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Phillips High School Reviews

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Phillips is a good small school, but focuses on sports and athletes too much. Not enough attention to academic activities. BEST LUNCH PROGRAM EVER
Phillips High is overall a solid school, exceptional for its location. The academics are decent, I feel I am being taught well, but there could be more higher level classes (AP, honors, etc). Teachers who teach upper level classes are great, but those who don't seem to not care for their job as much. Diversity is as expected in rural Wisconsin and sports teams are above average, with many sports making the state tournaments within the past few years.
The teachers are excellent at reaching out to you. They are extemely friendly and nice. The problem with Phillips is the Super Intendent and school board. They are very out of touch with the students.
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I had a good experience in Phillips. It's a small school, but you get a lot of different opportunities. You make a lot of good and close friends. You have the chance to earn a lot of school credits that can transfer to colleges.
The academics at PHS are fantastic. The teachers push us to become our best, without crushing us with stress. I have never had a teacher that wasn't willing to help me when I struggled. PHS also has plenty of high-level classes that prepare students for their futures.
For the most part, the students and staff at PHS are accepting of others. Since Phillips is a small and remote community, the high school is not very diverse. I am looking forward to college, so I can become familiar with more cultures.
Phillips High School has almost a countless number of clubs and activities. Personally, I am or have been involved in volleyball, softball, student council, teen court, mock trial, band, choir, etc
My overall experience at Phillips High School has been spectacular so far. With all of the amazing clubs and sports, it is impossible to choose my favorite experience. Even though school can be stressful at times, it never feels like it is impossible because of all the support from teachers and peers. Phillips High School has the most school spirit of any school I know, which makes the experience that much better.
Overall, the teachers at Phillips High School are great. I always feel that they are on my side and will help me whenever I need it. One of my favorite things about going to such a small school is the chance to become close with all of my teachers. I am grateful for the quality relationships I have developed with them through the years.
The staff and school are wonderful. Really great sense of community
The cooks do the best they can with what is provided to them, but the quality gap we allow in our schools is obviously present and not good for students nutrition.
Their dress code is sexist. They do not enforce bullying policies that they should, making it a harsh environment for some students.
Most of our facilities were pretty nice. Sports involvement could be higher though. The tennis courts and weight room are two of the nicest features.
Mr. Worth's teaching style was most useful in preparing me for college lecture courses. Some of the teachers have very kind hearts and go above and beyond to help students.
For it being a small school there are a good amount of activities, but they do not all have the funding they need.
There were only a few teachers who I felt actually prepared me for college. They should teach how to study and give less busy work.
Provides safe, close-knit sports teams.
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You can get help when you need it.
Lots of options for a small school.
Extra help for students would help.
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