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This school is like any other high school in America. There are good and bad parts of this school. Piedmont is situated in a safe part of Oklahoma and that is reflected in the school. It's, in general, a safe school other than some rare fights between students. The staff are all very nice and treat students nicely. The students treat each other nicely, other than the few that think they are better than everyone. Overall, Piedmont High School isn't a bad place.
Piedmont is one of the best school districts in the state. I am a senior and plan to apply to state schools. I feel like the teachers and administration care about the success of their students. One thing that I think needs improvement, are the math teachers or the curriculum used to teach math is lacking.
My experience with Piedmont High School was average. Nothing more, nothing less.
With that being said, there are some things that need to change. Firstly, there needs to be more emphasis on the arts and clubs. Student involvement is something that colleges really look at. There isn't drama or theater at PHS which are classes that are typically offered. There is also not many clubs to choose from. It truly saddens me that all Piedmont seems to focus on is athletics. The art program seems to be hanging on by a very thin thread.
Also, the school culture needs to change. My high school didn't have school spirit. My school didn't have a lot of school pride and I think it was because of the school's fixation on sports and sports only. In order to change this, Piedmont needs to make EVERYONE feel included and involved, not just the athletes.
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Piedmont High School has been a fairly good experience. The environment was very friendly and the teachers are dedicated and understanding. There isn't much prep for college.
Overall, Piedmont High School is a great school. There are some faults like the administration and school culture, but it is made up for with the great teachers and parent involvement.
My experience at Piedmont High School was most likely the same as any high school student. I’ve always loved being in a smaller school for many reason. I feel that there are less clicks, it is easier to know everyone in your grade, as well as teachers being able to focus on individuals in class if needed. They have good classes to choose from. One elective that I chose was French. It was an amazing class and I learned more than I would have ever imagined. Although I’m excited to graduate and start the next chapter in my life, I will miss coming to this school. I’ll miss being with the many friends I made throughout the years.
There's a lot of racism, sexism, and bigotry at this school. The school has no auditorium and the gym isn't big enough to hold the entire student body, so we have to bus over to the middle school. It values sports over art. It doesn't fund the Arts much because the principal thinks it's unimportant and excessive, so that's not where our budget goes. We have no drama program and only a small amount of money funding art classes. There is also no speech and debate program and they canceled the funding for Odyssey of the Mind, a creative, academic competition.
There are a lot things that are good. The people are alright. It's okay. They keep adding on and changing things making it hard too keep up. I have always been confused when at school.
Piedmont is a small school that is rapidly growing. There are some wonderful teachers and some poor teachers. Some areas of sports are successful. The band program is very successful. Slowly offering more options for students.
To start off with the good, Piedmont's teachers are very good. They actually do care and are very helpful if you are struggling or need help raising your grade. The school for how small it is does have a lot of good clubs that get involved with community. Which helps builds your college resume. NOW THE BAD, firstly this school babys the students here so much and does not prepare you for college. The school has this thing called "ZAP" which gives EVERY student a opportunity to turn in any assignment a WEEK late for FULL credit which is the complete opposite of what college is like. The building is too small for the amount of students it has. People have to park in the grass cause the parking lot is TINY and the bathrooms are NASTY and old once the bathroom stale door lock was so old it would not unlock and i had to call the front office and they had to CUT THE LOCK OFF and that was a year ago and they still haven't put a new lock on the stale door.
Piedmont has a lot to offer, but like any public high school, the individual experience depends on how involved the student is. I enjoyed my time at piedmont and I appreciate the effort counselors put into preparing me for my future.
Piedmont High School is one of the thousands of high schools. Is it the best? No. Is it the worst? No. Piedmont High School is in between good and bad. Attending this school has been a bittersweet experience. A positive aspect is that I have learnt many things that I will use every day. Some of these include how to take proper notes, morals, responsibility, and so on. Most teachers I have had the luxury of knowing have made an impact in my educational life. They are skilled in their practice and it pays off. Lastly, we volunteer a lot to help our community. This has taught students that helping others is meaningful and everyone should do it. On the downside, authority figures put their priorities in the wrong places. One big problem at my school is bullying. Although this is an issue for every school, it does not mean that it is acceptable. Overall, Piedmont High School is an exceptional place and I would recommend it to others.
I gave Piedmont High School 3 stars because I personally had a very decent time throughout my years at school, I was always a fairly easy-going kid who doesn't need a lot of extra help from teachers. Therefore, I exceeded very well through school. My sibling who suffers from Autism, on the other hand, did not have as great of an experience through the Piedmont Public Schools as I did. My mother was constantly having to fight the administration for fairness because the special needs program was not up to par. The high school was much better in comparison to the other Piedmont schools, but my sibling still had to face bullying nonetheless, which is probably my biggest problem with the school.
Piedmont High School is a great school for college preparation. This school offers many electives and advanced placement courses for students to explore many career paths. The teachers are very helpful and student/teacher ratio is usually 20:1. The counselors at PHS also are very helpful by getting students in the right classes, graduation, and college admission. I definitely recommend this school!
I have lived in Piedmont, OK my entire life so it is all I know. My high school experience has been average, nothing great. One thing I wish they would have changed while I was here was to have more clubs and activities for students to get involved. The only way for students to really be involved is through sports or band.
I love Piedmont with all of my heart. They always had great teachers and a great bunch of kids throughout all grades.
The academics at PHS are great! The teachers are amazing, and make it easy to learn!
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Their is a relative social hierarchy, it's not terrible, but it isn't great either.
There are many sports to participate in, but very, very few clubs. Probably between 5-10.
Piedmont honestly is a really great school, one of the best public schools in the state. They do a ton of charity work, that the students and community are all heavily involved in.
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