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A lot of the teachers take time out of their day to help students, if needed. Everyone has friends. There are no fights. Only thing that is a concern is the administration doesn't like to listen to the students
I have had a wonderful K-12 experience at Piedmont Community Charter School. Academically things have been great, and I feel completely prepared to head off to college next year.
The three S's you must know about this school: small, safe, and stable highschool environment! The size and layout of the school is not so much intimidating as it is convenient and simple and the small school size makes for an easily controlled and safe environment!
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The dress code restrictions are outrageous, but the theater program is awesome. I would like to have a fully functional cafeteria.
Piedmont Community Charter is a pretty average high school. There aren't many AP classes available for the students, but they do try to make up for it by offering college classes.
I am a senior at Piedmont and the best thing to do with this school is just shut it down at this point. teachers do not know how to teach and are very rude. administration is very rude, I have had the principle yell in my face because I pointed out the fact that someone had on a muscle tee shirt. the school picks favorites and punishes and is extremely mean too others. horrible sports lose at everything. dance teacher does not even teach her own class, drama teacher talks about students rudely to others. overall a horrible school.
Piedmont is a great school. I have only been there 2 years now and I have enjoyed the people, the teachers, and the administrators. Everyone at the school seems to care about our well being and they make sure our education is key daily. The school has laptops for all the high school kids so that we are able to take online classes, college online classes, and learn through using the computers.
Our daughter has attended Piedmont Community Charter School since the 3rd grade. She is now in 10th grade. The first year was the most challenging. After that, we have adjusted and really like this school a lot. We would not want to send her anywhere else. I would recommend this school to my friends and anyone who asks me.
Piedmont Community Charter School has given me a very comfortable home for the past four years. Small in student body size, classes are intimate and there is a sense of community. The school provides many options for the arts that most typical public high schools do not facilitate. PCCS certainly makes do with what it has, in terms of sports. As an arts-focused student, I would love to have some members of administration more focused or understanding of the arts, as I sometimes feel there is a disconnect between administration and the arts teachers/students. I feel that oftentimes, students are not fully aware of changes to the school dress code, as administration can be fickle about making changes under the radar and reporting students. I have seen some issues with enforcement of these policies. However, these issues are minimal and do not affect the daily life of students to a distracting level. Overall, Piedmont Community Charter School is a very good place to learn.
It's been a great school for our children so far, and we hope to remain there for the remainder of our children's school years.
Piedmont Community Charter School is seemingly the typical average highschool at first glance but throughout the years, Piedmont Charter has made improvement after improvement and still has tons of potential to be one of the best schools in Gaston County. The acedemics, teachers and staff, and the diversity makes this overall a very close and friendly school.
I very much enjoy going to school at Piedmont Community Charter School, the connects you make with your teachers are like no other schools. They truly care about you and your progress throughout school.
As a former piedmont students, i enjoy the teacher, and it was an great environment to learn and to improve oneself.
Has a great atmosphere but lacks in sports. It is a great school if you are interested in fine arts. Overall was a great experience and would do it all over again.
Piedmont Community Charter School was an amazing school that students loved to attend. However, because of the new administration that has changed because of an unfortunate event to try and shut down the high school. Now Piedmont is a dreadful place that students try to avoid as much as possible. I would like to see administration lighten up on the students and bring back the sense of community that we have lost.
My overall experience at Piedmont Charter has been pretty good. However, in recent years there was a change in administration and not a good one. They focus more on dress code than on academics and have a habit of charging into classrooms unannounced and without knocking in the middle of class time. There is a very strict dress code that I would advise any incoming students to read very thoroughly because administration may try and change it halfway through the year. The teachers at Piedmont are great and because of the smaller environment of the school teachers form closer bonds with their students. In all honesty, my only serious complaint is with the administration.
Academically, PCCS is a wonderful school. But, the people in charge of running the school are horrible. The Head of School and the Board of Directors are horrible and need a complete overhaul.
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I have been a student at Piedmont Community Charter School since Kindergarten and I am now a senior. In my thirteen years of being a student there it has been a roller coaster of an experience. I have dealt with many different things that no child should have to deal with. This ranging from racist teachers to verbal harassment from the new administration. It was not always bad but these past couple of years have been pretty terrible. From the time that Jennifer Purdee tried to get the high school shut down up until now it has been nothing but a disappointment. I also am involved in a numerous amount of sports and the athletics there do not cut it so I would definitely like to see that improve.
There not much variety on extracurricular. The staff isn't always there for after school clubs and organizations.
I have transferred to 3 different High Schools and this is the worst I have been to. I quality of teaching is poor. The use of technology is low. Teachers aren't helpful. They make things more complicated than they are. Horrible lunch system, Horrible staff, and the school does not have many courses to offer nor extracurricular activity options.
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