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I moved to Pickerington in the middle of my Junior year. I was upset about moving and not graduating from Sandusky High School. When I arrived in Pickerington I was amazed by the friendly staff and students. I was able to make friends easily and participate in sports. My senior year our football, girls basketball, and track team all won state championships. I was a member of the track team. It was an all over good experience considering I was new to the area and the school district.
I like everything about Central from the students to the teachers and administrators. Cen real is so diverse don't and it get you ready for the real world so you can know what to expect.
Pickerington Central High School is a very good school in my opinion. The administration takes pride in educating its students. I feel safe and comfortable at my school. The students and teachers are against bullying. I feel the students and teachers at my school really care about each other. The school offers a lot of clubs and activities for all students. The cafeteria food is even good. I think my experience at Pickerington Central High School has prepared me for my next phase in life, College. This scholarship will help me achieve my goal to earn a Computer Science degree.
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Teachers are fairly nice and helpful. It is a pretty big sporting school. School lunches usually include some kind of chicken nearly every day which gets old. Occasionally fights will break out, but administrators try their best to stop them. Dress code is not very well enforced though. Some teachers will let certain kids slip through because they are buddy buddy while making somebody else change.
Pickerington Central was just like any other high school. The only thing that sets it apart from anyone else, was that, in a good way, Pickerington in the number one CCP district in Ohio, and in a bad way, the administration was stupid.
I personally have enjoyed being at Central, for the past 4 years. The environment, and the teachers are all amazing and the school itself really prepares you for your future.
Pickerington High School Central has something for everyone. We are strong in academics and I've taken many AP and College Credit Plus classes. Also, we are a powerhouse for sports and band and have many clubs and other ways to get involved. The only thing I'd like to see Pickerington High Schools improve on is preparation for SAT/ACT tests. Many schools have entire classes dedicated to this and Pickerington does not.
I really wish I didn't have to give central such a bad rating; but I attended all 4 years of high school and had an overall awful experience. Some of the teachers were very passionate and cared about their students; however, these good experiences were overshadowed by terrible/rude admin, bad policies, and over-emphasised sports programs. While more advanced classes are offered the counselors don't really inform students about availabile opportunities. There is also a lot of favoritism towards athletes. Many could get away with anything but others were punished for minor infractions. People who excelled in their classes were hardley acknowledged; while star athletes were praised. Lastly the administration loved to come up with ridiculous policies and often treated students with disregard. If you tried to respectfully address an issue you would most likely be ignored or treated rudely. Unless your child has a chance at getting a sports scholarship I would recommend avoiding central.
Central had a very nice aesthetic feel to it. Its sports are something that have always been competitive here as well, so people can find what they want here. However, it creates a problem where some students develop a certain mentality that may bring down the attitude of others around them.
Pick. Central is a very great high school! It has excellent academics, teachers, and sports teams. People are welcoming so you make friends pretty easy! It also has a lot of clubs/ after-school activities to join such as multi-cultural club, drug free club, etc. Administrators and guidance counselors are invested in their students and are willing to help and guide you through high school while getting you ready for college. The school is also diverse and gives everyone of each race, ethnicity, and gender equal opportunities! The one thing I would change is probably having fries as a side for lunch everyday. Speaking of which, the cafeteria has many food options for vegetarians/vegans. There are also 2 sub assembly stations available for those who decide not to eat what’s on the menu for that day. Overall, Pickerington High School Central is a great school!
I am a very proud alum of PHSC! I feel like I am definitely the person I am today because of my experiences at this school and just the Pickerington school district in general. I was involved and sports and I can say that we had fantastic coaches, staff, and facilities that helped prepare us for competition and potentially college athletics. Pickerington is looked at very highly in terms of athletics and academics by colleges, employers, and citizens of Ohio and I would definitely recommend this school and district to any family considering moving into the district.
I was only in Pickering ton for 2 years before I went to a Career Center but I appreciated those two years of my life. I gained a lot of friendships and learned how to be ready for college even though I was only there for two years.
My experience at PHSC was okay. Some the teachers aren’t supportive. Luckily I had few that I got to bond with and was supportive. All they care about is sports which is annoying. I guess it’s always great to be a tiger.
As a freshman at Pickerington Central, I believe it is a decent school. One of the things I love most about the school is the diversity. You meet all walks of life here. Hence the schools diversity club which holds many special inclusive programs throughout the year. That being said, the school has a wide range of clubs. There's always something to be involved in. Pick Central also has a great sports program. We have many championships. In fact we renamed the street of our school Champions Way. Though, I think the school could improve academically. I feel us students need more opportunities to really prepare for college. Most schools have mid and final exams; I feel giving us exams could really help prepare for the expectations of college. I also feel like we need a wider range of courses. If you really want to succeed here and learn the most you can, I suggest taking advanced courses. When it comes to safety, they're fights pretty often, but that's not an uncommon thing nowadays.
The students here are friendly to each other and always have nice things to say about the teachers and their classmates. The faculty really makes sure that the students are getting the best academics and use their efforts to make sure their pupils are ready for college.
I had an amazing experience there. I came from a different country, my English was not good at all, and still people were really nice to me and accepted me. The school staff are amazing, and very helpful. They are always going to try to make you feel comfortable, and guide you on the best way. (:
I am only a freshman right at this moment but my experience at Pickerington High School Central has been good. The school is a very good school and there are some great teachers. I like that the school tries to get everyone involved with activities and helps in the best way they can to help everyone have a good education. Something I would like to see change is the students. Yes, there will always be that student that doesn't listen. But, I think adults at the school need to do more about the students to make them take their education seriously because it will only help themselves later in the future. Kids nowadays are becoming rude and disrespectful. Adults at my school need to teach them more than just education but about real life.
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At PHSC, I mostly stayed in the art wing. Everyone in the art wing is super friendly and help out one-another. Staying in that department and befriending everyone there has definately made me the person I am today!
There was very little structure/discipline on important issues like fights/people skipping class/ect. but extreme discipline for things like girls wearing tank tops. Hallways were always loud, people dont respect teachers or staff and there wasn't much opportunity for college credit courses until my senior year. Going here made me feel behind when i went to college; i had a lot of catching up to do compared to my peers and very little college credit compared to my peers. If you go to a college that is known for taking top in the class/known for being challenging, you will not be prepared and will be in for a shock. Overall a lot can approve here but the main upside is the school spirit and community. Being a pickerington tiger brings everyone together but on the slip side this school pretty much does only care about sports and gives althletes special treatments i.e. will not give them full discipline/let it slide for them to skip class.
While I have been at this school, I have had great teachers and terrible teachers. I have known great people, average people, and people I can't stand. The food sucks, and is unhealthy as a general rule, up the lunch ladies are kind and understanding. We had a teacher start a relationship with an underage student this year, so that was interesting. The focus on sports ( and by sports I mean football and sometimes basketball, forget the rest ) are great, we earned multiple state championships just this year! There is also a focus on academics which push students to do well on standardized tests and get good grades which is a positive thing.
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