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Phillipsburg High School Reviews

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Recently the school was just built and it is a new building compared to the previous high school. The teachers here are excellent and teach well, they care about the well being of their students and they want to see their students go down a successful path in life.
While some more challenging academic classes help students succeed, slower paced classes often allow their students to fall behind. The school is very sports oriented but the arts program is still very strong.
I liked the overall appeal of Phillipsburg High School. The teachers are friendly and work to better your life. They truly love their job and will stop at nothing to see their students succeed. The atmosphere is not the best at times but the school pride is like no other. The student section at football games was always the biggest.
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If you were lucky, you got some of the teachers who truly cared about their students. They would always be there to help you out with anything you need. Also the math department does a good job at trying to keep their class fun. However the classes could be better in terms of teaching. I don't feel like they did that great getting me to feel ready for college.
The atmosphere of the school is depressing, to be honest. It's not surprising, but the cafeteria food has had many complaints and the bathrooms are not all that sanitary. You can get an average education there at best, although the teachers don't show very much involvement with their students.
I like the school. Overall it has been a good experience so far. I am actively involved in theater and singing. I like to stay involved in these activities and would love to pursue a career in theater upon entering college.
The new school building and facilities are amazing. Very beautiful. Some of the teachers need to retire, they seem to have forgotten their role is to teach, lead, inspire, motivate the young people who will be the future.
Phillipsburg High School is truly what you make of it. There's bad and good in every high school, and P'burg is no exception. If you stay the course and you study hard and surround yourself with good friends, get involved in school extracurricular activities, and study hard you will be fine. I have done all of this and I can truly say that my high school experience has been a good one. Although PHS has it's negatives (some bad teachers, guidance department, etc,) there are a lot of oppturnites at this school and if you take advantage of it you will be successful.
Phillipsburg High School was recently rebuilt into a nicer, more modern building. I would change the teachers and the administration in the school. Some teachers don't know how to handle things correctly in terms of discipline and racism towards students.
My experience as a graduate from this school was very interesting it had its ups and downs I grew up with everyone knew everyone I just had a fun experience being in that environment
I love the new school. I had the honor of singing for the Governor. Communication is lacking. Some teachers need additional training on how to deal with students who learn in different ways.
Phillipsburg High School is filled with school spirit and a very warm and welcoming place with the nicest teachers that will impact your life.
I have been a student at Phillipsburg high school for 3 years, this year I will be a senior. In my time here I have learned a lot, and I feel the teachers, especially those for more advanced classes, are kind and always willing to help! They are enthusiastic and I have had a lot of fun growing and learning here! After school clubs and groups are always welcoming and feel meaningful to participate in!
Phillupsburg is what you make of it. You can craft for yourself a rigorous educational experience, and learn from the diversity and social influences that make PHS such a vibrant place– or, you can make it easy for yourself to just skate by, and get lost a long the way. If you utilize your resources well, your time at PHS can be great, but you have to reach out. My best advice is: join clubs and challenge yourself academically. If you do your best to learn from the diversity around you, instead of being scared or throw off by it, you will have a much better experience at PHS.
It's a great school with great tradition. Some of the staff are alumni and understand what the students are experiencing. I would highly recommend bringing your child here.
Phillipsburg High School is a good school. I enjoyed my time there. The teachers are very nice and are skilled and experienced in their classes. Sports teams are very good as well as the environment of the school. I would recommend this school to parents looking to move to the area. Location is also convenient.
I love the diversity of students and staff in the school. The staff themselves come from different walks of life and never hesitate to help a student. As always no one works unless you do and it's your choice on whether you want succeed or lay back and be lazy.
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The past four years at Phillipsburg High School have been amazing. There were multiple opportunities to become involved with the school and community. This past year we just received a brand new high school building. We have up to date technology and state of the art rooms. The band room is amazing with three practice rooms. The science rooms have awesome lab tables and equipment. The gymnasium is giant, with a score board hanging from the ceiling. Finally, there are wall decorations that promote school spirit and make the school feel like home.
There are numerous activities and clubs for students to be involved in. They range from a basic Student Council to a Christian Fellowship Club. Most of the clubs are flexible with the level of involvement some students can give which is great. The clubs also offer a lot of fun to the students and give them plenty of things to be involved in. Administration supports mostly all of the clubs and sports. A lot of teachers will show up to sporting events or donate money or their time to clubs.
The overall experience at my school is incredible. There is such a high amount of school spirit everywhere you go and the rivalry we have with Easton High School is incredible and going to any games against them are indescribable because almost anything can happen.
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