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I liked how strict the school was. I liked that the students had to go dressed professional everyday as if they were going to an interview and they were dress coded. I love the attention the students receive and the way the teachers teach. I also love that their goal is to get every student to college and even help each of them start with financial aid help.
The school doesn't need any security, the school rarely has student to student conflicts. The school is really small and everyone knows everyone.
Their are a variety of clubs to join and be part of, most clubs are very common in other schools.
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I can only speak for my parents, but my parents push me to succeed in school and make sure I am passing every class and that I do all work.
The food, due to funding, is not the best. There was a case of food poisoning because of who is hired to give the food. The school also doesn't have a nurse in either the middle school or high school.
The school is a charter school, so we do not receive a lot of funding. Although the school does whatever is in it's power to meet the needs of the students, many of the times it doesn't happen. It's only the worst because we do not have funding. I feel that if we had more funding, the extracurricular activities would improve immensely.
Because I live in an area where school shootings and major violence such as, 16 fights breaking out in one day and two students getting stabbed on campus, are pretty frequent, finding a safe school is hard. I would attend this school again because I know it is a safe community in which I have another home and another family that I can turn to. Not only are the academics more challenging and advanced, it is a small school of less then 200 students. This way my teachers are more available for me when I have questions or concerns, resulting in me becoming more successful.
students tend to bully a lot and principals dont do anything about it.
We do not have any kind of nurse or health support at our school. The only "medication" that we have is a first aid kit. Students are not required to carry IDs since the school can´t afford to make any for us. I think this school is pretty safe overall since all emergency entrances are locked from the outside and are accessible inside the building.
We unfortunately do not have the funding to have many sports and the ones we have are not the best. The administration does not really support clubs and when we decide to do things to benefit our club we get shut down. Administration does not really want us to enjoy, they only want us to do good in school. We do not have any after school activities other than the seasonal sport and even then the coaches do not seem to care about them so in the end practices for sports get cancelled and there is nothing we can do. We do not have a gym or any field to practice sports. For seasonal sports we either pair with another charter school or we practice at public parks.
I love my high school and i am very proud of being a PCA student. If i could go back i would definitely stay in this school. However i would try to get students to actually engage in school activities as well as increase parent involvement. My favorite experiences were the college trips at the end of the school year, I visited the college of my dreams, Stanford, and many more! This school is very unique because of the small number of students that are in the building and how teachers interact with their students.
Some teachers go above and beyond in their work and that is appreciated but there are others that in reality do not make an effort to help students that are struggling. And when they do try to help them, they treat students that struggle like kids instead of pushing them to do better and slowly get them to the same level as everyone else.
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