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Phoenixville Area High school is a great high school because of all the clubs, sports and activities that are offered. We have a wide variety of clubs and other activities that give students a chance to get involved within the school and within the community. In our high school any one who feels like they do not have a place finds their place and can ultimately form long lasting friendships which is very special.
Great opportunity for AP classes, sports, and club. great teacher involvement. School safety is excellent. Teachers are willing to work with a student one on one for extra help. There is peer tutoring
This school is so unhealthy to students physical/mental health that I almost didn’t think I would make it to graduation. They push students very very hard academically, which often hinders them instead. The guidance counselors could care less about students actual personal issues. The admin say there is a “no tolerance” bullying rule, but that is definitely not the case. I, along with many other students have been bullied to the point of not wanting to come into school anymore only to be left with admin invalidating every student with an issue. The nurses are also extremely invalidating too. I had a concussion but came back to school, and the nurses rolled their eyes at me when I was feeling symptoms. The school is also infested with mice and cockroaches. My parents even regret sending me to this school. I don’t think there was ever a day I felt safe in that high school.
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I feel very safe at this school and they do a good job of pushing me to be the best student I can be.
The teachers at Phoenixville Area High School are tremendous. Some of the best teachers I've ever had and they always go above and beyond. I felt truly prepared academically for college upon graduation. The thing I'd like to see change at Phoenixville Area High School is for administration to give the students a little more freedom. Students are not given many liberties at this school which makes a hard transition for college when they have as many as they choose.
I have had many memories at this school. I am very into clubs. I was particularly in Band, Marching Band, and Theatre Guild. These are the three best clubs at the school. The marching band specifically was the best!
I would like to see more hands on assistance with the college application process and counseling. Other than that, this school has been fantastic.
PAHS has truly supportive and dedicated teachers and staff. Lots of sports and clubs throughout the academic year make making friends and getting involved easy. One thing I would change is allowing students to sign up for the lunch period that works best for them. One lunch period is very early and another really late in the day.
PAHS Back to School Night was awesome tonight! I am so impressed by the caliber of teachers. And we are very fortunate to have Dr. Parkinson as our principal! He truly loves his job and it shows on his face everyday!
Dr. Parkinson and his team have created a great safe environment for all kids to learn and grow. The school allows for true multi cultural and diverse thinking with great respect for the individual person. Lots of school spirit and things to do as students and parents. Great facilities, well managed programs and a high after HS placement rate makes PAHS a great place to launch a life :)
I graduated the Phoenixville Area High School (PAHS) in 2017. The district has taken steps to allow different families to be apart of the academics increasing the ethnic groups in the area. They have letters written to parents in English and Spanish. They also offer English as a second language class where kids who don't speaks english are taught and assisted in their other classes. There are also classes for special needs kids. PAHS offers a wide variety of classes, with a large selection of AP classes. They have AP classes starting freshman year. My teachers were always there for me. I played soccer so I traveled a lot and my teachers would email me assignments, review homework and give extensions when needed. We weren't always the best school for sports but there were always fans at home games. We always said that we are a family with a "ph". Everyone had a friend, group or club they could rely on. No school would have given me what I took away from my time at Phoenixville.
Excellent environment. Teachers are relatable and usually understanding. Administration is second to none and the athletics have made a complete 180 in the last 5 five or so years. Students work hard to create and maintain a culture throughout the school. A fantastic place to spend 4 years!
Phoenixville Area High School is a great school. They offer so many different academic opportunities for students to learn what they might want to do for a career, or at least what they would want to study more in college. They offer more AP courses than any other school in the district. It's a great school!
PAHS is a great highschool with a lot of opportunity to get out of it what you put in it. There are a variety of courses you can take to meet your graduation requirements. The school is also very involved in the community and holds a ton of interesting and charitable events.
Phoenixville is a great school. The education is amazing and the students only cause so much trouble. Fights are very rare. The food isn't too bad and there's always an activity going on. Plus the teachers are very nice and willing to help you.
The teachers are great. They care about the students. Lots of after school activities. I especially enjoy their Theater clubs. The teachers and principals need to value our opinion at times is what I would like to change.
Great selection of courses offered for all types of students. High volume of AP courses offered. School Administration takes an active role within the school community. Teachers and Administration are supportive of students activities inside and outside of school.
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Phoenixville is a great high school with lots to offer in the way of clubs, teachers, academics, diversity, and sports. Our academics are top notch with plenty of options to take AP classes, which are strongly encouraged by the teaching staff. The teachers are pretty good overall and definitely tend to be better in higher level courses such as Honors and AP. The school has a designated 30-minute time slot in place after school for teachers to be able to help kids who are struggling in class. Diversity is something our school take prides in as we have plenty of it here. There are numerous club activities you can take part in such as Ski Club, or Youth and Philanthropy, just to name a couple. Sports here are fun and exciting. The football team isn't the best in the area, but our cross country and swimming teams are very good. And spring sports like baseball are looking good too. Overall I have found it to be a great place to expand my knowledge.
I find Phoenixville Area HS to be a very comfortable place. It is easy to make friends because a lot of people are the same class to class. The teachers are also very easy to get along with (for the most part). Some are real sticklers, but that is just part of their personality. I do, however, feel that the administration at Phoenixville treats us young adults as children. We have few rights and freedoms that I feel we deserve.
Offers a lot of advance classes, but it seems that the school and its administration push too many kids into advance classes that they weren't properly prepared for, as to seem like a better school.
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