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I loved my experience at Exeter. Truly the most incredible school in the world. I will miss Exeter dearly. Academics are unparalleled, people are wonderful, teachers are brilliant.
Phillips Exeter Academy turned into my home away from home. I have nothing bad to say about the school, faculty, facilities, ect. They provide you with everything necessary to achieve success.
Going to Phillips Academy has been a life-changing experience. Learning is actually fun, for once. The teachers are passionate about what they do and the extracurricular options are so diverse.Even if it can sometimes be rough, I have learned and will continue to learn a crazy amount here. I have made some amazing and out of the world friends. I recommend this school to anyone who has the opportunity and academic qualifications to get in.
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I am certain that I have received an excellent education at PEA. While Harkness learning often seems like an easy road to take, these discussion based classes were more than rigorous and continuously challenged our critical thinking skills. My only concern with Exeter's approach to learning is that the rigor of Exeter academics often leaves students questioning their abilities. This sentiment is shared by a majority of its students, and this feeling of "not being smart enough" can follow its graduates into their college years. While I recognize the doors open to me after completing my high school years here, I also recognize that the self-deprecation build within its students goes beyond humility.
I have absolutely loved my time at Exeter. It's a grind, but that's what I signed up for. I'm incredibly grateful for the opportunity to live and learn here.
This is a school that brought me more opportunities than I've ever had. Wealthy, diverse, and challenging, I experienced so many life-long lessons along with an amazing Harkness education. I grew to be confident about my voice because of the ample opportunities to use it. I went abroad for the first time because Exeter made it affordable for me. Exeter is awesome.
Phillips Exeter Academy has been an amazing experience. It is a wonderful community that supports its students and staff, and, if something does go wrong, the administration always tries its best to make sure the students' lives get better. Its a diverse community, and everyone is supportive of each other.
Phillips Exeter Academy is an amazing school with countless opportunities and incomparable diversity. As a student I could not picture myself anywhere else, despite the competitive environment and challenging curriculum.
This is truly an excellent school. The quality education is the best in the world. I wish a lot more student will get an opportunity to experience this quality education. Many student works very hard to attend this school
I am a student at the school and I enjoy learning and being there. I have made lots of new friends with other students and even the teachers. I love the events we have there and the clubs because it helps me to bond with people even more.
PEA is both the best and worst thing I have ever been a part of. Because it is a boarding school, I hardly ever see my parents or my dog, and I miss eating good food. But at Exeter, I not only learned how to manage my time and stress, I also became a part of a community which truly cared about learning and achieving. I have made so many good memories at Exeter, and though I am ready to graduate, I want to take a part if it with me.
Great school. Very hard but the teachers are more available than any our school since you live with them. Also you meet the coolest people that will really, really help you while in school.
Exeter has been and will always be home for me. It was in many ways even more difficult academically than college as the grind never stopped: classes from early morning to 6pm, a lot of homework each night and difficult papers. But it was the one place where I learned for the sake of learning, and I never felt that I was wasting my time. Exeter changed me and I grew up so much in those four years. I learned how to live in a dorm and made incredible friends. Exeter pushed me academically through the best classes and the best teachers in the world to learn more and more everyday and the Harkness method really deepened my understanding of any subject as well as my excitement and love for the topics we were discussing. The campus is beautiful and the town has many nice places to eat such as a mexican place, a couple of sandwich places, a few higher-end restaurants as well.There is a big and beautiful forest in school grounds.
This school has excellent academics and clubs. The school culture is quite competitive and the diversity is decent.
I have absolutely loved my experience at PEA so far. The experience is life changing and it has connected me to people that I never thought I would meet. I'm so excited to continue my time there.
Exeter has all of the makings of a great institution. However, the atmosphere is always extremely competitive and can be suffocating at times. I started attending PEA my junior year, and I think that made the experience even more difficult. If you're thinking about entering into boarding school, I highly recommend applying for freshman or sophomore year.
I really like this high school, especially the balance between academic and social life. The student population is truly diverse. I met so people from so many backgrounds. The school is also very progressive. One clear example is right now, PEA is creating two gender-less dorms.
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Phillips Exeter is an amazing place with incredible academics and limitless oppurtunities. 10/10 would recommend.
I really loved the academics at this school. The classes that I wanted to take were really amazing, well taught, with plenty of interesting trips and research. The field classes that I took were especially fun to be a part of. I also really enjoyed being part of the sports teams there as a player on a team. The coaches I encountered were fantastic and the sense of family within teams was huge. I struggled a little socially there, but the athletics gave me a chance to connect. Some of the atmosphere of the school can be difficult to manage, it is not for everyone and it takes some adjusting, but it is well worth the effort. I came out well prepared for college academics and challenges.
I think my experience with Exeter is generally pretty good. I would like to see the administration take the student's safety and opinion more seriously, as well as give students more voice in the DC cases.
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