I had some of the greatest times at Piedmont and I met some to the greatest friends I have ever had. The teachers were committed to the students learning and engaged in helping them succeed. The clubs and activities were primarily student run and there were extracurriculars available for people of all interests.
The courses offered ate diverse. Some teachers are ineffective. Schedules at beginning of the school year can be chaotic
The sports are ok. Clubs somewhat inconsistent
Faculty and staff ensure the student's safety at all times
I enjoyed my time at Piedmont! It was very rigorous and I got stressed out a lot but I made great friendships and I matured as a person.
I had very supportive teachers while I was at this school who made sure that I had everything I needed.
There is a lot of teachers and maybe two or three counselors. Although you might need a counselor to help you, most teachers are experienced in life and you can trust them to help you. They care about each and every student. The principle is strongly dedicated and very active in every aspect of the school. The office staff will help you with anything you need assistance in, and the faculty and staff as a whole work pretty well.
Piedmont will look great on your college admissions and also it teaches you a lot in your middle school years. It teaches you not only of academic things, but also what society is really like and how hard life is. It taught me I have to work for anything I get and if I didn't have to work to get it, I need to appreciate whoever did.
The coaches at piedmont are really engaged and experienced. Anyone is allowed to try out but only the best of the best get picked out. Sometimes, the coaches will accept students who they see have a lot more potential and give opportunities to most athletic people. School spirit is intense, you will never see a blank crowd at game with piedmont. GO PIRATES!!!
The teachers at piedmont really go deep into detail to make sure no one is confused and always advise students to go above and beyond their limits so they can do things in life they never imagined they could do.
The social scene at Piedmont isn't the best because just like in any school in today's society everyone is expected to have everything and to be the best. There is definitely a lot of peer pressure but that's a part of life. Being in this school's society teaches you a lot about people and how they would react to specific things. Regarding society, it taught me to be patient and to help people the most you can cause someone might need you. Also, it is never a bad thing to try hard. I used to be called a "try-hard" because I got very good grades in all my classes.
Piedmont offers many extracurricular activities such as soccer, football, tennis, rugby, softball, baseball, volleyball, girls track, social entrepreneurship, crochet, art, math counts, Science Olympiad, Spanish for native speakers, book club, frisbee, and many more things available for students. Lots of students participate and the teachers always give it their best so they can see their students learn and succeed.
Piedmont Open Middle School is an International Baccalureate school and magnet school. It is necessary to get into the lottery in order to be chosen to attend. It is a school that offers very rigorous courses and it has won many awards and certificates because of its academic and social excellence.
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