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Picayune Memorial High School Reviews

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Picayune Memorial High School is an okay school. It's like every other high school; girls getting pregnant, people getting bullied, teachers not knowing how to do their jobs, and the football team getting special treatment. The school system is rigged to be in favor of certain people. Almost every teacher at the school is closely related (wife, husband, sister, cousin, etc.)
I like the facility and size. I would like to see the administration take more concerns with the students academics instead of minor issues such as dress codes.
I like the teachers at Picayune Memorial High School. I feel that they did their best to teach what they had to. I like the multitude of available activities in sports, arts, and clubs.
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It's been an interesting experience the past 3 years. The favorite part of my high school experience would be joining theatre.
Picayune Memorial High School is B rated school. They teachers are average, but some go above and beyond the call of duty.
Great athletic program but could use some help with classroom equipment such as textbooks because many are very old and out of date.
Students and faculty are friendly and interactive with each other. Very safe environment. Would like to see more competition opportunities in the academic area.
I attended Picayune Memorial High School for my entire high school years. I feel as if this school did not prepare me for college at all. Also, the administration was terrible. The principal cared more about what color shoes you had on rather than your education. The food was terrible. Sports, especially football, was a huge thing. I would not recommend anyone to attend this school.
Some of the teachers actually cared some do not! This school worries more about uniforms than an actual education.
Most of the teachers are helpful and easy to be around. Some students like to help out others. Hopefully, some of their policies change
I have recently graduated from PMHS. I rate the school a two because you would find they are not very helpful and often provide nonsatisfactory assistance and care in academics. Aside from some teachers, bare minimum is required of students, and most of the time you can forget help unless you happen to be in a sports group. You are told to seek counselors for answers, but they are often not in their offices. I had the most assistance in the CATC.
I love Picayune Memorial High School and I wouldn't want to change a thing about it.. The teachers are great and much pride for the Maroon Tide Football team. Roll Tide Roll!
Horrible. Worst 4 years of my life!! Most if the teachers are not good at all and don't teach me what I need to learn for college. It is definitely not college readiness material. I like dancing and stuff on the dance team but even that is not so fun at times. The whole district in general is just so bad!
I really enjoyed my school it offered many activities and amazing classes. really enjoyed all the sports games I went to and the many I played in.
Short, sweet and to the point: the academics at this school are a joke.
Students at this school are definitely something else. From my experience there, students were either accepting or they weren't. You never heard of anyone getting their head flushed down the toilet or anything, but if someone didn't like you-- you knew. Everyone had their own 'thing.' Mine was theatre. There was also band, dancing, cheerleading, anime club, etc. Everyone was a part of something.
The school focuses way too much attention on football. Yes, it brings in money, but not all students are athletically inclined. Praising some students more than others just because they're great at sports is terrible. These other children have so much potential that isn't recognized because there overshadowed by football and other athletics.
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I never noticed an above and beyond attitude from parents when it didn't come to athletics.
It honestly seemed like 70 percent of teachers just did not care and that's being nice. They were over it, they had been teaching the same thing for fifteen years, and by the time they got us it wasn't great. Some teachers were flat out cruel to students. Failing students on purpose, calling students names. There were few teachers there that genuinely cared about us.
Some of the teachers are sincere and love their jobs. Those teachers will go out of their way to help ever student understand and learn from the most intelligent students who to the student sitting in the corner and not understanding a single word. But these teachers are few and far between. Most of the teachers are simply average and do what they are expected and nothing more. So I think it balances out.
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