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Pickett County High School Reviews

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I love Pickett County High School because the teachers are very nice, and will work with ALL the student's needs.
The school is a little outdated and could use some improvements, but the staff is very friendly and will do everything they can to make sure their students learn the subject. Very little bullying, but this could change, of course.
Pickett County High School is a great school to attend. My experience here was great. The teachers and staff are some of the most amazing people you will meet. You always know that there is someone there for you no matter the circumstances. It doesn't have the most things to offer but if you like basketball you found the perfect high school. A few things that could be fixed are the bathrooms. They are almost always broken in the lower hall. I know this is mainly because the of the oldness of the school but it gets bad at times. The school is very outdated but overall it is an amazing place to grow up and learn.
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The teachers are really good in general. But some aren't so great. Some don't have much to say or they do the work for you
It's fun with the clubs and everything going on. It's quiet so to speak. There's not many people. The teachers are amazing! Some things should be changed though. Like odd rules that don't need to be there.
More could always be done to help.
Students are usually well behaved.
The student population is not very large.
The dress code is mainly enforced.
There are not many sports to get involved in.
The teachers are generally kind and helpful.
Our school is very strict when it comes to bullying and dress code violations.
Our school has little to no bullying and everyone is treated equally.
Teachers at Pickett County High treat students with equality and stay concerned about the students' grades. They strive to give us the best education they can.
The clubs and organizations at Pickett County High are very well involved in community service and activities such as food drives, fundraisers, etc.
Pickett County is a small school. There was very few sports there, but when it was a certain sports time there was always fans and students there cheering them on. The students on the teams tried very hard. They weren't always the best, but they were the best at giving effort!
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