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Phillips Preparatory Middle School Reviews

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Phillips is magnet program school in Mobile County. This school's students always excel academically.
Philips Prep is a middle school that prepared you for high school- not only academically, but mentally as well. While learning techniques about how to study properly, one can find themselves along the way. After all, it still is middle school at the end of the day. The atmosphere is okay, and the teachers are good at what they do.
PPS is a great school. I learned a lot about myself as a middle school student, and even though I struggled academically, I think that it helped prepare me for high school and college, as well to expect greatness from myself.
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Phillips Prep Middle School was a generally well-rounded magnet school, and honestly made me who I am today. They have a strong band program, and offer challenging classes. Since I have been there, I am leaps and bounds ahead of my classmates in writing and math, and similarly have used my Spanish to gain scholarships and travel abroad opportunities. It offers a very welcoming, friendly environment, with teachers who care and wonderful facilities.
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