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Phineas Banning Senior High School Reviews

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Overall, is a great school, especially the Magnet, which has good class sizes which is very important for a great learning environment.
At Phineas Banning High School, I liked being able to meet up with my friends and see them almost daily. The classes were not difficult and I enjoyed most of my time there because of my friends. There was a time in my senior year where our AP Economics class was so full, my two friends and I had no seats. We would sit on the floor or on foldable chairs when available.
It is a great school. The teachers are very dedicated to your success and offer help any chance they get. There are different programs, such as magnet and the MATCH academy, that allow students to shine in their area of excellence. The only thing is some students act out and don’t participate, but every high school has that group that won’t budge.
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What I enjoyed about Banning High school was how much the teachers cared about education. I truly felt like I can rely on my teachers for support and whenever I had a question they always helped me. One thing I would like to see improved is the programming they use for grades and homework.
Phineas Banning Senior High School is a good school. You have lots of opportunity to grow and learn. Many helpful teachers and adults are present in this school.
Banning high is a pretty good school compared to what people say about it. Everything here is pretty average and once you find the right groups of friends you’ll have a great time. Academics is another average area having many good academic programs to join. Before joining one of the many programs ask some friends about there experience so you don’t switch between programs too often. Sports on the other hand is really good. Bannings baseball and softball teams are really good. Other sports like football and basketball are beginning to be as good as they use to be.
I really liked how nice the staff are to all students and how they know how to handle every situation. They really helped me prepare for college and I really appreciate that. The thing I enjoyed the most was being able to play the sport I love all four years which is softball.
I liked it since my first year there. Good school, it is getting better. Although I arrived from another country knowing little English, I have excelled at this school and now I am a scholar.
Banning isn't a bad school; most people think that it's not that great or that it's only for "troubled" teens. This high school however, is one of the best high schools.
PBHS has been an interesting experience that, thus far, has been beneficial in uncommon ways. With mostly low qualified teachers and staff that doesn't seem to care, I have had the fortune to have met people, both staff, teachers, and students that have motivated me and prepared me for what is to come.
Overall my experience at my high school has given me plenty of opportunities to engage with clubs, programs and even sports that allowed me to build character and social skills, which I use to have trouble with in my past.
During my 4 years at Phineas Banning High School has been incredible and I'm very grateful for all the staff and teachers who are there to help me succeed.
It's a great school with great potential but administration is very poor and the food is absolutely terrible! The students and teachers here are amazing despite being in an area that is not so great.
I loved being at Phineas Banning High School because my friends have made it real special for me and I have created many memories there. The academics and clubs there are fairly open to everyone in the school and they do not discriminate.
Attending Phineas Banning High School has many ups and downs through out my high school years. but overall ive had wonderful time here. The magnet program here at banning really helps you to prepare for college and the classes you expect to take when attending college. It’s a great program. The teachers in the magnet program really put effort into teaching you and making sure you will succeed in the future. Banning offers many clubs and sports that you can be part of. For example, banning offers basketball, football, baseball, cheer, volleyball and so on. The clubs offered here are the chess club, Spanish club,anime club and so on.
Banning High School is a place that is very special in my heart. I love the culture and the community around the school who just loves and appreciates what the school does for place we call home Wilmington California just like me. From the close community to the sport we have here its a great place to be.A thing i wish to see chance in the future is the resources Banning has to offer for their students. Most kids are low income and don't have the things like tutors that are offered in higher income schools. So essentially even the playing field.
I like how there a programs for everyone. You can become friends with the same people from previous years or make new ones, you get to go through high school with them and it's the best feeling! I have to admit, the girls bathroom situation has to change. We need more bathrooms, the lines are always so long because there's always 1 bathroom that's closed so the line gets longer for another bathroom.
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Bearable school in which you could succeed if you truly give it your all and involve yourself in a good program, such as Magnet.
Banning was one of the only I remember fondly, the professors were helpful and cared for the students. They really made me feel welcome. The curriculum is meant to help everyone who is interested in continuing their education in almost any field and also for those who just want their diploma. I am happy to say that I am one of the ones that got inspired to continue my education. I somehow just wish I would have been more involved with the Banning community and theater.
it was a very fun, school spirited school. teachers are very friendly and care about your future, they want to see you succeed.
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