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Pickens County High School Reviews

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Very family oriented staff. Very big on sports with a lot of parent involvement. My guidance counselor was like a 2nd mother to me.
Pchs wasn't my greatest experience in high school. The memories I had there were good and bad. I wish Pchs had more opportunities.
Pickens County High School taught me many things. If it wasn’t for Pickens County High School I don’t know where I would be. I must say I am a proud Alumni of Pickens County High School
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I love that they try to teach you everything you need to know . They also keep the seniors aware of scholarships and they teach us to be great! There's nothing that I would want to change about the school .
What do I like about Pickens County High School ? I like that the teachers are very helpful. They will help you through any and everything and Mrs.Guyton is the best counselor ever! The staff overall is awesome. I’m thankful for that.
The teachers goal is to get the students college and career ready.
The school is working hard for improvement, but is fighting an uphill battle as many people in the community have abandoned it during some hard daughter loves attending here, and has attended larger, more successful schools before we moved here. The community needs to return!
Pure nastiness, they could do a lot better than what there doing.
The conditions of the school could be a thousand times better
Not all students are focused on education as they should be.
Our guidance counselor is the best, she tries to give us opportunities we never had.
If the way things are going now, I doubt PCHS will stay open for a while
My school is one of the many whom doesn't care about such things
There are a certain few that actually care about the students
I feel like PCHS cheated me out of he education I deserve.
Our health and safety policies are good. I mean I don't see anything wrong with anything. The school nurse is always there when you need her and she is very helpful.
My school offered the basic sports and activities like basketball, football, etc. Also, we had FFA, FBLA , etc.
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could be better, it has improved
Majority try to be cool, but smart kids are there
About what you would expect looking the town itself
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