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I like how the teachers really help the students when they are stuck on task. The faculty staff here makes sure that every student does good in their classes they all try to help in any way they can. I love how everyone is involved with supporting all the sports that are offered at our school.
Piedmont High School is one of the best high schools in the state of Alabama. The school gets you ready for college by taking advanced placement, dual enrollment, and honors courses. We get dual enrollment credit from our local college, Jacksonville State University. Piedmont is great in athletics, being great contenders for a state championship every year. Piedmont is an Apple accredited school. All of us students use MacBooks and use blackboard to summit our work and look at our grades. Piedmont also has a great band. The Piedmont Blue Knights have played in parades at Disney in Florida and the Great Smokey Mountains in Tennessee.
I have loved my time at Piedmont. All the teachers are there to help you improve in any way possible and the coaching staff for all sports work together to make everyone better. I have no complaints about Piedmont and would not want to graduate from anywhere else.
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Piedmont High School will always be very special to me. I learned so much while attending. They have so many ways to learn. They use apple laptops for learning, and that really caught the students attention and made us excited about learning again. They have multiple clubs and sports. There is something for everyone from drama to debate to sports and even robotics. They really do emphasise the importance of team work, but also teach you how to be your own individual self.
Piedmont High School is a public college-preparedness school. There are many opportunities to take honors and AP classes. However, the school uses MacBooks. This can be seen as a blessing but still a curse. As a student on a honors diploma taking as many AP classes as possible only 2 of those classes are taught. If you are on any diploma aside from a honors diploma your entire school experience is through a computer screen. There is no teaching or learning. It is disgraceful. It is beyond easy to cheat. In my AP Government class we rarely use computers and if we do it is for home assignments. I am forced to learn in that class by not using a computer. I have taken 4 and a half foreign languages online and cannot speak a word. Online classes are horrible. They are a contribution to the education crisis.
A small school but yet it has such a powerful influence in education. Here at piedmont learning is combined with MacBooks. I did not realize that in college I would have to make presentations. At Piedmont, I made so many presentations; I was totally prepared for college. Theres so many classes offered where you can explore different career paths whether its computer science, health careers, agriculture, and many more. The community support is huge, from sports to academics. Our facilities are up to date and things run smoothly. Students as seniors are prepared for the world by completing this program called 3P. It helps with your steps after college such as interview skills and do's and don'ts. I have to say I thought many of the lessons I learned were not going to be of much value, but after I left I knew exactly what I wanted my career path to be and I had obtained so many skills. Truly proud to be a bulldog!
Teachers at piedmont high school go above and beyond what they have to. We recently had a teacher that had surgery and was working from her home getting students set up. They have a genuine love for students. I'm very thankful for everything that they do
Our popular classes are biology, forensics, art, theatre, and foreign languages. The schedules are relatively easy to process. Students make their own schedules.
The social scene is your usual jocks, cheerleaders, popular kids, the bookworms and anti-social group. Everybody gets along well, when we see each other at places other than school we will talk for a minute and then go about our day. The challenges in this school are difficult but can be done. We don't have any race issues here, nor sexual orientation issues. Our school is a very good school.
I would choose piedmont high school all over again if I had to. The experiences there are so amazing. Our football games mean everything to our little town. Most parents attend all school meetings along with the students. They also attend academic meetings. Our school is very unique with our senior year. We do this thing called the Piedmont Promise Project (3P). You do 35 things before the end of the year which will help you in future events.
The teachers are amazing. They care about each and every student in their classroom. The teachers engage with parents and students. They help struggling students and love to watch them graduate
City and the administration are committed to providing the best opportunity possible for the students to advance in life. The willingness to change, if it has the possibility to improve the system, is one of the main strength of the system.
I like this school because of the softball program. I do not like it because we always stay on the computers and I learn better writing information down.
Piedmont High School allows students to express themselves and be who they are. The school has an intellectual teaching system, using Macbooks and technology as tools to learning and for a higher education. Each Student gets their own computer, which allows students to easily learn and do educational activities anywhere.
The administration provides what is best for the students and is lenient. Our counselor connects to each student and is always there when a student needs assistance.
We have some of the best teachers that know their subjects and are willing to help any of their students when they need help. There are also Macbooks assigned to each student which is major asset because it help prepare us for college.
I have always enjoyed the lunchroom food. I am very picky, but there is always something that I will eat. The meals repeat every two weeks. There is usually always salad, and there are multiple drink and dessert options, too.
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All of the teachers are very good at what they do and are willing to help students. They are very easy going and have great communication skills with students. My high school teachers have taught me well and have even offered to help me with my classes in college.
There are tons of extracurricular opportunities that are offered for students to participate in. Almost every teacher is over at least one club or organization. Some organizations go to state conferences while others meet for the benefit of the students or community.
We have a great athletics program with state championships earned in several sports. Most students participate in more than one sport. We have the biggest fan crowds of any other schools we play and are very enthusiastic about games. Our athletic facilities are top notch with brand new football, baseball, and softball fields. The gym has also been redone, and the new addition of a building with a turf floor is used for football, baseball, softball, cheer leading, and band practices.
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