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As a senior, I have seen this school progress over the years for the better. Each year, the staff tries their best to involve the students in school spirit by making new clubs and activities. I truly enjoy being at Pickering High School.
my experience at Pickering was horrible. All the school had was nepotism and people receive things they didn’t earn. Each year they had people do things for people because they were family and not because they had the requirements. They had teachers who would try to ruin people’s senior year and would be very messy. That school barely fought you anything, and all the good teachers left. Pickering taught us absolutely nothing but that if you are family then we got you.
In my years at Pickering it seemed a very well environment, along with Teacher that will help you in any way they can. All teacher want to see their student excel in further years.
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Pickering is a good school. There’s nothing super special about it. The teachers are pretty laid back which is a good and bad thing. You can get away with a lot more but you also don’t learn a lot of stuff.
It is a great school when you're looking to make friends however academically the school is challenged. Not many sports to participate and and just a few other clubs and activities to join. However, the sports they do have are all really great.
What I liked about Pickering High School was its ability to always show school pride and support for its students. That being said, the school is very small, staff included, and they do not have high expectations, contrary to what they claim. Many students, seniors and family to staff especially, are given grades that they didn't earn, or were even present for. As for the staff, many do not fully
Pickering is a nice small school. Theres not too many fights, and not much of bullying seen. There are clubs for everyone and available for anyone to join.
They could work harder in helping the disable in the hallways
The school could have a better security system
They sometimes serve ice cold slice of ham.
There isn't a wide variety of sports.
Some of the teachers just give us packets and doesn't explain the problems very well.
There isn't that much to do after school.
We have to share the school nurse with the elementary school next door. The milk in the cafeteria is almost always sour.
There was a variety of meals given to us by our cafeteria. They would serve us pizza, tacos, gumbo, and fried/grilled chicken. There were many different meals.
One school-wide policy that effects students and parents is school dress code (uniforms). School dress code affects the parents because parents don't have to pay for multiple outfits to last throughout the school year. i think school free code affects the student body by reducing the amount bullying. If everyone wears the same thing then other students can't pick on poor students for what they wear.
Teachers at Pickering always taught one major way but if they noticed students weren't understanding their way of teaching , they would always find other ways to teach. Teachers had great knowledge of their subject.
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After graduation in May 2010, I attended college for two years and then quit school because I got married to a U.S. Army Soldier. My husband and I are currently stationed in Vicenza, Italy. We are expected to move back to America in July and I will start school again.
My overall experience at Pickering isn't too bad. Although I do with some things were different. I can say that I got the education I need to be able to go to college.
Pickering is pretty much like any other high school. You have your separate groups. If one person in another group doesn't like you, then that whole group doesn't like you. Although there are a lot of cliches at Pickering, its not hard to make friends at all.
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