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For a small rural school, Phillipsburg High School has many opportunities for college courses while still in high school. Something I would like to see changed is more focus on bullying prevention.
The experience at Phillipsburg High School has allowed myself to become more successful in the real world and create more opportunities for the future.
Everyone knows each other and helps one another out. The school is small enough that people care about you but big enough to help you get to where you want to go. They have many clubs and team sports. Phillipsburg has great hands on classes. The overall atmosphere of Phillipsburg High School is fun and safe.
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Phillipsburg High is a great school to attend. The teachers are fantastic and care about you as a person!
This school prepared me for college by offering college classes through Colby Community College. One thing I would change would be adding the requirement for volunteer work for graduation to boost resumes. I was able to relate to knowledge from high school during my track to receive my bachelor's degree.
It is great for a small town school! Gossip can be an issue, but that is because everyone knows each other. Teachers and parents genuinely care and support the children that attend the school.
Decent teachers with acceptable personalities and appropriate amounts of technology, even including a small 3D-printer. Although these three attributes rank high on the overall outlook on a school, the district lacks adequate policy to represent its people. Most recently, a few KAYs members explicitly violated school provisions. Come to find out, the provisions the school set forth to violate students for infractions outside of school were severely less than infractions that occurred at school. The infraction inside school grounds warrants a 10-day out-of-school suspension with a 30-day activities ban. The infraction outside of school grounds only brings a 10-day activities ban. So, if one were no in any activities, they would not be punished at all for violating this school provision.
In order for someone to come into our school, they must first check in with the office.
Multiple extracurricular activities are offered at Phillipsburg High including: FCCLA, FFA, KAYS, Student Council, Basketball, Football, Volleyball, Track and field, and Cross country.
Parental support through extracurricular activities is exceptionably high in my school. This year our football team won the state championship. Having all of the parents and supporters there cheering the team on was a great thing to experience.
In my school we have approximately 21 teachers. Of the 21 teachers in my school, I would say probably 6 of them actually teach and are easy to approach for help. The teachers could definitely improve on their teaching skills.
Students get involved in after school activities to make the year better.
The parents come to all school activities and get athletes pumped.
They try really hard to get student involved and get ready for the real world.
Some teachers rely on technology do the teaching.
Student involvement is at a high. Most students are involved in at least one activity. Acceptance is great. People rarely judge one another.
All the classrooms are up to date and easy to find and get to.
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The food is not the best and could use some more variety and flavor. We have the same stuff quite often and it gets really old.
Our school is very well up kept. It is a safe clean environment, that has all of the tools required to receive a good quality education. It is also really easy to get help if you need it. The teachers are willing to work one on one with students to get them the help they need. We also have the latest technology in our school as everyone has their own iPad for the school year, which was just started this year. It is really handy to have these tools to help us better our education.
The food is generally pretty decent, however the portions are not very big. On most days you will be hungry after lunch before the school day is even over. The quality of the food is average cafeteria food, nothing too special. My biggest complaint is that we don't get enough food.
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