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I love Philips so much plus it is an IB school especially the pep rallies at the ymca across the street it is so amazing
We practiced health and safety rule frequently.
The extracurricular opportunities make school fun.
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This school made my middle school time enjoyable.
The teachers are some of the best educators I know.
We had nutrition food and a nurse at the school
There were so many the debate club and math team were awesome
I've learned a lot and it kept me motivated
They are really dedicated to helping us be successful
Dress code was too strict.
Never felt unsafe. Doors were locked from the outside and the main entrance required a buzz in.
Overall Phillips is a wonderful school! The teachers were great and very helpful. My favorite experience would have to be the pep rallies at the YMCA across the street.Team support, especially at football games, were almost always 100%! It was a great to see everyone cheering for a win from the Phillips Lions. While we enjoyed sports the main focus was academics, which makes this school unique from others. I would definitely choose Phillips as the best K-8 school in the state.
Extracurricular sports include volleyball, football, basketball, and now lacrosse. while there are others these are the main and most popular sports at the school.
While I attended Phillips technology was available, but it was not the best, as many computers in the lab did not work. Aside from this my experience at Phillips was enjoyable. All classes (6th-8th gr) were considered Pre-AP and did prepare me for AP classes. Most teachers did not mind tutoring on certain days after school and parent involvement was important and prevalent especially with the PTA.
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