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It depends on who you are related to, in order for yourr child to get the needs for sucess. There is no diversity. A few staff are obviously bigots and in need of diversity traiing, from the Asssistant Principle to the kitchen help.
I have gone to Piedmont for the last three years and I am just now entering into my senior year of high school. I have had some bullying occur as well as some not so great teachers, but overall it has been an okay experience.
I’ve had such a great experience at Piedmont. The student body is really family oriented and all the faculty members support your aspirations and help you achieve them. I wouldn’t change anything about the school, I think the environment has helped me grow as a person and learn new things for my upcoming year in college.
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Academically, Piedmont is a great school and provides many advanced opportunities for students on the path to higher education. Piedmont, however, is an older school and state funding for facility improvement could be put to good use.
The school is smaller in comparison to other North Carolina schools. Piedmont is an excellent school because of the student to teacher ratio and the teachers have implemented a rotating tutoring schedule for after school. It is also not uncommon to hear from teachers outside of school through contact with parents to give updates on grades, encouragement, and feedback.
Really good place to learn and grow, the teachers are so helpful and it helps you prepare for ,ore things in life than just college.
I like the teachers at piedmont high school. They do the best teaching and I have learned so much. I also feel really safe when I am there and don’t have to worry about anything. I also like the type of people that go to piedmont I get along with a lot of people there and have a lot of friends. Piedmont is different then other kind of schools we are like family.
My expirence at this high school has been great! During my 4 years I’ve had nothing but the best help from my teachers and administration. Very good school.
Everyone Is very caring and the teachers really bond with students over the years of attendance. My school feels like a family.
While the campus is gorgeous, there is a major problem with discrimination and also lazy teachers. Some teachers are good, but others just don't care. There are many opportunities that are simply not talked about enough for students to be able to utilize, such as a history club and AP classes that are kind of hidden. Overall, many things should be changed, but I feel like my experience wouldn't be significantly better at another high school
As I went through almost four years at Piedmont High School I have learned one thing, attending the right school makes a difference. At PHS, the teachers are well educated and most really care and want to challenge the students, but are underpaid. They are understaffed for the amount of students the school contains, and have limited budgets so the children learn very economically. Although, I have had amazing teachers whoa re willing to help with anything you need. Sports are average in general, but PHS does have a very strong wrestling team that currently went to States and won. The campus is similar to a university in the sense you walk to different building for classes but it is very safe and there is always a police officer on campus. The school is old so the facilities need remodeling in most classrooms and bathrooms.The school does have a very nice football stadium, gymnasium, track field, and tennis courts for those who play sports.
Excellent school, they really help prepare the teens for college. From the first day we attended the high school, Dr Tyson was talking to the Freshman about college from day 1.
Overall communication is very good; however, better information and more advance notice on senior events coming up would be helpful, especially related to pictures and announcements. Also need to be clear with provider on whether class rings are going directly to the student's home or to the school. We had to make calls on three different days to the school and Jostens to get this resolved. We did receive the ring, just not timely.
I personally like the teachers and staff at Piedmont; they care about the students and their well-being. Piedmont is a safe environment and one of the best public schools in North Carolina. I know I can count on my teachers to prepare me for my final exams and for the college work experience. This is a school that has a 95% graduation rate the past year, and that number continues to grow each year. I believe this a great school that exceeds all standards.
Piedmont Hish School was a pretty good school all around. School dress code was enforced more than concern for student learning. Attendance policy was not enforced, students were passed no matter how many absences.
I really liked Piedmont High School, the teachers are nice and whenever you are having a bad day they are always there to listen to you when you need help. The school is clean you will not see a lot of trash when you walk around. The teachers make sure you understand and provide after school assistance if you may need it. Piedmont High School is not very high diversity but you can look around and see a few people of different race. The school has lots of clubs and activities and ways you can easily be involved no matter who you are. If I was to change anything about this school it would be the bathrooms, some of the stalls are broken and unable to lock right.
I liked how involved and kind the teachers were to their students. If I ever need help or had a question on an assignment they were always helping me find the answer. One of my teachers who I had the beginning of junior year I am still very close with. He helps me with other class assignments if I have a question, and he is always pushing me to aim high in life even if it isn't the easiest road, or what road everyone else is taking.
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Piedmont High has the most sound environment; the teachers genuinely care for the students and their success. Our school has been an awesome place to spend my high school years, but I am excited to go to college. I would like to see more diversity in the school and more emphasis on college readiness. Though I am ready for college, I do not believe that Piedmont offers that many courses or resources for college readiness. I believe that implementing a college counselor, rather than having guidance staff do all of our college things, would be useful for the students at our school. Diversity has always been lacking at Piedmont and I feel diversity prepares students for college; learning about different cultures and being open to the possibility of different opinions than you would be useful. Going to Piedmont has been a whirlwind; certain aspects at other schools are better than Piedmont, but there is no other place I would have rather spent my four years as a high school student.
Piedmont is very southern and while you’re there it seems to be little room to be anything but conservative. Really, if you take advantage of the things there, and get involved in the right places it can be good.
Piedmont has been a better school then I thought. I've learned a lot from certain teachers but no so much from others. Certain teachers have your back while others could care less, but those teachers that have my back are fantastic. I'm glad i'm going to be graduating from this school.
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