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I love the people that go there and I love the teachers, you can really connect with them. It’s not a huge school with a bunch of kids, you can really get to know everyone.
My favorite thing about this school is the staff, they are so amazing and so helpful. They are always there to give you an extra hand to help you get to where you need to be. They are extremely helpful with life situations and helping you get ahead and getting ready for college. We have great college advisors at phoenix who help us review everything and get us set up for exactly where we need to be and how to get there.
All the AP classes I've taken have been great and I feel prepared for college. On the other hand, I haven't taken many non-ap classes, so I don't think I can adequately describe those classes.
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The teachers at PHS has helped me succeed and without them I would never been able to graduate on time. All the teachers and staff made going to school fantastic and I loved everyday of it.
More focus on after school activities. younger staff to connect with the students. air fresheners throughout the school
The teachers are amazing humans beings that care about you more than grades. They rather help you more than caring about grades and if you did good on this math test. They have great opportunities that other schools do not have. The agricultural program is so amazing and they give you great opportunities to care for a garden or care for a farm animal. The computer programs are grand and teach you skills that others dont have and jobs look for certain skills. The student management always try their hardest to try for every students to success to the fullest. It's honestly the best high school ever with amazing loving teachers that treats you like a person and not just some dumb student their teaching. They are GREATTT.
So I started out as Phoenix as a Sophomore. Fit in really well, people are super friendly there. I had some awesome teachers, particularly in the social studies department. Sports were really fun. I was a runner and happened to see several cross country and track teams, on both girls and boys side, make it state every year. Admin is awful. They were unhelpful most of the time. Food was nasty and outsourced to a company and not run by the school itself. I didn't feel like the school was able to help me too much in the way of resources. And parents weren't ever really involved. Mostly it was students.
Every teacher and administrator that I have had direct dealings with was helpful and insightful as well. If my student was having an issue they helped find ways to remedy that problem. In sports the coaches are very proactive in helping students juggle the schedule and school work putting the emphasis on the school work. They do not want to see a kid fall thru the cracks.
Phoenix high school is a small school that is very close-knit. Everyone is very nice and inclusive and it's overall a really supportive community.
Bigger school than most 4A schools. In the school, it can be a little clique like, but I mean, what school is not. An average array of advanced classes. Some teachers care. The athletics are decent too. There is a large latino population.
Depending on the type of student scheduling and the workload differentiates immensely, due tot he fact that advanced students and average students prefer different curriculums and favor different teachers. Overall the curriculum available satisfies most students to meet their needs for graduating. Then the workload is definitely a lot heavier for advanced student due to the type of schedules they have.
In my school from my perspective rarely encounters bullying but peer pressure does happen a lot in any setting. Another important subject is racism and individuals sexual orientation, it is definitely present at our school but only to a certain degree. Racism sometimes does become the source of a conflict, for example, once a student was flying the confederate flag on their truck and it was during the time we there were many conflicting political views of the flag. Then there is sexual orientation of individuals in my school that are very open and accepting and I am very proud of that from our student body.
The school tries it's best to feel everyone feel safe and take care of students needs such as the free lunch program, and when school first starts that first two weeks everyone gets free breakfast. Also individuals that are homeless the school tries to find possible resources to help them.
The majority of the school is involved in at least one extracurricular activity, everyone has a certain interests and convinces their friends to join or students also have the opportunity to create their own clubs. Some of the most successful would be thespian society, peer mediation, and national Honors Society.
My overall experience has been great, of course there have been challenges along the way but everyone goes through it together. An example would be when the school has to go through state testing and Advance placement testing during that time everyone is more united and push one another to keep pushing.
In my last couple of years of high school I have seen multiple teachers as well as our now retired principle go above and beyond for everyone to succeed in their own way through high school.
There is a community officer at the school almost all the time. Bullying, etc, is addressed immediately by the principal and teachers.
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I would choose a school that was more challenging academically, particularly science
Some staff members walk around the school to make sure things are going well.
There are many clubs that anyone can join in! If you like to do "DIYs" projects then the craft club is there for you or if you like to play soccer then they'll have indoor. In any club there will always be an adult to supervise. Honestly, if our school doesn't offer the club a student is interested in then that student is able to create it!
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