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My experience at Pick North was a very poor social experience, but the classes were very unique and provided just as much information as you'd expect if not more. The A.P. classes were all very great experiences and offered great studying skills along with a taste of the pace of a college curriculum. Though the school was very unique and had taught me a lot, the social environment is very diverse. This is not very idea as it was very clear who were the popular student and who were not.
They students are nice and the teacher are excellent, the administration can one sided at times, and won’t see any other point of views.
There are tons of clubs and panther pride is very strong. But most students are racially insensitive and ask questions that should not be asked/ say stuff that should not be said. Jokes about race are very common. Teachers are either really good or really bad. The library is big and nice, but there is a really bad drug problem both here and at lakeview that is hardly addressed. There has been bomb and shooting threats a lot recently. The school is well funded but smaller programs are often overlooked. The biggest issue is probably how many cliques exist, big and small ones. New people tend to feel out of place and no one really cares. If your friends get mad at you you’re friendless unless you have more than one group of friends.
There’s good and bads but the bad shows more than the good.
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It's a good school with plenty of opportunities. Although they need to work on their diversity. The school is very clicky and ignorant to what African Americans encounter
Overall it's very mediocre. Food's ok, most teachers are alright. However, there's an abundance of drugs at North, and the faculty just sorta ignores the issue. But the AP and CCP courses are well run, and so are the sports teams and the band. There are a lot of clubs at north as well. But, the arts department is extremely underfunded. (a sink in the ceramics room had been broken for 3 years, and only recently had gotten fixed) But yeah, it's alright.
Pickerington Koran is a great school based on academics; although, there’s lots of culture Insensitive events that happen every year among the students, and even teachers.
It was a great 4 years. I played basketball there so it was fun as well and the teachers did everything they could get to me college ready.
Excellent school overall for any student, but some of the ways administration handles issues in the school aren’t great. Not to mention the art hall gets quite neglected as far as building maintenance goes.
I like the overall atmosphere and academic opportunities at North. However more focus needs to be on student organizations and preparing them for college
Pickerington High School North has been fairly problematic the last few years. There have been lots and lots issues relating to student safety that the school has tried to solve, sometimes to no avail. Academically, there are various classes which range in difficulty to choose from (which is extremely nice) but the school is too GPA focused. For example, AP classes are graded on a 5.0 scale, but only if the student takes the $90+ exam. This means that a person with a B+ in the class who takes the AP exam, even if they get a 1, will receive a higher weighted GPA than the person who receives an A in class who didn’t take the exam. Clubs and sports are varied and it’s easy to make friends within these extracurriculars, but many are student-led, which means many are disorganized.
I liked that my high school was always up to date with the latest technology. We had great teachers and coaches. I didn't like that there were so many students in each classroom. It felt crowded.
I really liked my four years at school here. The teachers were great and there are lots of clubs and sports for you to participate in. I didn't really like how there weren't enough parking spaces for everyone to park and that we had to pay so much for parking passes at a public high school.
Pickerington High School North is the second erected high school within the Pickerington community but we most certainly do not come second to our rival in any other aspect. Life in Norths academia can sometimes be very challenging, but the eventual payout in college readiness is unmatched. I can absolutely say that these past 4 years have been well spent.
I enjoyed my time while I went to North. Teachers and all the administrators were more than willing to make sure that everyone had an equal opportunity to succeed. The only thing that I would like to see change at the school is more precollege prep work/classes.
What I loved about Pickerington high school northa re that the counselors are amazing they are always there to help you out and it really feels like the only thing they care about is to see you succeed.
I had a great experience in Pickerington Schools, especially at North. I grew up in the district, started at Fairfield Elementary. I was really challenged. My friends are cool. I wish the counselors could have spent more time with me helping me with college stuff. I wish there was some help with finding employment too.
I like the programs at Pickerington North because they got me out of my comfort zone but if I were to change anything about the school, it would be the diversity. Students should be more educated and more informed about other cultures.
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We love Pickerington North High School. They have continued to meet the educational needs of our children from our highest achieving child to our child with an IEP. We love all the staff and look forward to continuing to work with the school for the next 3 years when our last child graduates.
Pickerington North is an outstanding school when it comes to academics, teachers, and sports. The science department is out of this world and the teachers within the department are very helpful. A majority of the students are very kind and respect one another. PHSN prepared me for college and I've had no problems with it as well. The sports department is really good, especially there football and basketball teams.
My experience at Pickerington High School North has been outstanding! Pickerington North gives you so many great opportunities. I’m currently in the Pickerington North Marching Band and I’ve been given the opportunity to go to London, England 2017-2018 New Year’s Day Parade! This year I am given the opportunity to go to California to perform in the 2018-2019 Rose Bowl Parade. They give amazing academic help. I was struggling in math and my teachers made a great effort in helping me and even scheduled times before/after school to help out! Pickerington North is also very strict on bullying. If someone is caught bullying they give consequences no matter what. Overall Pickerington North is very caring to the students and give amazing opportunities to them!
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