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Phillip's is a great little school, you are able to build a close relationship with all of your teachers and other students!
I love my school. It offers so much to be such a little school. Everyone knows everyone . The teachers are always ready to help. I play all 3 sports . My parents both graduated from Phillips. I have a younger brother that goes to Phillips. It is just a over all awesome school. We have the best teachers. We have a awesome math teacher. Kids learn . We are a small school so we feel safe . Our police officer is just right down the road but we have never had to use him.. I would recommend Phillips to anyone . Over all a awesome school.
The teachers are very helpful. It is a small school where everyone knows each other. We have a great athletic program.
We need more technology. We also need better facilities.
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That its a nice small school, the teachers know everybody and they are excellent at their job. Our AP programs are excellent and allow us great opportunities to get ahead in life. The athletic program is good, our volleyball team dominates. Even though our football team isn't the best, we are good enough to make it to the playoffs. We don't have that much diversity, but no one here is discriminatory. We have common clubs like Beta Club, 4-H, FCCLA, FFA, etc. We have a good ACT readiness program that all Juniors take. Overall it is a great school, and perfect for a small life.
Phillips High school has been my home for as long as I can remember. My mother coached here when I was younger and I attended Phillips Elementary school from Kindergarten until sixth grade and then entered Phillips High School as a seventh grader and have been here since. I love Phillips High School and the family we have. Our town is a small town in which everyone knows each other and many of the teachers are your family or related to you some how. I love the FAMILY atmosphere here at Phillips High School, and would not change it for anything in the world. I hope to send my children to Phillips High School one day.
I loved going to Phillips High School because it was a small school in a small town. Everybody knew everyone, so a lot of people were either friends already or were family one way or another. The teachers were really nice and helpful. If you ever needed help they were there for you. The only thing that I would think needed changing would be updates to the school. Locker floors were bent, dented, or even gone. The weight room is small and cramped and the bleachers in the High School gym were old and fall apart time from time. Other than the changes, I believe my Alma Mater was the best education I had.
There aren't many different classes available.
There are many athletic groups you can join, such as volleyball and basketball.
I have had some very unique experience coming from this school, i know almost everybody because it is a small school, and you tend too know a lot of people.
The teachers in my school are very approachable and easy too talk to. They overall try there best to interact with all students and help any with academic problems they are having.
I love that my school is like a family. Teachers are always there for you, everyone knows you.
I, as an 11 year old, did not know what this school was capable of. In the end, I ended up receiving a great education because of the help from the teachers and staff. Now as a 15 year old, in retrospect to my being here, I will say that my brain has increased with more knowledge.
The teachers at my school are amazing. They're very understanding and interact with the students. The academics offered are really good. There are standard classes and Honors classes. Students can take Ag class, Spanish I and II, they can also take family sciences and arts classes.
I love my school. I've connected with a lot of people. I've made friends and I have lost friends. It is a small school and drama can get started pretty easily but I stay away from the drama so I'm happy. I've really connected with all of my teachers and have learned a lot about them. They help me when I need help[ with something and they are always there to listen when I need to talk about something. Everyday we students have opportunities to voice our opinions in our classes, such as Government and English Literature. If I had to choose where I went to school all over again, I would definitely choose my school again. I love and I forever will.
The extracurricular activities at the high school that I attend are vast. The is the FCA (Fellow Christian Athletes), the county 4-H, Spanish club, FFA (Future Farmers of America). These clubs really get involved with the students. Every year the FFA takes a trip to an agricultural college, such as Auburn University. They take a tour of the campus and get a feel of things and what it's like to be there. The FCA holds meeting every day during both first and second break for anyone who wants to come. They also hold a weekly prayer in the mornings and afternoon in the gym for any student that wants to come. The 4-H gets the students involved in many things, such as projects and community service projects.
Most of the athletic equipment for many of the sports are great. But the softball field is not near the school and we do not have a track. Many people go out to cheer on the football and basketball teams. There are classes during the day just for extra practice for athletes.
The teachers here do all they can to help you out and get you to understand what they are teaching you. The seem to not only be your teachers, but your friend, or even confider. They pay attention to every student and their needs. The teachers are a part of everything that goes on at our school. All of them are either a coach or an organization sponsor, and a few of them do multiples of these things. They are incredibly caring, hardworking, devoted, and highly intelligent people.
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Some of our teachers are amazing at getting you to understand what they are trying to teach you. If you are on the Advanced Diploma then you have a different set of credits required before you can graduate. This also means that your workload will be a little more difficult.
Our school is very strict on what you can wear. We are not allowed to wear any shorts, dresses, or skirts that are even an inch over the knee, tank tops, or jeans with even the tiniest hole in them. You can't wear any shirts that say anything like "Protect your Hooters" when they are talking about breast cancer or anything like that. You can not wear leggings if your dress/skirt doesn't reach your knees. I can understand it most of the time, but it is becoming increasingly harder every year to find pants without holes. It is also difficult to find skirts, shorts, or dresses that reach your knees. Everything else I can understand the policies on.
I love my school. I've gone to the same school my whole life, with overall the same classmates. Many memories have been made inside those walls. This school is so small that I can name almost everyone in both the elementary and high school just by looking at their faces. Whenever something bad happens everyone works together to help each other out. Like last school year a former classmate of mine died in a car wreck, and our whole school raised money to get his parents his letterman, class ring, and pay for some of the funeral costs. Many went to his viewing and funeral, and most of them even went to his church the following Sunday to worship with his family. We held a rally for him and remember him before any sporting events. If I could do it all again, I would definitely go to this school.
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