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Piedmont Classical High School Reviews

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Piedmont Classical has allowed me to think more about my future & my success. I am very grateful to have an opportunity to go to this school. I plan on getting older and doing great things
I started here my freshman year, at the church on 68 and it was my best choice ever! The admin we had then were super informing and never made me feel left out.
It's not the worst school it's like your average high school but the standard is set higher for the students
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In the beginning of high school it was really great because it was small and not as many people. By my junior year I pretty much hated going to school because there were fights everyday people would cuss out teachers. It just was hard to learn.
The simple mantra of the faculty is:

"Classical Education is:
The Liberal Arts;
The Great Books;
Character Education."

The classical education that these students are receiving is being developed and delivered by content experts (many of whom have advanced degrees) who clearly care for their students as people rather than as numbers and statistical data. All of the teachers at Piedmont Classical are invested in their students not only in the classrooms as lifelong learners, but also by means of extracurricular tutoring weekly and extracurricular club advisement or athletic coaching. These teachers have been taught to care about their students as adolescents, neither adults nor youth, but something uniquely in between -- as whole people nonetheless.
Piedmont Classical is a wonderful school... They focus on reading and comprehension within all the subjects and actually have textbooks, (selected by each subject department head), for each of the students! Discipline is firm and just, with a focus on students safety and care. The kids are like one big family! Great school!
Poor experience with kids who have ADHD, there is no communication or feedback from any counselor. Then its early release every Thursday....knowing that trouble teens will have to go onto the streets by themselves.
When student is out no contact from teachers about make up have to go to the school and beg for the classwork.
*****School does not have a cafeteria or lunch for kids. ******
Was an amazing school really loved all the people and staff!! The courses are very thorough and they care about everyone that goes there.
My experience was great. They changed me as a person. The one thing I like is that they make everybody work for there grades. They don’t give you nothing. The one thing I would change is the location.
Piedmont Classical was the change son needed. He has done very well academically!! Piedmont has so much to offer for students looking for something other than the traditional high school.
Welcome to Piedmont Classical, where learning is not a priority and disruptive students get in the way. The teachers are barely qualified to do their jobs. The teachers get absolutely slapped around (honestly surprised its not literal). People are failing many classes and not because they’re not able to pass, it’s because this school lacks the motivation of a charter school. This is honestly like a watered down school for troubled kids. They let almost anyone in which affects the kids that come to learn. Also, they hold you back for failing 1 class when it’s not your fault. They don’t evaluate the teachers. Also, you get counted as an Unexcused Absence no matter what note you give them. I get calls daily when I’m sick WITH A DOCTORS NOTE, and the call says I’m skipping . You could get your phone stolen from you and the teachers will just stand there and watch you get frustrated with another student. Send your kids anywhere but here.
The new principle is determined to make the school the best it can be, but the kids that got expelled from their other school are going to this school
If you're serious about your future after high school and you wan to succeed in life, then Piedmont Classical is the school for you!
Unprofessional staff, incompetent teachers, inconsistent rules. No control over students. The school is going downhill faster by the day.
My kids love Piedmont Classical High School. They received good education and they made alot of friends. They awesome teachers who are kind to the students. 100% recommend your kids go to this school.
I've been attending Piedmont Classical for the past two years. Piedmont has promised to be a school where only people with good grades and good conduct are welcome, but this school year has not met that standard. They hire teachers that do not know how to teach the curriculum, the athletics are extremely unorganized, and the behavior of the students is uncalled for.
Had my kid go to this school and ended up transferring after a year. The staff is awful, they would talk poorly about students to other students, leak private information on students, etc. They target minority’s and make up “rules” (which were not ever officially in place) in an attempt to get targeted students in trouble and suspended/expelled and in return will excuse non targeted kids behavior. Along with this they told certain female students that they couldn’t wear shorts because if someone did something to them it was their fault and on top of that they even clarified and specifically stated to my child that “heavier girls are allowed to wear shorts because no one will find it attractive and mess with them but girls that have bodies like you are more likely to be messed with”. When asked about it they denied it and stated they would never say anything like that, however this isn’t the first time they had said things like this to my child.
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Offered smaller class sizes which allowed for more 1 on 1 focus. Because we were a new school that was having a new facility built, there were a lot of things we did not have available. Some teachers and administrators were "all in" and gave students their all, while others were just there for the paycheck.
Piedmont is a great school for students who do not like a large student body and also great for the parents who love for their child/student to be in a small atmosphere.
Piedmont is in its fourth year as a charter high school. Each year as students and teachers and buildings are added, it is very different. The best thing is the large offering of AP classes.
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