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Been a turn around school for over 5 years and has been doing good ever since. Trouble form here and there due to the students but the staff is excellent.
I like how its so easy to build a relationship with teachers and staff. I like the fact you actually get a quality education. I wouldn't change much , I just wish the school was bigger.
I loved the camaraderie between the students. I have seen many students as well as myself build strong relationships that ultimately guaranteed success. But what I would like to see change is the quality of the school. The bathrooms were always stinking and dirty. The classrooms had rats and the food was horrible.
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Phillips might not seem like your average high school life, but its students live,learn, and love each other like family that’s why we live by this motto, “We’re not just a team, we’re a movement.”
,gifted,and arrogant is the thing that drives me to be the best at anything I want to do or be and sometimes I
I like being able to be in a after school program that i love and being able to communicate with others
My experience at Phillips High School has been the best. Phillips is the most comfortable school I ever went to. Anytime I needed any assistance my teachers will always accommodate me. I have went from making bad decisions to making good decision and now about to graduate. Phillips taught me some real life skill that I am able to use outside of school , and in school. Not only that but Philips taught me about leadership and think about something before u do it. Something that’s overall about Phillips is caring. Anytime I had anything bad going on or needed my teachers assistance they where there.
At Phillips we are like a family. No one is left out or left behind. We are all one and the principal Mr. Sullivan motivates students everyday to strive for greatness.
My experience at Wendell Phillips was amazing. I have been here my whole 4 years and i love it. Their way of teaching and learning is unique. Phillips has made a tremendous turn around from its previous years. We now control our school better and have very high expectation for ourselves.
My experience at phillips is great the teaches are preparing us students well were also big on attendence and we also have an amazing princible also a great football team who has won state Twice in 3 years
My experience at first was very simple and regular because I had a regular student's athlete's life. Until my senior year, I am feeling the pressure.
I loved my 4 years at Phillips. It was a great experience due to the support systems there. Everyone is very friendly but academic wise, things were really tough. It was not an easy school. You had to actually do work. You have to actually stay self-motivated and dedicated. I would not change anything because it shaped me into this very humble, dedicated person I am today.
What I liked about Phillips is that the teachers actually care about you graduating. All my teachers told me what it takes to become this or that and there maybe struggle but those can dodged by doing what's need to done.
What I like about Phillips is that all of the teachers want to see you succeed. They show that by pushing the students to work hard and do their very best no matter what. Also the teachers and principal show that they care about every student.
Phillips academy high school was the best high school ever, they have the best football players ever, the best teachers ever, and they work real hard to make this school one of the best school ever. When I graduate from there all I'm going to remember is when I started there. When I started there my freshman year I was scared and I didn't like it at first but now for the past week my first day was okay the teachers was helpful and very respectful. this school is like my family when ever I go here I feel safe and educated everyday, we are the wild cats family and I'm happy that I'm representing this school.
My experience at Phillips was great. I feel like it is a very friendly environment. All of the teachers and staff work with you to ensure that you do your best through out your high school years. One thing that i really like about Phillips is that most teachers stay after school to make sure that students who need help can come in and help them with work.
I have learned many things by coming to Phillips for my last 2 years of high school. The sports programs have really prepared me for college and the future to come. If you are in Chicago I recommend Visiting Phillips HS, Great Family atmosphere.
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When I first arrived to Phillips I was the new kid in school with all eyes directed on who I was. Eventually as time went by more and more people stared to speak to me they turned out to be real social and nice. Education wise Phillips puts a great deal of importance on education and the teachers here really help those who apply themselves and wanting to get the work done. Great teachers and Staff here if you want respect you first must give respect and the teachers and my fellow peers made me feel welcomed to attend Wendell Phillips high school.
Well my experience In Phillips so far I love it. There are different things I got to experience as far as making friends, being close to my teachers and staff, and playing softball. Phillips as been very welcoming. The principle makes sure that all of his students are going to succeed. The teachers helps you through personal problems or school related problems. There is always a source to go to if you need advice or help with a class.
They great because they help students That really need help and That really want to pass and everything and that's trying and working hard
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