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My educational experience at Phoebus High School has been exciting and very rewarding, along with preparing me for my journey to full my dreams of going to college. From my Principle, Assistant principles, teachers, coaches, other educational staff, and my classmates they have all been an encouragement in helping me fulfill my goals to complete my high school education. And it is because of this I understand what it means that it takes a village to raise a child, and to have a desire to give back to my community one day.
I went to Phoebus all four years of High School and my experience there wasn't always the best but there is a great support system in the faculty. The school had a great Culinary Arts program which I had the amazing opportunity of being apart of, the athletics program was amazing too. The Coaches were always on the players about their grades and didn't make it all about the sport they pushed the mentality of a " Student Athlete" which means they need to worry about their grades before the worry about the sport. But in all honesty Phoebus is a great school it had its ups and its downs just like anything in life.
The diverse and inclusive environment was one very positive experience at Phoebus, however the teachers were not always the most helpful
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I liked the way the staff interacts with the students, though I dislike how dirty the school truly is. I don't like the lack of discipline, however, most of the teachers do fine. The higher level teachers are the best out of all of them, specifically, the D.E. English teacher, the Anatomy & Physiology teacher, and the Chorus teacher.
Well I like that it is somewhat challenging. Its's diverse and the teachers are very helpful. I'd like to see change in the school with the way it look. This school has potential but the budget is very low making it have a negative reputation. Some teachers need more training and more hands on activities.
I liked the spirit of the school. I would like to change the way that Phoebus enforces the dress code on girls and not so much on guys because every single day of my high school career, I saw guys sagging their pants down to their knees, when they are not at home and they need to pull their pants up. I also like to change how the have semi-formal events such as the awards ceremony they had a couple months ago, mainly because of the band, they left a bad impression on my dad because they had the whole band including the band-front, which was absolutely unnecessary on the band director's part and the current principal's part for not telling him to only have the band out not the band-front. This school is the reason why I'm so glad I graduated. I also liked the security guards, they're awesome
The school has good programs for learning a specific field, such as the PLTW program and the Culinary Arts program. Many of the teachers care about the students' well being and are very helpful. The administration has badly managed several aspects of the school though.
Phoebus was my second home from 9-12 all my teaches were very active in my education they help to understand the value of transition to collebge
We're not as encouraged to get an education for what we love to do as much as to pass a class, an SOL, and graduate. We are helped by our counselors to apply for college, grants, and scholarships. We've had 3 principles within 4 years. I have yet to go to a cheerleading competition though Phoebus High Cheer was a strong, skilled squad. As a school we had done well this year's first semester with our new principle as far as violence and handling conflict are concerned and have certain incentives for straight A students and honor roll students, which is great compared to last year in which honor roll was a large population of the school and the collective celebrations we were supposed to have did not usually end well. Violence is a reoccurring issue not only with us, but Virginia schools period it seems. The academy for Video Production was the best educational experience I have had at Phoebus. I learned a lot from it and got the opportunity to explain it to incoming freshman.
I enjoy being a Phoebus High School student very much. I am well known through my excellent academics and I am also a Culinary Arts ambassador. I get to represent my school at monthly banquets and meetings and that is speacial to me. My school has outstanding teachers and staff who really care for their students as well as supportive clubs and groups to suit student interests. I would like to see more parent involvement as well as more community involvement and outreaching. My school isn’t located in the wealthiest or nicest part of Hampton but I am sure that a lot of great talent and personalities will come from there.
During my experience at Phoebus High school, I made a lot of friends with my peers and teachers and I also enjoyed learning academics and life skills throughout the years. What I like about high school is the clubs and peer groups I attended like the chess club and the National Honor Society. The academic courses I had taken were easy to learn such as Algebra I and II, Robotics, Culinary Arts, Digital Photography, and Art Animation. What I also like about my former school is the teachers and staff who are willing to help out other students with academics and college readiness.
What I would like to see change at Phoebus High is to limit the number of Standards of Learning (SOL) tests and also add courses that would teach more life skills to help other students how to become role models and responsible adults when that graduate.
I loved that there were teachers there to help you succeed to graduate and I am a proud alumni. I would recommend that anybody that loves to play an instrument that they join the Marching Band. It is a great way to meet new friends, do things that you thought you would never do, go a lot of places, and even recieve different awards.
I liked how I met my bestfriends throughout my four years. There are a couple teachers that are actually good, but other than that, everything else is average or below.
The school was big but it didn't have many students which made it more compatible for teachers to have one on one time with the student
what I liked about phoebus was how all the teachers cared about their students and making sure they are set up for success after high school. And I love how much school spirit there is and how they believe in being one big PHamily
I don't like this school at all, they need to change everything. The security guards are too serious with their jobs but then again they really don't care. I barely learn anything at this school, They don't teach me how to prepare for college or anything that might help me in the near future
I loved my 4 years at Phoebus High School. I can honestly say that I was able to receive instruction from some of the best teachers in the Hampton City School area. I was involved in Sports and numerous clubs and organizations so i think that was what made my experience enjoyable.
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I believe that Phoebus high is one of the best schools in Hampton. I would like to see more college readiness activities for juniors and seniors.
It may look like a bunker, but I had a good experience at Phoebus. The teachers were great and really cared about connecting and actually did a good job doing it. There were a wide variety of classes including advanced placement options as well as a fair amount of electives. There are numerous sports to play and clubs to join. The band is not the best and the cafeteria could use some improvement, but overall I would recommend it as a highschool.
Phoebus High is a pretty decent school. Its main problems are that its focus is on football, not on students. If students choose not to pay attention in classes, they're left to talk and distract everyone instead of receiving punishment.
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