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What I like about Pickens High School is their stunning ability to be so concerned about not students but their interest and motivation, while at the same time doing nothing special or entertaining on campus, not even for pep rallies or spirit weeks. Same old, same old. Teachers could do better at motivating us too, to make students feel alive inside and happy to be spending four years of their precious time there.
Don't keep parents informed. Seem sports more important than other things going on in school. County near us do more for seniors it seems. Homecoming the other county has a parade and a dance before the actual game.They have more activites. Thing Pickens could improve on those things
I loved everything about Pickens High School, from the faculty and staff to the Friday night football games. My high school experience was a blast! I made many life long friendships and my teachers were excellent. They all prepared me to do my absolute best in college and life in general. This school is hands down one of the best.
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It provided me a great education and allowed me to meet many of my friends and some great teachers. I'd love to see them be more flexible with schedules as it was frustrating for seniors to have study halls in the middle of the day and not be able to leave.
Pickens has some really great teachers who really care about their students. Bryan Ramey, Christy Dunson and Brittany Gibson are three of the best. They all help above and beyond. Once there was a noise out in the hall and Mr Ramey went out to check on it. He said he was responsible for our safety.
The kindness here was tremendous. Teachers were extra helpful and you will learn more than needed. Faculty will always look out for students who are in need. Only difference that should be made is a diversity there and how they take problems to be more serious about them.
Overall I didn't think Pickens High School prepared me for college in any form. The academics were either too easy or the teachers gave you hard assignments and never taught you. Many teachers were obvious with the fact that they hated teaching.
Pickens High School is a small high school with in a very tight knit community.
The Teachers are caring and knowledgeable.
The best part of Pickens High School is the teachers. Some of the teachers. There are a select few that are truly passionate about teaching their students and reaching the hearts of those students. I'd like to see the administrator staff change. They seem to be uninterested in the students and lack real school spirit. Our resource officer is also a problem. We are treated like 12 year olds, not even allowed to go out back doors. Literally, he stands there and guards that door... what if someone gets shot from across the school? Where's our officer?
I am a student at PIckens High School. The teachers here are amazing and very helpful. They really take time to ensure that you understand the material and are able to help others as well.
I had an overall good experience at Pickens High School. With some classes, however, I feel like I wasn't fully prepared for AP exams and other tests.
My experience at Pickens has been a great one. Some of my favorite things about it were the teachers. They always looked out for us and helped us whenever we needed it. My least favorite thing was the people because some of them had no interest in being there and were an annoyance to the people who wanted to be there.
The teachers are all nice and relatively good at their jobs. The administration needs to enforce rules better. There are alot of "redneck" type people which make it semi-unwelcoming for minorities.
Pickens High School is a great school! I have attended for four years and can say that there is no better school in the Upstate of South Carolina. The teachers are well educated and prepare their students for college. The administration is friendly and the safety of this school is it's number one goal.
They have a good education system here and friendly teachers and staff. I moved here during my 10th grade and was able to skip 11th grade and get a head start on college.
The teachers, counselors and administrators at PHS are always striving to help us be successful. I've been taught by teachers who care about my success and want to help me succeed.
I was fortunate enough to have been an alumni of Pickens High School. While I was there the faculty, staff, and students were important factors of my determination to stay in school to further my education. What I liked most was the willingness of the teachers to help students in any way they could. If you put forth the effort and time into their class, they would move mountains to help you succeed. The students and my peers also gave me insight. Whether it was the good kind or the wrong kind, nevertheless, I used every single bit of it. But that is just me. I cannot speak for others. For me, I was the opposite as Pickens High School was my safe haven. I could rely on the guidance and support and I will cherish this forever.
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At Pickens High School, I received intelligence from wise teachers that will help guide me in the future. Aspects at Pickens High School that I enjoyed are the sense of comradery and togetherness. This high school is the only high school nationwide to have a school mascot named the "Blue Flame". This fact alone sets us aside from all other high schools and creates a distinction that is expected to remain burning in us throughout our lives.
My experience as a student at Pickens High school was great. I was in all honors classes and the teachers I had were phenomal. I did cheerleading as well which kept me pretty busy practicing and games. As a cheerleader i was able to witness the involvement of students in sports such as football and basketball since I cheered. It seemed as far as sports go, everyone was welcome and no discrimination was made. We also had a very diverse school full of people of all different walks of life. Our school also had an amazing fine arts program. I love to sing and I was involved in Chorus. We couldn't have had a more passionate choir teacher than Mrs. Beavers. The administration, I felt like at times could be different depending on the Person. Everyone wasn't disciplined the same way but things were fixed if they got out of hand. Mr. Lawson was the best principal ever. All in all, I absolutely loved this school and give it two thumbs up!
Think its a great school with a beautiful campus, but money is not very well spent. Money is given to teams (*cough* football *cough*) who are not deserving or very great at what they do rather than to the teams (*cough* MARCHING BAND)
That work hard to do what thet do and actually win at competitions.
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