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A truly unmatched academic experience. This school is not for the faint of heart, challenging academically, with high level of importance put on social awareness, community and building a well rounded individual. The teachers are exceptional, the curriculums are engaging and robust. All in all, if you can afford to send your child to this school, you will end up with an intelligent, well spoken, confident young adult with a strong foundation academically and socially.
As a parent of a Lower School child, I am frustrated and mystified as to the role of the "Learning Specialist." Apparently, she teaches the children how to breathe (my child calls her the "Breathing Lady" )as they follow along to a pre-recorded script. I understand the importance of mindfulness, but can't the classroom teacher do this? I would think that children would be better served by someone with a degree in Special Ed, which she does not have, receiving small group instruction in areas where they are struggling. I have spoken with my child's teacher and have gotten the impression that the role of the Learning Specialist is highly ineffective. For the tuition costs of PCDS, I would expect exceptional learning practices. Clearly, money is being wasted.

Between the lack of a talented Learning Specialist and a Head who is slowly sucking the joy out of the elementary school experience, I just don’t think the PCDS Lower School is worth the $22,000 in tuition.
Great academics, extracurriculars, and teachers. Offers an excellent education and prepares students for college.
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Such a wonderful school that has so much to offer from a diverse curriculum to all college preparatory needs. Definitely academically challenging, but is able to appeal to all learning styles and the school as a whole cares a lot about each and every student. Safe and beautiful campus.
I love the teachers at the school!! I feel very prepared for college and the college application process. I am able to have lots of one on one time with teachers when I need help or just someone to talk to.
I am an alumni PCDS and am very sad the direction the school is taking. I am very fond of my memories here but the new administration is destroying all that I loved about PCDS. The administration is firing teachers or forcing them to quit. They are doing away with APs and the grading system in the high school - something that will not help in college. The high school needs an administrative change because the academics and curriculum are going in the wrong direction and they are hiring bad teachers.
Beware of competitive parents, who happened to be the staffs at the school. Since there is a very limited number of students in each classes, they will do anything to get their children in and get rid of smarter kids. They should not allow students’ parents work there because it is conflict of interest. Bad idea.
I’m a parent of a lower school student. It’s been an amazing experience. My child is supported and challenged. Additionally, I’ve been impressed by the community feel— kids know each other, teachers and administrators know every student, and there seems to be little drama. Great place for a complete, well rounded experience.
Bullying in the lower school is out of control. The administrators are sticking their necks in the sand. Sexual assault tolerated. Verbal abuse tolerated.
Looking at all the past bad reviews of the school, I can see that nothing has changed. The students have little to no spirit and are all way too competitive. The facilities are great and some teachers are amazing, but most of the good teachers have left leaving only bad last minute hires. Students from PCDS go to college ready for the rigor, but almost all students have a hard time getting into good colleges because their GPA's are too low. This is because the teachers are grading the students too harshly. Also, PCDS is a very very small school and I feel as though the number of students must increase otherwise they will keep losing students to Brophy and Xavier. The education is the highest you can get in Arizona, but overall the school isn't worth the price. I do not recommend this school if you want a real high school experience.
I have been here since middle school, and have always felt that the culture celebrating learning is the best part of the school. The teachers encourage a love of learning, rather than teaching to a test.
Great school, I have been at this school since I was in Kindergarten and I will be graduating this year. I have loved every minute of my time at the school. The classes are small and all the teachers are dedicated and will help you whenever you need it.
Great teachers and facilities, but the academics are very rigorous and challenging. It is difficult to earn good grades and makes college admissions hard. In addition, the administration is horrible -- they do not work with teachers or students and make executive decisions that are not best for students or teachers. We have lost some amazing teachers because of the administration.
The school is very safe. We have 24/7 police officers on campus and the school takes safety very seriously.
Funding is wonky. Our Latin and Mathematics programs are consistently #1 or T5 in the state yet they receive nearly zero funding. However, our basketball team gets a ton of funding despite being Division 4.
The school donated millions to a new gym in a non-athletic school while the Latin club (#1 in the state) gets nearly no funding from the school, they re increasing their class size by 25% and no longer does every grade get lockers. The school's newer teachers aren't qualified nor are they kind to the students. If I were to do it again, I wouldn't with the new faculty. Avoid this school in favor of Brophy/Xavier for the time being - and I'm an atheist. I would rather go to those two catholic schools than PCDS at this point due to the awful faculty, ridiculous choices of funding, and the stuck-up attitude of the full-pay students (I was on scholarship).
The teachers at PCDS were great, but we've had the largest teacher turnover in the school's history last year. We had a teacher fired for sexually harassing a student and screaming at them, we've had teachers hired with no previous experience, and the administration has gotten lazy with their hiring. When a teacher gave them leave notice in the beginning of the year, the school didn't begin their search for a replacement until a month before school got out. The teachers aren't nearly as high quality as they have been in the past because the majority of teachers that made the school what it was have left.
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I feel pretty safe on campus, they are putting in gates all around the upper school so people can't just walk onto campus anymore.
I think the extracurriculars are pretty good here, not as good as at other places, but it's not bad.
Honestly, I wish I had gone to another school. The teachers often give low grades and it causes our GPAs to be a lot lower which causes problems when one has to apply to college. I am getting a great education and I know that PCDS has prepared to succeed in college, however, due to the hard academics and the apathetic and cold student body, coming here has not been great and in my opinion, the school is a waste of money and time.
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