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Phoenix Christian Preparatory School Reviews

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Both of my children graduated from Phoenix Christian (2014 & 2018). They attended since preschool. I could not be happier for the young people they are now...bright, responsible, considerate, innovative, kind, helpful and they love the Lord. They made great, life-long friends and I did, too, with other parents. The teachers truly go above and beyond and are available to help any student who desires such. Supreme care for the whole child is very evident in everything the school does.
It offers a variety of classes and the teachers are very helpful and passionate about their teaching. Students there are friendly and enthusiastic.
The school is small, allowing for better teacher-student interaction. There are many opportunities to seek extra help with school work and the teachers are knowledgable in their fields, giving the students a good experience in the classroom.
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People are very nice to me. Since it is a small school, we know each other, which is good.
I’d like to see the variety in academics here; I hope to take more AP classes and have opportunity to be involved with STEM activity.
One thing I like about PC is the small class size and that all the teachers and faculty know my name and take time to know me personally. One thing I would like to see change is some of the teachers.
I’ve been at Phoenix Christian since the 6th grade and I’ve loved it since, I am a senior now and I’m going to miss it a lot. I played football and did track and going to miss those a lot too. There is really nothing in my opinion that I would like changed at Phoenix Christian
An amazing school full of teachers who love God. I wish the administration cared about programs other than sports, though.
It's a very small school and the classroom is on average about 15 students. The teachers are great and the overall culture is fantastic.
I went to phoenix Christians for two years now. I meet my best friend there. You meet amazing and smart people. The teachers care for you and teach to the best of their abilities. I would like to see a change in food and the different type of people. The major is white and I would like to see more races.
I have been at Phoenix Christian since I was in 4th grade, and have had many different types of interactions within the school which impacted my view of the school as a whole. My favorite thing about PC are the teachers. Since it is a small school, there aren't many students which allows the few teachers to really get to know the students. I know the teachers and they know me too, on a teacher/student basis, as well as a friendly basis. If I could change something(s) about PC, I would change the school spirit. There is no school spirit among the students. I would also change the dress code rules. Having to wear "PC outerwear" is impractical and expensive. The atmosphere of the school is usually tense because of all of the drama within PC's walls. That's what I would change about PC.
As our enrollment rises, we are adding more clubs and activities. Athletics is very strong component of this campus. Since we are small, there are many opportunities to be involved in many areas. Administration is very supportive of of what the students take interest in and are open to new ideas.
Teachers are extremely concerned about the students' well-being and success and are approachable. All profess Jesus Christ as Lord and walk the talk. They know how to have a good time with the students, too. We have a variety of teachers in ages, experience and wisdom...a good mix for all of them to learn from each other as well.
Even though my school is not in the best part of town, I feel as though the administration takes safety seriously. Bullying is not tolerated. The administration finds out what happens on social media, and if any bullying takes place, it is handled directly. The school nurse is very sweet and is knowledgeable in her occupation.
I really enjoy having a retreat at the beginning of each new school year. It is a way to get away from home, create friendships, and have fun. At the end of my freshman year of high school, I wanted to transfer. I am so glad I did not because I have created memories and friendships that will last a lifetime. I met my best friend at Phoenix Christian and we will be rooming together in college. I have learned and grown so much in my education as well as my spiritual journey.
I have individual relationships with all of my teachers. In English class when we have 10 minutes left of class and the instructor is done teaching, he will tell us a funny story or a pun joke. My Bible teacher is like my second dad. I have serious conversations with him often. My Student Government teacher is my best friend.
It was the better of the two high schools i attended. I currently Coach football at this high school. They are about to begin a huge remodel and addition on their property.
The school is strict with safety and health policies. Anyone doing otherwise is supsended or expelled.
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My overall experience has been great! The teachers, staff and students all make it possible. With every class that has graduated before me or after me, I have made friends with most of them and it has been great. I don't know if it is like this with other schools but I know for a fact that if I had the chance, I would come back here again!
All the buildings in the school are always clean because the janitors and maintenance are good and honest people. The students all know who they are because most of them have been working there for years.
To be a student here, you can apply and pay tuition or apply for a lot of scholarships, and the scholarships do help. When accepted, they ask questions about your belief in God and personal questions about your life with Jesus Christ.
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