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My experience at Phoenix College Prep has been very good. I have been attending the school since I was a freshman and I have seen the school become bigger and better to this day. Students and faculty share good communication skills and create a good atmosphere to attend school at. They care about both academics and the students personal character making sure they are good in both perspectives.
This school is amazing if you are planning to get ahead in the game academically. Though the school lacks some sports like football and track, it makes up for it by paying for you to take college classes, giving you the opportunity to graduate high school with a high school diploma and an Associates degree. The main sports of the school are basketball and co-ed soccer. There are few clubs but students are encouraged to start any club they want, anytime they want. Lunch is free for all students and every Friday students get pizza from a local pizza joint. The school deserves 5 stars for its amazing college readiness, but because of the lack of some important sports, I give it a solid 4 stars.
The teachers and staff prepare you for college and the real world. They are ready to help students by giving there all. The staff provides a safe environment where students are able to learn and get work done. Staff and teachers also are very respectful and create an environment for peers that allow students to grow and gain new skills that will equip them for real life situations. Students are able to gain new skills in the sports and clubs that are provided at the school. The school makes sure to have parent and family involvement by having school events where students are able to enjoy with family and friends. Throughout the school year the school gives students opportunities to show off and to inform other students about their culture and their diversity.
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I love Phoenix College. The staff are very friendly and the instructors for the most part are excellent. The campus is nice and there are many fun things to do. Phoenix College also has an easy website to navigate and its easy to resolve any problems. Im going on my second year here at Phoenix College and when I graduate with my associates degree in May of 2019, its going to be a bittersweet farewell.
Phoenix College Preparatory Academy is a 9-12 grade school that gives the students the opportunity to obtain a high school diploma along with at least one year of college credits. It's a small school and the college is basically all they got going for them to attract students to come. There is a few clubs (anime, food, student government) and a couple of sports (girls volleyball, co-ed soccer and girls/boys basketball). The number of staff members is few and there should probably be more. If a person wants the high school experience, then they should probably go to a different high school. As I said before, the school gives students college access and that is really it. In my opinion, the school doesn't take advantage of the resources that it has. It doesn't have a strong, appealing foundation.
It is an incredible school, giving the opportunity of taking college classes before actually going to college and it prepares you to be in control of your future.
Phoenix College Preparatory Academy prepares incoming freshman for college readiness. In freshman year, all upper-class man come to welcome their new under class man. All students in pcpa are working towards their associates in highschool and one or two years ahead of their college pathways.
I like this school a lot because it has many things to offer. I am currently a dual enrollment student and it is very helpful. This school is small so it is easier for teachers to help you, you get more one on one time. This school is good for someone who likes to be challenged. Overall, it is a really good school.
A very good school with very high expectations. There is always something to do educationally speaking there because the goal is to succeed and triumph in a career and this school gives you the boost you want and need in order to achieve that.
The things that make Phoenix College Prep Academy a good school is the opportunity for students to take college classes while taking high school courses and gives students the opportunity to graduate with their AA degree that makes them one step ahead in college and prepares college for college life and what is expected from them.
Phoenix College Preparatory Academy is a great high school that helps students get ready for college. Teachers are helpful, and they want each student to succeed. The high school provides different college classes that a student can take.
It is a very well organized school with staff that is always there to help and a great student body.
My experience here has been very good all the teacher have helped me improve myself as a student and the students are friendly.
I like how I am able to take college classes at such a young age. The environment at PCPA is very clean and everyone is friendly. Since, I started going here I have met amazing people and everyone is always willing to help.
This school is fun to be at but also does not have much money, sport programs are poor in the sense of affording uniforms and such, most teachers are nice and teach well, more teachers are being brought into the school. This school is so well at preparing for college that it is growing very fast and the school is trying to the adjust to the growth, resulting in unorganization for some class periods. This school pays for college classes! I've already taken 4 college classes free. Very college-prep and test prep. There are free classes for improving SAT and ACT scores. Overall, the college prep is very good but I still rate the school 4 stars for its unorganization.
I like this school because everyone is nice to each other and knows everyone. Also you are able to earn an associates degree while in high school.
I'm a senior and will be graduating not only high school, but also with an associates degree. It's hard work, but the staff from this school really pushed us students (in a good way) to be prepared for college and success. They are there when we need the help and the students are close with the staff. The staff really makes you feel like you can achieve anything and pushes you to do your best. In this school, I took college classes while I was taking high school classes. That's why I'm able to graduate with a degree. It really helps when the school is the one paying for your classes and class materials for college. They're not joking when they say it's hard work in this school, but in the end it's worth it.
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As I spoke with my high school counselor, I found myself interested in Phoenix College's dental program. I made an appointment with one of the program's educator. The visit went very well and on top of it, I was allowed the opportunity to explore where class is in session, the dental office and the labs. My experience at the office made me looking forward to further my education with Phoenix College.
Phoenix College Preparatory Academy is a very small school so all the students are able to get the help they need from teachers. Also, it makes it easier for the staff to keep students on track for graduation. One thing that could be better is the school sports. The only sports at PCPA are volleyball, basketball, and soccer. The school doesn't have a football team, with a lack of sports the students are missing out on athletic based scholarships. Overall Phoenix College Prep has a healthy learning environment.
Phoenix College Preparatory Academy is a really good school to go to if you like small school. The environment of the school is very relaxing, they make you feel at home. One thing I noticed about this school is the spirit all the students and staff have. I have attended PCPA for all four years of High School and I don't regret any second of it.The school makes you college ready by giving you some college classes. Its an amazing school to attend.
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