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Phoenix Christian School Reviews

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The only extracurriculars at my school are sports, but the sports are good.
I don't see any bullying going on at my school if there is I'm oblivious to it.
My school is very small which keep student to teacher very small and we have and block schedule which I love.
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The teachers are always there for students that have questions and are great at explaining whatever it is that they are teaching.
Though the school is in a sketchy area, the facility is nice.
Health is fine. Bullying is the norm.
They're boring, lessons aren't engaging at all people fall asleep everyday because it's just a lecture for a hour
They support the sports, but favorite the girls more them the boys they have better uniforms, better schedule and get special gear
Safe, no bullying great nurse most resources are fine
Buildings are okay, lockers are old and some stink
The dress code is annoying
It's terrible and very hypocritical
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