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Phoenix Union Bioscience High School Reviews

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BioScience High School is a school that will challenge you very much. The school focuses on Engineering and a Bio-Medical pathway in Junior year that has many different opportunities such as making a solar oven to visiting the Phoenix Children's Hospital and more. This school will give you more opportunities in your high school life. Also, the school will help you get to where you want in life from scholarships for college to future jobs.
I love the collaborative and accepting environment that comes with being at Bio as well as the academics and the people. Your teachers are your biggest supporters and want to see you succeed. All classes are honors classes and will push you to reach your maximum potential as a student and as a learner.
Bioscience High School has given me the opportunity to grow and expand my learning in ways a regular high school never gave me the chance to do. The freedom to learn is a chance not many receive. The hands on learning experience with the hard work of teachers is one of many things that makes the school the way it is.
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Diverse, small environment that creates room for students to grow. With many college readiness activites, this all honors high school is key to the success of its students.
Tough, but liberating. It wants its students to go out and change the world. I think it is one of the few schools out there that can actually do it.
Bioscience definitely taught me strategies that I can apply in both school and real life scenarios. I have made several connections with the help of my mentors & it lead me to discover which career path I will take as well as helping me discover myself as an individual & what it means to be a responsible adult.
I love the community that we build at Bioscience. Everyone is connected together and we all help each other out. We become part of a big family that helps each other out. The community around the area is terrific as well. Local businesses and stores know about us and we get to explore and build real-world connections with the community around Bioscience. Overall Bioscience is a different High School experience that you cant get anywhere else. Bioscience has its own diverse culture that you have to experience first hand to understand what goes on at Bioscience.
Bioscience Highschool is an excellent school that focuses mainly on the STEM field but doesn't shy away from the arts either. the students are encouraged to express themselves in unique ways to solve real world problems that they see in their communities.
BHS gave me the tools to break down the world around me to a level I don't think I would have without out it. By my senior year, I was engaged with the community around me and was taking my learning outside of the classroom. The only thing I would change is the Mathematics program at BHS. It lacked structure and did not provide me the technical skills necessary to hit the ground running once I got to a university.
The team based teaching approach makes connections between subjects. The kids really work well together and build presentation skills.
It is a great high school for students pursuing any interest. Our counselor will prepare will all the possible resources they have in order to insure the student's success of going to college. Also none of the students have ever been dropped out from this high school.
Bioscience does a good job at recruiting students from various middle schools. I can see how confident I am now because I have gone through four years of Bioscience and I have grown both academically and emotionally. Everyone who makes it through Bioscience appreciates the skills that they leave with. I wish the teachers would make more use of the books and materials that teachers at other schools use because I believe it would help a lot more students succeed.
I'm a senior this year and will forever be grateful to Bioscience for the experience it's offered me. Since my freshman year, I've grown as a learner, a community member, and a person. I am more resilient, confident, and collaborative than I ever expected to be. Bioscience offers an environment to explore your passions and dreams and decide whether they're right for you. Through the biomedical class offered I discovered an affinity for anatomy and medicine as a whole, which has shaped the path I'm now choosing as I pick my university and major.

Bioscience gave me the room to grow, while still offering inspiring mentor ship and guidance through my four year journey. I've definitely been challenged in a way I never expected from a public high school and I've pushed myself past what I thought I was capable of. I will always look fondly over my time at this school and am looking forward to completing the experience this coming May.
Bioscience was indeed a life changing experience. Rather than abiding by your average high school curriculum, Bioscience was able to integrate life skills with academic ones. Sports should definitely start being available, since it will certainly satisfy more students both physically and mentally. Overall though, Bioscience definitely made the past four years worth while. I learned how to not only be a better student, but also a better human being.
Bioscience High School is as good as public schools come. The PUHSD is one of the best public high school districts across the country, hands down. They work extremely hard to prepare students for their future careers and college life. The school does lack activities such as sports and other clubs because they lack a club period, but sometimes it makes up for it. They have test preparation for the SAT and ACT. They allow you to go beyond your limits and push you harder than you can imagine any high school could. Their push towards community involvement and intervention is amazing. I would totally tell my child to attend this school if I had one.
Bioscience is one of the best schools that you could possibly go to if you are a high school student. It's one of the most progressive and personalized learning curriculums that I have experienced. It helps students progress in a way that suits their personal learning style while still meeting it's goal to develop the student as a learrner and as a human.
Bioscience is a school I would recommend to someone is who willing to go out and learn about the real world. Although the teacher has given me an overwhelming about of assignments to do, they're preparing me for college and university.
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It's a different school, from what people first imagine of a traditional high school. No joke, the academics are REALLY rigorous!!! Every student will be challenged in many ways, but it's for the better good. You do learn a lot! For the most part, I had fun being there.
I like how diverse the students are. They're also very friendsly and accept everyone no matter what. The teachers are amazing because they know you on a personal level and want us to succeed.
The atmosphere here gives students the sense of individuality and freedom of expression. Every student that attends Bioscience grows a relationship with the teachers and other students that help form bonds that will last a lifetime. This campus is like a little community, supporting each other and helping each other. There is no bullying, no fighting, or anything like this because everyone here is accepting and loving.
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