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PMA has contributed a lot. College and career planning is taking into account since day one of freshmen year.
I love how morning formation is a way for cadets to receive a leadership position and practice those skills that will help them develop as they begin to grow. My favorite thing about the school is the athletics, I am a female wrestler with awesome teammates, amazing coaches and a good amount of support.
I’m currently a student a Phoenix military academy very nice school and very good education we are level 1+ school and number 1 in the city of Chicago
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Phoenix Military Academy has been an adventure for me. Both good and bad experiences. Overall it's a well-disciplined school but we can really work on our academics a little more.
Phoenix Military Academy could improve the administration. The school itself does what they believe is best for the students which is a positive and it’s appreciate it by the students, but it could improve. The adults overall are care about the students and their future. Even if it needs improvement in a few areas, it’s still a great school.
Teachers are amazing. Administration could listen to teachers more and improve on taking advice from students and parents. Sports do well in the region, average amount of clubs to join. Really small school that incorporates JROTC, which can be of advantage and disadvantage at times.
What i like about Phoenix is it focuses on the SAT early instead of thinking about it Jr year. I also love how small it is and how much the teachers do their best to make sure that all the students succeed but they don't handicap them.
I love the teachers but do wish the students had more of a voice and the school had more diversity. I feel if the school had more activities and class options that would help the students become more excited about learning. Also the school staff should have more one on one conversations with the students about what they want for the school and their expectations. Overall an okay school but still needs work to become a great school.
I really enjoy attending Phoenix Military Academy. There are a lot of opportunities to build on your leadership and academic skills. The teachers at Phoenix are very supportive and are always motivating students to do their best. What I wish to see change in Phoenix is the security. I believe security needs to be enforced at Phoenix to increase discipline at Phoenix.
Phoenix Military Academy has helped me to improve my character, my work ethic, and their leadership.
A great institution for students who may be the first in their families to attend a college or university.
I like how the school is small enough for the faculty to have a relationship with students, there is nothing I necessarily don't like
I absolutely loved going to Phoenix Military Academy! It is an amazing community and school with extraordinary faculty and staff.
Phoenix Military Academy has excellent academics, the teachers are always happy to do their jobs and check in with students often about their grades and really help students learn the intense curriculum curriculum offered.

Phoenix also allows students to take part in programs for SAT improvement and college counseling, which are paid for by the school, on top of this, Phoenix also offers a wide range of sports and clubs.

And overall the school has a very nice culture and environment, the students support each other through cadet leadership and military functions which enable students to be detail oriented and self disciplined.
Phoenix Military Academy holds a high academic rigor along with leadership skills that improve student confidence and knowledge. The school has a wide range of diversity and teachers are extremely involved with student's performance. There are an average amount of sports but they perform well in their district. Certain facilities such as the Library and the Lunchroom could be founded better as well as schools clubs. Safety is a huge issue as the high school is set in a dangerous neighborhood.
Top notch military college prep under the direction of Principal Wipichat. Staff and teachers are great to work with to make sure your child is growing and maturing in the best way possible.
I love Phoenix Military Academy. I always felt like I fit in and I always had a chance to express myself. Something I did not enjoy from phoenix was it's bathroom. They usually smell and the windows only open about 1 inch and does not really let fresh air in. Overall Phoenix is a really fun and awesome school and I have no regrets for coming. I would for sure do it all over again.
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I like the school Its just that the school needs a bit more money because It doesn't have everything a school should have. I would like to see this school have things that go more to the sports. Need more clubs and activities overall the school is amazing because it teaches the students to be ready for college and to be discipline.
Some things that I liked about Phoenix Military Academy was the faculty, teachers, academics, and the clubs. The teachers at PMA tried with their outmost potential to push students to become better than who they were yesterday. The teachers are always willing to help students achieve, from staying after school for hours to some teachers coming in to school on their day-off. Attending Phoenix Military Academy meant being expected to act a certain way and was also expected to work with the excellent academic competition, although I may say that I believe PMA has more potential in regards to academics. If someone is looking for a school that offers excellent clubs and activities, Phoenix Military Academy may be the place for that person. From offering JROTC activities such as Color Guard, Drill, Raiders to clubs such as Brotherhood and Sisterhood, National Honor Society, and After-school matters, you will certainly find your niche at PMA.
I like the academics, the support we receive from the staff and the discipline level. Even though we're a military school we still get to experience things as if we were a regular school. We're a level 1+ school, we're most definitely help to our ability. We work hard and the school offers different opportunities for life after we graduate and I think that's really beneficial.
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