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I had an okay time at Piedmont High. People were cliquey but you can really get that at any high school, I had some great teachers ( Ms. Weverka, Ms. Terhar, Kim Taylor, Dr. Marks, Mr. O'Regan) but also some pretty awful teachers who I won't name drop here. There were a lot of pretty challenging classes but if you didn't want to take the Honors/AP path there were a good amount of easy classes too. Food was average but way over priced, paying $7 for a mushy bowl of pesto ravioli was not the greatest but pizza on Friday's was always great and the free fruit during passing periods. Overall, not a horrible place to go to school, but not the best one either.
the nearby area is pretty safe. The school has a lot of resources students can use. Teachers are happy to help students with any problem.
It’s a really good school with a nice location. The diversity there is not great and it is pretty cliquey. There is a lot to do on the weekends like going into the city, the beach, or parties.
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This school is very focused on sports, which for people who aren't into sports, can lead to slight isolation. However, the academics are very good and there aren't that many stereotypically preppy kids.
Piedmont High School has the reputation for being a high-ranking public school. This comes from the educational resources available from the generally wealthy residents and the student drive. Many great AP classes and extracurriculars.
The social environment at this school is toxic. Many students have known each other since they were young, so kids who move in after 6th grade tend to have a difficult time adjusting. Counseling at the middle school is horrible, and across both the middle and high schools, dealing with social issues is not something done proactively but something done once something very bad has happened (i.e. the FSL, hate speech/threats, anti-semitic graffiti, teachers accused of harassment, etc). Time and time again I have been thoroughly disappointed with the way things were handled by the administration, and the major thing they are focused on is success; how good you are as a person is irrelevant. People should value the way they treat others, and that's just not something you'll find here if you haven't been here your whole life.
Although the school isn't diverse racially or economically, it is improving racially as the years go by. However, the domination of wealthy students will most likely remain. Many teachers who manage to stay there because of tenure should not be there but this is somewhat balanced out by great teachers who are invested in the students. The food is definitely overpriced and not worth buying. The best thing about it is that there is a lot of pressure to do well which pushes students but this creates a lot of stress as well.
Being at Piedmont since kindergarten has probably been the best thing my parents could have done. I could not think of a better place to grow up. The high school is great, I have had such an amazing time, my group of friends and support system academically could not have been better. Not everyone loves Piedmont but what is not to love!
Almost all of the students at Piedmont high school live in Piedmont. Which as a city is the exact opposite of diverse, and this is highlighted by the fact that it is so close to Oakland and berekley that are both very diverse. The teachers at this school aren't good. They think they are great teachers because they teach at a good school but most of them aren't very organized or nice. The faculty is old and gross with a poor layout, but they do have plans to redo it. The cafeteria food isn't good and there's only one other food place that's close. The administrations desicions are usually not what is best for the students and they make clubs and activities not fun. The school culture and very clique and judgmental. No body likes each other and there is way to much drama between friends.
They´re good! Not enough options for classes, but it´s a small school.
There isn´t too much bullying, most things are said behind backs, not to faces. Security is not an issue, the school is just in a very safe area, and student body is not ¨dangerous¨.
Sports are amazing. And our mock trial program is pretty good. Otherwise, there´s not much else, mainly because everyone plays sports. If you don´t there aren´t many other options for extracurriculars, and it can be isolating.
I´ve gone to school with many of the kids in my grade for six years. Still, I´ve only spoken to less than half of the approximately 220 students. It can feel very small and stifling, without much room to make new friends or try new activities: everyone pretty much sticks with what they´ve been doing since middle school. PHS can also be very isolated: it´s an island town surrounded by Oakland, a radically different community that generally dislikes Piedmont. And why shouldn´t they? There pretty much is no reason for Piedmont´s existence and isolation from Oakland other than a desire to live in a bubble of wealth and privilege. I wouldn´t go to this school, or even move to Piedmont again because of this bubble. There is no diversity of culture or ethnicity, drastically different from Oakland. If you want insane academic pressure and vanilla preppiness, go to PHS. Otherwise, you can do without. Although I´ve met some amazing friends here, the stifling bubble and pressure creates an overall negative experience.
The teachers that are good are really good: approachable, caring, passionate, interesting. However, the foreign language department is pretty horrible, and most teachers there are boring and burnt out. Some teachers can be intimidating and boring, their coursework unnecessarily difficult . Pretty much, some are fantastic, some are horrible, and grading methods vary greatly.
Plenty of AP and honors classes to take, students have a lot of options and can choose the path they want to follow early on. Counselors are very helpful when deciding what classes to take.
Piedmont does really well in sports for such a small school. Several kids participate in one or more sports and they provide a great community and way to get to know more people as an incoming freshman.
Piedmont is extremely cliquey, which gets really annoying. After having spent 7 years with all the same people you would think you would get to know everyone pretty well, but the cliques make it hard to branch out.

I feel like most kids who go to school here have no idea how privileged they are and take living here and going to school here for granted. It's hard to find some one who isnt materialistic or who hasn't traveled to Europe, but there are definitely some who understand how lucky they are to be here.

Most kids in Piedmont are over achievers and put and insane amount of stress on themselves to do well, and it turns into a very high stress environment for everyone at school.

Kids here are very hard working and motivated.
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Most teachers at this school genuinely care about their students. They don't just care that we are getting a good grade in the class but they care that we are actually understanding what we are learning. Teachers make themselves available outside of class and always offer extra help to those who need it.

There are a couple of teachers at this school who seem to be phoning it in and are just trying to get through the day, and you're bound to have at least one of them but overall the teachers here are amazing and try to make classes engaging.
I honestly really enjoyed school at PHS.
Piedmont High School has its mix of goods and bads. Without a doubt the best part about Piedmont is the extensive room it gives to achieve. There are all sorts of academics to make use of, and plenty of great teachers as well. While there are a few teachers that no one really understands how they haven't been fired yet, there's overall a great amount of teachers who are constantly willing to have you do your best.

Most people at Piedmont are nice, but you'll get the occasional douchebag or mean girl. It's a very accepting environment, and it's usually a few boys here and there that will say something that blows your mind on how offensive it is.

Piedmont is a very rich town, so there are plenty of people with their heads far up their asses. There are many trips people take and don't really understand that a lot of people don't have the money to take such trips, or just forget that there are people with less money at all.

Overall there isn't really anyone that doesn't appreciate what they have been given by attending Piedmont, and most people understand how blessed they are to have such an opportunity that is practically a feeder to UC Berkeley.
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