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Piedmont Hills is a great school with an intense competitive attitude in the academic field. What this school lacks in school spirit and sports it sure makes up for with academic rigor.
The diversity taught me a lot about society and how to understand and treat others due to being in a place that embraced it. My teachers cared about my education and helping me not only succeed in school, but prepare me for my post-high school life. They gave me advice when I was down, and when I needed help shaping my path for school. I felt comfortable and excited going to school because I felt safe, well cared for, and well taught. They treated every student with the utmost care and respect, treating everyone equal. This high school also offers many clubs and sports that anyone can find their place and comfort in. Many students involved with these programs have had the opportunity to showcase their talents at a higher level due to the great coaching staff. They also offer a great amount of clubs that anybody can participate in whether it be for community service, or just pure interest. Piedmont Hills High School embodies a great educational institution.
Piedmont Hills High School was a good experience. Everyone is motivated and the teachers are so helpful and friendly.
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It’s a pretty good school. Some classes are a little ridiculous, and some teachers are over the top. But the students are pretty good, the staff of mostly supportive, and the environment is great, not overly tense or competitive.
I like that Piedmont Hills provides students with a great facility, including 2 new gyms. However, I would like to see a change in mental health awareness.
I liked all of the teachers dedication to help students thrive in the class and making learning different subjects as interesting and helpful as possible because they are the stepping stones to what we decide to do with our futures.
I like how the teachers are so involved with their students and truly do care. The sports coaches are not only teachers but alumni and they also care so much about our well being.
I like that Piedmont Hills is academically challenging. Because of this, however, there is a lot of competition and stress between the students at the school.
I thought most of the teachers were very good at their jobs; however, I believe that many of the programs and facilities were being underfunded.
Piedmont Hills High School is a great school, in which diversity is highly regarded within the school. Piedmont Hills High School has an excellent amount of clubs to join, and if there is no club you are interested in you can simply start a club. The school has a great academic program for people who have a hard time because tutoring and homework help is offered to students who are seeking help with their studies. The performing arts is one of the best in state in my opinion, due to the fact of the numerous awards from festivals. The athletic program at the school is excellent, in which you are able to learn and train for your sport. As well as the extravagant school events such as club day and Fantastics. Some things that I would say the school should work on is getting better conditioned books and more language options. Overall the school Piedmont Hills High School is a great school for academics, sports, clubs, and performing arts.
I just graduated from Piedmont Hills this summer 2018. It's a great school with great teachers who truly want to see you succeed. They have so many clubs and sports available for you to join so you can try them out and see what you like and find your interests/hobbies. At Piedmont, I discovered my interest in photography and in Ballet Folklorico. One thing I would say is that there are some buildings at the school that are overdue to be fixed/rebuilt. Many of the cielings in the portables have water build up and sometimes they start to leak and the drama room and lockers are in need of a makeover.
I enjoyed my time at Piedmont Hills. I have grown to like some of the teachers that I had because they helped me grow over the years.
Piedmont Hills provides many excellent teachers who genuinely care about helping a student succeed in the subject.
My experience at Piedmont Hills High School was a great experience. One thing that I liked about the school, was the teachers at the school. They did their jobs well and taught the students what they wanted to teach us. They are fair with their grading and how much work they give the students.
Academically this is a great school to go to. The majority of teachers and staff are invested in the students succeeding, and lots of students are already high achieving. But the key is that those students make up mainly the seniors, the group I'm in. Now, underclassmen and juniors who are coming up are less focused on college and more attracted to how "popular" they can get. Despite this, remember the teachers are excellent and the education will put your kid light years ahead compared to other schools in the district. Campus wise, there are pretty parts, but remember, this is an ESSJ (East Side San Jose) school, so it won't get the same money for renovations as a Santa Teresa/ WSSJ , even though academically Piedmont is academically as achieving, if not more achieving. Among the schools in the district, this is definitely the one to choose, just make sure your student doesn't take it for granted.
It was a small school, which I liked because it was cozy and felt safe, but it was not very diverse. There are a lot of Asian students pursuing the same goals.
Piedmont Hills High School is one of the best high schools in my area and I truly believe the amazing teachers and faculty prepared for my years in college at UCLA.
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My experience at Piedmont Hills was excellent and I could not have asked for a better school. The teachers I had throughout my high school career were fantastic at their jobs. Although, there were times when schoolwork would overwhelm me, all the work assigned to me served to help me pass my exams and finals. Additionally, the teachers were also very kind and understanding. When I was going through familial crises, my teachers offered nothing less than the comfort and time I desperately sought. It was through their kindness that I was able to pull through my second semester of senior year with grades beyond my expectation.
The staff is very welcoming and always encourage students to try their best, whether it be for academics, sports, etc. However, it seems the school lacks money for improvement of infrastructure and new educational material.
Piedmont Hills was a really fun learning environment and really focused on the safety of every student in the school. There was a very diverse student body, and everyone was friendly to one another. There were hardly any bullying cases, but when there was Piedmont made sure to crack down on it as soon as possible, holding no biases and interviewing everyone until a decision was made.
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