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I have met alot of amazing people, and and the kids are great! The teachers one the other hand are not so much. Not only do they not help much, they can be quite rude and unsafe with kids. Mental break downs our basicly an everyday thing.
I loved working on projects and being in control of my education while enrolled there. If theres anything I would change it would be them simply receiving more resources and funding.
Worst school ever. Got wrongly banned from the school grounds today from dropping my girlfriend off permanently. I was warned once to slow down in the area which was weird because I got 15 mph in the lot , maybe not even , just coasting till the drop off spot. Tried to call to get a principle on the phone and they would not forward me to a PIC , at least that is what the secretary said, and that any of my questions could be handled on their site. Which is a load of crap.
Also not to mention how hard it has been on her to even get her teachers help her graduate on time. It honestly looks like they are trying to not help her graduate on time. If you are reading this I reccomend you find another school.
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