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The Academy has been, in many ways, transformative. Instruction through the Harkness method has afforded me the freedom to think independently. I have learned to analyze texts in a thorough manner, and I now have the confidence to share my opinions unbridled by concerns over “correctness.”
I love Exeter. The academics are very rigorous, but the Harkness style of learning allows students to connect with each other and develop close relationships with teachers. There are hundreds of clubs and leadership opportunities for students, and students often take charge and start their own projects on campus. The culture can be a little cliquey, since there is definitely an athlete group, a theater group, etc. but people venture outside of their cliques and aren’t afraid to try new activities. The school also offers so many opportunities for their students to travel and study abroad. The dorm culture is fantastic. The dorm faculty try hard to make the dorms a home away from home. Students stay in one dorm for all of their time at Exeter, and therefore I was able to develop strong relationships with the girls and faculty. I was scared of it being snobby but it's really not. This school has given me opportunities i wouldn’t have gotten anywhere else.
Phillips Exeter Academy is an amazing institution with renowned facilities, faculty, and alumni. The financial aid is unmatched; I will be forever grateful for the generous financial aid package that my family received. It's a diverse school, and although it's not always perfect in handling issues surrounding equity and inclusion, it's definitely a school that tries really hard to make sure each student feels safe. Stress levels are extremely high here, the workload is intense, and the New Hampshire winters can be extremely dreary, but I have made the best friendships here and have grown so much, both academically and personally. Even through the tough times, I have never regretted saying Yes to Exeter and I know that its all worth it. Additionally, it IS possible to have fun here! Even in a small town, we find ways to just live life and be teenagers.
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I love Exeter. Life at Exeter was hectic but extremely rewarding. Exeter helped me find my academic passion. I was inspired by so many talented and socially-aware peers and faculty. Moreover, it taught me not just knowledge but also discipline and work ethic. I'm forever grateful for that place.
Exeter has such a strong support system for the students there! The school listens to suggestions and they organize fun events and bring awareness to social issues around the world. It is incredibly, academically rigorous but you will feel welcome and respected by your peers, teachers and friends. I guarantee you will leave feeling fulfilled.
An incredibly challenging experience academically, intellectually and socially that pushed me in ways as a young adolescent that I could barely even comprehend. However, the amount of support provided by the school in addition to the great campus culture and amazing student body allowed for me to grow and mature more than I could have ever imagined.
Caring and nurturing faculty together with grounded and kind students make this school unique. When I walk onto any given high school campus with my disabled daughter, I'm used to uncomfortable stares. I don't expect every child or adult to have acceptance and compassion for people with visible disabilities. To our shock as we walked onto the PEA campus, we saw no rolling of the eyes, no mean girl stare, no whispers- just the sweetest kindest students who unconditionally accept those who are different. It seems that the admission committee managed to pick the kindest, most accepting students from around the world and place them into one school. PEA prides itself on Non-Sibi, the idea of giving to others. Until that first time we walked with my daughter on campus, I would have never expected that Non-Sibi wasn't just a nice school motto. PEA picks a student body that is not just intelligent but truly embodies the Non-Sibi spirit. That is an amazing achievement.
Great resources and academics, but as expected of a PWI of such prestige there's plenty of racism and other -isms. The good thing is the affected students continuously push for progress.
There is good reason this school is regularly ranked as the best boarding school in America. Our daughter has matured and grown into a well rounded and independent young woman. Yes the school is extremely rigorous and challenging but graduates are prepared for for college and beyond.
I attended Exeter for four years from 1979 - 1983. I can't exaggerate how much good it did me. It was very challenging, but I'm certain that explains why everything in my life seemed easier after Exeter. Just saying I went to Exeter has opened doors for me, and the skills and knowledge I gained have helped me in everything I've done.
Exeter changed my life--makes you think critically. Ability here is the bare minimum. If you want to succeed you need discipline. The academic rigor is high. As a Freshman, in fact, I find college comparatively easy.

Personally, I had a mixed a time at Exeter. I had undiagnosed ADD, which made me fall behind in my classes, and my grades fluctuated a lot. I struggled with self-esteem. There was very little mental-health awareness on campus. I only found help in my Senior year. I feel if the mental-health services were competent then my ADD would have been diagnosed sooner, and my time at Exeter would have been more fulfilling.

My example was indicative of a wider problem. Exeter lacked administrative direction. For a long time little was done about sexual assault or mental illness on campus. Recently, the administration changed and now the problems are being addressed. I believe with the new direction the school will return to its best. Exeter is a great bet for the future.
PEA has good academics and extracurricular programs. It would be great if the school or teachers could encourage students to participate more in the discussions at the Harkness table.
Phillips Exeter Academy is the most breathtaking high school in the nation. Sit in on any class and you will see us students driving the discussion, batting around quotes from Moby Dick or deconstructing cellular mechanics, teaching and learning from each other. All the classes are done via this style of discussion, the Harkness method, which forces students to really understand the material rather than just memorizing or cramming for a test. We learn how to think critically, whether it's by doing our own historical research or learning to design a science experiment. Through Harkness, we learn so many important soft skills too often overlooked in this digital age. And the Harkness ethos permeates so many facets of Exeter outside of the classroom: a piano becomes a sort of Harkness table for a choir group, at a team's halftime talk the players lead discussion on what needs to improve, and students have late night discussions about particle physics or Toni Morrison in their dorm rooms.
First-class education and extracurricular activities. Most of all, PEA trains self sufficiency and a go for it attitude. We love the school.
Exeter was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Coming from a first generation college background and being Mexican and Native, I was new to so much that this school offered. I learned more than I would have ever experienced in public high school, and I met people that completely altered my path in life for the best. It was stressful and challenging and at times it broke me down to my core, but only for the result of building me up stronger.
I love my school so much. I have learned so much and the school offers so many academic and extracurricular opportunities. I love the people and teachers.
I learned so much going to this school! The work is challenging but rewarding and you are surrounded by like-minded peers who all have a thirst for learning.
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Phillips Exter is a very good place to start studying in the US. As a big brother in the house, I gladly saw the grown-up of my brother when he studies here. All of his characters changed rapidly after joining this school. Also, when I had my first visit here in Phillips Exeter, all people were friendly: they showed me buildings and rooms of the school, some students also wanted me to join their lunch. Teachers were so nice and funny, they really loved my brother. They kept telling about the story when he first came here like a fish out of water then weeks later, people just asked him out.
I am so happy that my brother has a chance to study here, at Phillips Exeter Academy. Hope that the counselor and teachers can push him up so that he can achieve higher in the future.
Phillips Exeter is an outstanding academic institution. The resources available are impressive, to say the least. You can choose from a multitude of courses offered at introductory levels through the college level. No matter what your passions are, you can likely take them to the next level. From a state of the art boathouse for the rowing program to a brand new theatre building, the facilities and faculty available foster for intellectual and athletic development for the student body.
Phillips Exeter Academy is rigorous, so very rigorous. I have never been more challenged, had less sleep, or stressed out more than when I was at PEA. I have also never been so intellectually stimulated by my classes and my friends and my teachers. PEA is difficult, there is no avoiding that, but it is an unparalleled place of learning and an experience that has changed my life.
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