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What I like about PA is that it is based in a Christian environment and the teachers at PA have helped to make smart decisions about my future plans and college choices.
Pickens Academy is one of a kind. It is an independent SACS accredited school. It is very friendly and it is my home. Once a Pirate, Always a Pirate!!
Pickens Academy is a very small school. We have around 260 kids, K-3 through 12th grade. I have gone to Pickens Academy since I was in K-4, and I will graduate in May 2018. I love the close knit feeling of our school. Everybody knows everyone, and you feel like a family. Our teachers care about furthering our education in order to see us succeed in the real world and not just to get the test scores they need. The only thing I would change about Pickens Academy is the way people perceive you if you don't play football. I love football, and I enjoy cheering the guys on from he band section, but I believe if you don't want to play football then that should be respected. Everyone is different and wants to use their talents in different areas.
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Pickens Academy is a great school with an even greater faculty. There are many opportunities that are usually associated with larger schools, such as a band, many athletic teams for girls and boys, modern technology, and the opportunity to participate in Dual Enrollment or Career Tech classes.
A good christian school. The people are great, but the cafeteria food is not good. I love being at this and wouldn't want to be anywhere else.
I love Pickens academy. I've gone to this school since I was in kinder garden and I am currently a high school senior this coming up year. I wouldn't choose any other school to have spent my educational years. I know this coming up year is going to be fun and preparing for me for college. I've been with my friends since kindergarten also and I love knowing everybody there. it is like a small community or large family.
Attending Pickens Acadmy since K-4 has fallen into my favor. Pickens Acadmey is full of amazing facility and staff who make it their main focus to make sure we understand the material. They stay after school, if needed, or come before school in order to help struggling students. Along with the great facility and staff, the students are also amazing. Being apart of the student body, everyone around you is very supportative and friendly. They encourage others to not only excel as a student but to also excel within their faith. Pickens Academy's mission states states "Our mission is to provide a quality education in a well- disciplined, Christian environment" and I believe that this is accomplished, everyday. The teachers bring forth challenging work but find ways to get student interested. The students create such a loving environment so you feel comfortable to be yourself. Pickens Academy is a huge family, everyone is close and there is no other way it should be.
I loved all 14 years of Pickens Academy, K-4-12th grade was amazing! We had great teachers who I feel have prepared me for the next level of education.
The most popular extracurricular activity is athletics and band. Being apart of majority of the girls sports through my years at Pickens Academy has been an amazing learning experience. The coaches have taught us how to be responsible and respectable young ladies. I have never been apart of the band but I have had the opportunity to travel with the band during my senior year. I am the majorette's hair and makeup artist and on away games, I travel with them and the band. Being around the band for handful hours travelling to away game has shown me that no matter what extracurricular activity your are apart of at Pickens Academy, participants are all held to the same standard- to be responsible and respectable young men and women.
I've been attending Pickens Academy for 14 years, since K-4 to now in 12th grade. Throughout the years the student body has grown closer and closer together. We've been around each other basically 24/7 and as my classes' graduation date is growing closer and closer day by day, there isn't a day that goes by that we don't talk about the crazy things we've done throughout the years. Pickens Academy is a small school, but the facility, staff and students are like a big family. Everyone looks out of everyone. Pickens Academy does an amazing job at teaching students how to give back to those who don't have a lot by participating in numerous events such as:monthly local can drives, Toys-For-Tots, Sole for Soles, baby blanket drives, sending care boxes to Soldiers over seas and helping natural disaster victims.
The teachers at Pickens Academy treat students as if we were their own. They are always going above and beyond what is expected of them. They also make learning easier by incorporating games, group work, and technology.
The extracurriculars are what really make Pickens Academy. As of right now, the school has two teams going to nationals for Scholars Bowl, and Drama Team is a pretty important thing to some. The student government has huge involvement not only in the school, but also in the community. The SGA do a monthly volunteering project to help the surrounding communities, and it is ran by the assistant head master.
The overall experience has been interesting, but what high school isn't? It is really small so it can get tough when things get hard, but that is also when the best things happen. The students are really close, and at first I didn't really enjoy that, but once I got to know everyone they accepted me and we became one big family. The class I'm in is the biggest in the school we have 34, and we are inseparable. Of course, we have our ups and downs, but I wouldn't trade them for anyone.
The teachers at Pickens Academy for the most part are great. The staff is small due to the small enrollment size which helps with a friendlier environment. Though, recently we've had awful press, the teachers that actually care for our education are amazing. We have teachers putting in double the work now that we've lost two staff members. They genuinely care about us and furthering our knowledge not only for college but for everyday life. I highly recommend any teacher here.
We have many different opportunities including basket ball, volleyball, baseball, band, football, and softball.
the school has great facilities
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