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I was what you would consider a child in neverland, a lost boy. I didn’t have a plan, didn’t like school, honestly didn’t care about life. Attending Mary E. Phillips high the staff gave me hope to live on and learn. I am now a senior who’s attended this school for three years. I have applied to college and been active in my community. This isn’t a just a school for learning but a school of hope. This school has showed me that everyone has a future and reason so to keep chasing there dreams.
I was able to slide by in the first few years but I kept all my grades up and I'm doing really well these last few years
Again, we are a small school so we get our lunch from another school. Depending on who you are, the lunch lady might be nice and grab you an extra chicken sandwich if they run out. But I hate the food most days because they've tried to McAfee it so healthy that is now disgusting. I've eaten pizza for lunch for a month straight one time.
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The only thing that students are likely to get in trouble for is dress code. Bullying is not tolerated and perfect attendance I'd highly encouraged.
We're a very small school and don't really have the luxuries that other schools have.
Every teacher that I've had has been absolutely dedicated to each and every student.
The only club I'm involved in is book club and I love it but I wish the meetings were not so far apart.
They have a afterschool program dedicated to helping those students who need extra time and help completing assignments.
The school doesn't have a basketball or football team.
Sometimes Its over cooked or burnt.
When I graduated it felt as though the things I learned in school weren't applied to everyday life.
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