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Students and faculty knew everyone, close relations, although favorites were sometimes played. Overall, A good school experience. I was able to play the sports I wanted and could easily have one on one time with my teachers. However, the coaches would also be the teachers.
I liked the school and the teachers. The facility is old and needs repairs. If you're looking for a school with small class size, this is your place. I always felt safe there.
Piedmont is overall a good school. It feels like home. I have made some great relationships and had some great teachers.
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Piedmont Academy has been a delightful experience and I'm beyond grateful to say that I'm graduating from there. They have college prep classes and challenge you to be the best student you can be. The teachers invest their time in you and if you don't understand any of the material they will sit down and teach it to you. Dress code is strictly enforced. That being said we are being prepped for what it is like to experience a job or other working opportunities with guidelines and rules.
Small school with some truly wonderful, involved parents but not enough good teachers to make up for the many under-qualified ones. Decent/okay basic education for average students who fit the PAC mold, but others feel unwelcome and alone, and end up emotionally suffering and often leaving. We found a much kinder, more diverse and accepting student body at the public school in this town, as well as more challenging academics and competitive clubs. Just make sure you know what you're getting and not getting, and if your child will be comfortable in this environment, before you hand over your money.
I did not like Piedmont Academy. The school doesn’t fully prepare you for college at all. The rules are outrageous and the dress code is ridiculous. I wonder where all the tuition money went, because the school is not updated. The sports are not professional. However, I have made some great memories there.
The class sizes at Piedmont are on the smaller side. This I found comforting because the student-per-teacher ratio was lower meaning that the teachers were able to have a better focus on what each individual student would need. One attribute that is discouraging about Piedmont is that the courses available are very limited. I wish that Piedmont Academy would have a more diverse range of courses so that student would be able to narrow down a few of their career options.
I have been a student at Piedmont academy ever since I was a Pre-K student, but now I am a senior about to embark on a new journey in my life. Piedmont Academy has helped me to grow and mature into a student that is ready to take on college life. Piedmont Academy offers a small school environment with very close knit student life. The only change that I would make to the school would be to make it more diversified, but the location of a small town doesn't help too much. Today Piedmont Academy serves as the learning facility for 300 curious and successful students that will eventually serve as the next generation of leaders in our country.
I am an alumni of Piedmont Academy. I have had a horrendous experience with this school. The Academics are a joke. Teachers do not care whether or not the student learns anything. Half of the teachers do not teach and just sit around all day gossiping or playing on their phones. The rigor of the classes, even honors, is extremely easy and nothing is learned. Freshman at public schools learn more than Juniors and Seniors here. Overall absolutely awful experience.
I've been impressed with the elementary school. Teachers have been very loving to my kids. I like all the extras that elementary gets: Music, Art, Spanish, 3 days of PE and Library. I feel that my kids are in a safe environment.
I always felt very safe at Piedmont. There were the occasional party-goers, but they were never truly mean, just obnoxious.
Piedmont teachers are the best because they genuinely care about each student, and they're always willing to help them succeed no matter what. Many of them are willing to stay after school to help struggling students. Some of them may be tough on the students, but they teach them important learning skills that will prepare them for college.
For a school of its size, Piedmont's facilities are great. The only problem I saw was that Piedmont now has two gyms, but only one tiny stage that shares the same space as the old gym. We always ran into problems of who would get to practice in the gym, the One Act kids or the basketball team. Piedmont deserves a better auditorium.
The authorities are usually pretty lenient on policies such as tardies and dress code violations, but if they're pushed too far, they will punish people for it. The teachers are always very helpful and willing to work with students to make sure that they understand the material.
I actually found that my senior year of high school was way more stressful and difficult than anything I've experienced in college so far. The honors, Dual Enrollment, and AP classes definitely prepared me college classes. I learned how to study and how to prioritize my time, which are extremely important skills.
There are very limited choices for extracurricular activities. You pretty much either have to be playing a sport, part of FFA, or in the literary/drama program if you choose to do anything. My favorite activity was being a part of the One Act Play and the literary team. Those clubs taught me so much and really shaped me into the person I am today.
Going to such a small close-knit school has allowed me to be more involved and given me more opportunites
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