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Philomath High School is a great high school if you are looking to be apart of a close-knit community. The classes are small, the teachers all know you by name, you can have a good relationship because the teachers really care about you succeeding in life. We have a great science program and out band and choir have won first place in Oregon. There was an issue with hazing in 2016 and PHS is still moving on from that. Foreign language is difficult because PHS is on a trimester system and we only have one teacher for each language. Even though I am in the Spanish 4 class at PHS from an education standpoint I have only had 3 years of Spanish.
PHS is a great school with small classes with great teachers who will connect with you and make sure you stay ahead in your classes and want you to succeed. A lot of the staff their are experienced and are there for the students and not the pay, especially Mr. Schermerhorn. One of the big downsides of Philomath is that there is not a great diversity in Language courses and ethnic groups. Philomath High is a school that teaches their students to always do great in your extra curricular activities and to do just as well in the classroom.
Overall a pretty average small town experience. Just about no diversity within this school and favorite students and least favorite students of teachers is pretty apparent.
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Philomath high school is a great place for a small town community to thrive at. It does not do very well in inclusiveness or diversity. The LBCC program is great.
I thoroughly enjoyed taking part in the extracurricular activities such as band, choir, and swim team. The overall options for academics were somewhat limited, and recently the school has been divided by political problems. I was lucky to escape before that happened.
I love the teachers at Philomath. I love how everyone wants to see you graduate and go to college and if college isn't your first choice they help you find a trade school or another area to get you up and going out of high school. I would change the amount the teachers get paid for how much work they put in they aren't getting paid enough. I would also change the time we start at to 8:30 so students would get more sleep and are well rested so they can learn and stay awake in class.
Philomath is a small school of about 360 students. There is an incredible staff here to help students grow and develop in and out of the classroom. There is a variety of classes to spark everybody's interests. There is a very talented music program with a band and choir who has gone to state many times and placed in the top 5 in the state. There are also very strong sports programs and many opportunities to try something new. The coaches are superb and really help motivate athletes and improve. The facilities themselves are very nice. Recently remodeled, there are two gyms, an auditorium, efficient classes, and great grass fields for football and soccer.
Philomath High School has a great atmosphere that promotes learning and opportunities. It allows students to participate in a variety of activities, and the 4A size allows everyone to experience different interests. I believe that Philomath High School pushes students to become high achievers, and readies people from a variety of different backgrounds for their future.
Good people, good faculties. There were little issues about it, and I'm pretty nitpicky about finding problems with something. I'm glad I grew up going to this school.
Philomath is a good school. However, our school board and superintendent are selfish and power-hungry. I have learned a lot throughout my life here and one of those things is that I'll never lie about how I feel.
Philomath high school has a decent school environment. One of the main problems that became clear during my time there was the way the administrators pushed problems such as bullying and harassment under the rug. This, fortunately and unfortunately, became known as an investigation into the Philomath football team took place. I felt moderately prepared as I started college this fall.
I moved into the school district when I was in fifth grade and most everyone had already known each other and grew up together so I felt like an outsider at first but then I realised that most people were accepting of me and included me in heir friendship which I valued.
I really thrived at this school. I was given so many opportunities. Our school also went through a lot of hard times while I was here but the community came together really well. The facilities are incredible since it was just built a few years ago.
I eat really healthy so I never eat at the school, but most kids usually find options.
I think they do everything with reason. The dress code enforcement really bothers me (can be too strict for girls, but overall pretty good), but sometimes it's understandable.
Sports are huge here. The school was just remodeled so the weight room and gym are incredible. We have the top equipment.
The teachers are very engaging and they really care about the student's success. They also are very supportive of extracurricular activities and anything else students are involved in.
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There's a lot of sports and a lot of things outside of it. We've added a lot of new clubs like GSA and NHS and FBLA.
After how I was treated my Junior and Senior year of high school, I lost my ability to focus and work hard, which of course made college really difficult at the start. I feel I did not get enough education in how important it is to apply for scholarships and how to do that successfully, nor did I feel that one financial management class was enough. I thought that there should have been more AP classes available for advanced students, of which I was one, as well as opportunities to study more of the sciences. For example, computer science was not something introduced even in the robotics club, of which I was a part. I will say this, however: the high school pays for any and all college classes taken while a student there (as long as they are passed), which is an unbelievable opportunity that very few take advantage of. It is not very well publicized, nor is the fact that this has the ability to really help out students who intend to go to college after graduating, but it is a great opportunity for those who know about it.
The policy that gives anyone detention who is late to a class is too harsh and does not fix the "problem". Students who are late will be late with or without this policy, so all it does is take time away from other things they could be doing, including more productive things than sitting in a room for the entirety of their lunch period.
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