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They're all educated and kind.
When I was in highschool, it was not uncommon to see the police there with the drug dogs.
I went to school with the same 30 kids from kindergarten all the way to graduation. That is what I loved the most. You knew everybody.
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Almost all of the teachers at this school are very nice and helpful.
It's very different from the school I went to before. In some ways it's better, like more academic opportunities, but there is a sufficient lack of school spirit, and not a whole lot of support to EVERY student. A school should be like a support net when it comes to academics, or athletics, or extra activities. The only thing everyone really supports are our athletics, but not ALL students are athletes. I Varsity 3 sports, but I'm also involved in various other clubs, which have little to no support from anyone.
Sports programs are a huge part of my school. A lot of students participate in different sports.
I think the academics are average. There are a few college classes offered for students. There are many online classes to choose from also.
Some teachers stand out more than others do. I have had two different History teachers, and for one class, I got a C, and the other I got an A and top of my class. It is the way they teach.
My school is great. I have gone to my school since Kindergarten and now I'm a Senior. I have been with the same 35 people for 13 years. I wouldn't ask for anything better.
The guidance counselor is phenomenal. She is always willing to help whenever you need her. All of the staff are very nice and very helpful.
The food is edible, but you don't always want to eat it. There are probably only a handful of items that I actually like. When I eat the food, I feel extremely bloated and disgusting afterwards. I recommend bringing lunch if it is possible.
We have had many times where the police have to come in with drug sniffing dogs to sniff students' lockers. We have not had anything extremely serious though.
Most kids are pretty accepting. There are a few cases where kids don't get along with one another, but that's life.
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