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Phoenix Collegiate Academy Charter School Reviews

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Phoenix Collegiate Academy High school has taught me many things in life. For example Phoenix Collegiate Academy High school has taught me how to be a leader in my community. This high school has given me the opportunity to attend a four year university. Specifically Phoenix Collegiate Academy High school has given me hope to not give up in attending a four year college.
PCA staff do their best to help their students.
I love my high school. Though it may be small and in many instances unfunded, the sense of community is the most appreciable. Without the determination of the teachers and the close friendships between the students, the school would definitely not be the same to me. Its biggest limitations are the small size of the school and the tight budget the school is forced to commit to. Yet, the quality of education has never been affected by these limitations, the teachers deserve appreciation for this.
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This school is unique because not very many students attend or would choose to attend PCA, but those that do, if they plan to stay, will see that the small class sizes and the close-knit relationships between amongst students and teachers is something to look forward to coming to PCA High school everyday, aside from the challenging curriculum. I have had my share of bad days at PCA, but overall, it's been a rewarding experience attending PCA High school. The only downfall is the lack of funding in the body of schools as a whole.
The senior class of about 30 people is very close.
Our school is small, but it runs decently.
Our teachers work very hard and help us a lot.
Our teams are mediocre and we have no facilities.
Some care about their education, but many don't.
Our school does not have any funding for clubs.
We do not have any security officers or a nurse, but I still feel safe.
The teachers push all students
The teachers try to make a safer environment
Overall its okay they're some changes that are needed.
Our school is really small and don't have the luxury of most of the items listed.
The sports we do have the students try to make them better.
The teachers try their best to help all students.
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The majority are minorities at my school mostly Hispanics.
The clubs are very few because the school does not have enough teachers to be there. The clubs are not funded the students have to fund by themselves.
Our school can not afford a nurse or any security.
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