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PEA totally changed my life; the famed "Harkness method," as cringy as this may seem, empowered me to express myself intellectually with a group of equally motivated peers. The dedication of the faculty here is something I will also miss. I'm currently a senior, and this year, I completed a senior project in poetry translation where I was working one-on-one with an English teacher with a dissertation in translation. I'm also taking an advanced postmodern philosophy class next term where I'll also be working one-on-one with a teacher who graduated from Harvard Divinity School. These kinds of opportunities are really unparalleled.
I love my school! Great community that genuinely supports eachother with teachers who truly care about their students. There are so many opportunities here compared to other schools, such as the wide variety of courses, the number of clubs, the travel abroad programs, and of course, Harkness.
In a word, amazing.

We are profoundly grateful our daughter was able to have the experience of Exeter.
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Academically very rigorous - best of the best. Teachers are very highly qualified and passionate about what they teach Social scene can be very clique-y, and it can be very difficult to get substantially involved in extracurriculars if you transfer in. Overall, focus on getting into Ivy League schools is too intense sometimes but the experience does prepare you.
Being a student at Phillips Exeter Academy has been an amazing experience. My favorite things about the school have been Harkness, the variety of course offerings, the number of clubs, and the strong support of alumni. I will say though that it can be extremely challenging in terms of workload and competition, which makes for a lot of stress and poor mental health. Overall, I am so grateful to have attended but would caution students if they're not up for the stressful environment.
Exeter is an amazing school. My family is very pleased with this school. Extremely strong academics, very supportive teachers with few exceptions and excellent administration. My daughter transferred from a NYC private school to Exeter and that was the best decision that we made in our lives.
My son attended the summer program at Exeter and fell in love with the culture of the school. He returned for his prep year and we are continuously amazed at the supportive and thriving atmosphere of the school. The teachers and advisors are top-notch and, most importantly, the school encourages students to be their authentic selves. My son is constantly being challenged personally and academically, and there's no where else he'd rather be.
Truly a family that remains with you for a lifetime. The most profound educational and experiential impression on me.
It is such an honor and privilege for my daughter to attend Phillips Exeter Academy with full scholarship. Words cannot express my sincere appreciation to you for your assistance in providing this privilege. As a single mom, I could never imagine sending my daughter to a private school. Thank you for your support and grant. I will forever be grateful to PEA for giving hope to my daughter that dreams can become a reality. Thank you for believing in her and giving her the strength to succeed.
Amazing school with a healthy, progressive culture. Teachers truly care and want you to do well. This school changed my life.
The school embraces those of different cultures but it is more difficult for those with different beliefs at Exeter to co-exist. People are great and teachers make you work hard. The school is a good preparation for college and you learn a lot about acceptance and a whole lot more about the books you’re reading in English than in any other public school you’ll go to. However, if the slogan we have over 100 classes to choose from excites you, the school has no more than a normal amount of classes for a high school just many different levels that take you more in depth on one certain topic.
It’s such an amazing school as soon as you walk on campus you jaw will drop the teachers and students are so welcoming and you feel right at home as soon as you arrive
I absolutely loved my time at PEA; the school truly is one unlike any other. Not only does the school prepare you for college, but the faculty make an active effort to help you grow personally along the way. The values of community and of making others' voices heard are at the forefront of what Exeter instills in its students. Every class, lecture, sports practice--EVERYTHING is imbued with the spirit of Harkness and what it means to be an active listener. I frequently run into PEA alums all over, and every one of them counts their time at Exeter as the most transformative, difficult, and amazing time of their entire educational and professional life.
I absolutely adore the Harkness style of learning and teaching. My experience at Exeter has been one of intensity and growth, kindness and hardship. I think Exeter has done so much for their students, I hope it continues its wonderful work!
Exeter forces people to discover who they are in a loving, thrilling way- truly the best high school in America.
Exeter has an absolutely aweful school culture. Depression and anxiety are bred there and students are constantly under nearly unbearable pressure. Furthermore, Exeter is a killer of creativity. Kids that come out of Exeter have no ability to come up with anything original, but rather only to grind through busy work.
Overall an increadiable high school to develop your kids. The facility is excellent, the teacher is knowledgable and approchable, the location is safe, the school holds a high standard. The learning and the competition is intense, but it's open and positive. It is the best.
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Academics were great. Met some great people. The athletic faculties are some of the best facilities I have seen. Great strength coaches and trainers . Teachers are very smart and care about there students and give ample opportunities to seek extra help. Music building is beautiful and music lessons are great. Health center can be helpful but doesn't have a good mental health policy
The best decision I ever made was coming to Exeter. The experiences I've had and people I've met are absolutely priceless.
Phillips Exeter Academy is filled with smart and driven kids, engaged teachers, competitive athletics. However, one must learn how to embrace the opportunities the school offers. If not, the magic of this place can be lost on them. I fully embraced my experience there when I engaged with the most important thing that came with the school; it's people. With some of the smartest teenagers grouped in the 672 acre campus, wonderful things can happen. The people here have taught me how important it is to be kind to one another, to support each other, to spread love to those around you. Yes, it has also taught me a^2+b^2=c^2, but there is more to this school and the community than what it teaches face value. It has taught me the how kindness, determination and love can build an unbreakable community of people pushing each other to succeed.
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