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I enjoyed the teachers at Pickens High School. All the teachers care about the students and want to see every student achieve despite what their home life is like. All the teachers are supportive to all students.
Growing up in a small town, it was nice to graduate from the same school my mom and grandmother received there high diploma from. Also knowing the people that you attended school with and the teachers. Pickens County High was a great experience in many ways from a freshman to a senior, many great experiences from playing sports to making great friends, staff and administrative.
Pickens High School has wonderful teachers and a supportive environment. However, more attention could stand to be redirected towards academics instead of sports and agricultural classes.
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Pickens High School is in a relatively small town. This can be a bonus as well as a downside when it comes to reviewing the experience this school has to offer. While it is nice to be in small class settings and to know most of the people you go to school with, it can also get in the way with news spreading or gossip. Overall, the small knit school experience is awesome and allows you to better have a relationship with your teachers.
In my time at Pickens High School, I had several great teachers, was heavily involved in multiple clubs and always felt safe going to school. Pickens does an excellent job of getting students involved as well as preparing them for life after high school, regardless of if it's to go to college, attend a technical college or join the workforce.
I loved the teachers at Pickens High School that cared more about making an emotional and mental impact on kids rather than just an educational impact. I believe that a change needs to be done with counselors taking more responsibility and taking more action with their seniors and with their jobs in general.
Very good experience. I enjoyed all four of my years there. All the teachers and faculty treated me with respect and were very helpful when I needed them
My experience at Pickens was great I instantly made so many new friends because I came in my junior year. Throughout my years of school I have struggled in certain subjects. But my grades have been greater then they ever have been before and that is to the teachers at Pickens I love them all and it is a great school!
Awful school and school system. Learning acdemcis is not all that great. The school system needs to step it up, and catch up to the other surrounding schools, they should take note why the student rate isn’t that great. Look towards the other surrounding school systems and follow their lead.
The only good thing about Pickens High is that if your last name is connected to someone with an amazing history, you are worshipped and can get away with anything. If you are the sharifs daughter but are one of the worst human beings in the county, you can still get away with anything; including drugs and alcohol.
I love the connection with the students and teachers. Everyone is friendly and cares about one another. The school also provides an excellent hands-on program for academics.
I liked it at PHS but I wish there was more organization at the school. There were no announcements about anything like the SAT until a day before the tests.
The thing I liked most about Pickens County High School was the counselors. They were very helpful. If I ever had any questions they could always give me an ample amount of information.
Most of the teachers really do care about student's academic learning (reason for third star). The school experience would improve if the student body was more involved. Students only go to clubs to get out of class, pep rallies are monotonous and lifeless, the food is not "nutritious",no one really cares about any other activity other than football. Over all I would not go here again.
I enjoy my high school with the exception of the lack of funding expended to the Fine Arts department. Also, we could use new textbooks or technology. Overall, it is a good experience.
The security has really stepped up thanks to the pickens sheriff's office.
This school cared a lot more about football.
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This school pushed me to be the person I am today. By a series of events, that just so happened to me. They're unique in the fact it was built on top of a mountain.
It's a hit or miss when it comes to the teachers. Some teachers gave it their all, such as Mr. Geren and Mr. Flanagan. Others gave it none, such as Mr. Wilkie.
Educators and Administrators are very involved and show a presence at all school functions.
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