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I went to Philo High School for all four years of my high school career and just graduated this May. I moved here as an incoming freshman. I was welcomed with open arms in to the band program and we took our band to State competition all 4 years. In our last year, we receive the highest rating you can at state judging.
I very much enjoyed my years at Philo High School. Most of the teachers were very nice and would help you if you asked them. The classroom sizes were nice. The thing I would like to see change is the way students and teachers interact with each other. In my four years being at Philo. Bullying was a HUGE problem and I believe it needs to change.
Our school provides a very caring and safe environment for students. I wish there were more advanced and college classes available at our high school.
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Philo has taken strides in recent years to update curriculum and the environment that students are learning in. Unfortunately, I went to Philo before some of these improvements were put into place. My experience was average. The budget for our school was nothing special so it was as most public schools are.
Honestly the best thing about Philo High School is that it set me up to go through the Pathways to Engineering program at Zane State College which really prepared me for college.
I love the atmosphere at Philo High Schol. There aren't too many incidences of bullying, and teachers generally have a desire to help you on your way to your future. I would really like to see there be an increase in diversity and a breakdown of social borders, but those are common problems in most schools. I'd also like to see there be more challenging options as far as coursework goes. Sometimes, I don't feel challenged with the content that is provided in my classes. Other than that, the sports and music programs are fantastic! I'm very thankful that this is where I grew up.
I moved here from a school I had to all my life prior to switching schools my junior year and it was hard, the teachers are very nice but the students could be better there are lots of kids that gave me dirty looks and things but since I have been here for about a year now it has gotten better but I am still ready to move they're too much of a school that cares about what everyone thinks and it is really frustrating, it is impossible to please every single individual and they just don't seem to understand that.
I went to Philo since I was in pre school. I started in pre school and graduated in 2015. I thought Philo was a great school with a good sports team. I didn't play any sports but I supported those who did. Philo was good about supporting those who played sports. I had good grades at Philo and would recommend others to attend there. My cousins live in Zanesville but go to Philo. My entire family has always gone to Philo, its a tradition and a great school.
When I first got to Philo High School my Freshman year, all of the teachers were there to help. They listened when you needed to talk and helped when you needed help. Overall, the teachers are what make this school such a great school.
I had a great experience at Philo High School while I was a student. I never really had a problem with any teachers. I felt like my teachers really prepared me well for college. The atmosphere at the school was really friendly when I was going there. The school gives you a lot of opertunitys as a sudent to take college classes while in high school so you can get a few year done of college before you go. I really am proud to be an alum of Philo High School.
Philo is very serious about education and having one ready for after graduation. In my four years here, I've noticed they do turn their heads for certain student. They are definitely not fair with punishment especially if you're not a teachers kid.
In some ways I like that Philo is a close knit community, but when it comes to new students, it can be hard to form friends. Philo is fairly supportive of the opportunity to do College Credit Plus, yet it doesn't keep those students well informed or involved. I definitely think that the school challenges its students though.
Our security guard does a great job keeping everyone safe. Our security system seems very reliable for our needs.
There are the average sports to choose from but most are low budget and run by teachers and parents who volunteer.
The problem with this high school is that there are distinct, separate cliques every student is in. Also, these groups clash with each other and you can really only belong to one.
The teachers at my high school do not try to go above and beyond their job description at all. In fact, some do not even do all they should be doing.
Philo High is overall an amazing school! Most of the kids there have grown up with each other, but it is easy to find friends. The teachers are usually pretty nice, but some aren't the best teachers. I really enjoyed it here and I have made incredible friends. The drama department is a big family and has relatively new equipment.
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There are some things that need to change, but overall it's alright.
The teacher's at this school provide a very comfortable, easy learning proccess and it is very easy to mantain good grades while participating in extra curriclar activities.
The food here is just typical cafeteria food. The cooks are very nice and they provide good tasting meals for all of the students.
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