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All about image, great facilities and top academics by shallow people....the article "Surviving in a biased system" Sums it up . A must read
I absolutely love PA. It is not for everyone; there are those who love it and those who hate it. It's really hard work and a lot is expected of you, but that's part of what makes it the place it is. You'll read a lot of good reviews and some bad reviews, and there is probably some truth in most of them. For me, the good has far outweighed the bad. Going to PA has helped to strengthen my academic ability, and also to solidify who I am as a person. The range of student interests create an environment where there will always be someone to challenge you, always be someone you can learn from.
I found the experience to be outstanding. Other family members have also gone. We sent our son to Andover, and were more than pleased that it continues to strive to be the best in providing an education, as well as a high standard in integrity.
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I think the school is living off past glory.
They academics are top notch like any top prep school, but there is an air or arrogance that is unwarranted.
The matriculation data is not different from any other top school but the environment is a lot more toxic and overwhelming.
Is there truly any value in being overwhelmed to the point of exhaustion in high school even before college?
Disappointed that this school allows themself to be put on a list like this one when their priority is a positive public image rather than protecting even the basic needs of their students. Needs such as respect, privacy and consideration. Clearly they have succeeded in having a positive public image, however, I urge people to go beyond the image that they portray and seriously consider if you would like to your child to be forgotten, feel devalued by the school and their peers, and come out of the school less than when they went in.
Challenging and worthwhile. Andover taught me so much about the world and myself. I gained lasting friendships and lasting study strategies and a real thirst for knowledge.
This school shows that American elitist don’t care about minorities. It felt as though my freedom of religion was taken away in this white prominent environment, that didn’t try to respect or understand my Muslim origin. When I moved here from Nigeria, I was made to beleive that Phillips academy is a school of the future, that would bring unique races and religions together and educate them to world class. I can confidently say now that they failed. This school only payed attention to those that donated the most money, the others including me were seen as not a priority. Our comfort, happiness, and religious freedom was completely disregarded by the administration. Being a Muslim at this school was unbearable, due to the constant and humiliating harassment. When I alerted the administration they said they would stop it, but they did nothing and let the harassment get progressively worse. I regret my decision to attend, and I Don’t recommend this school to anyone.
PA has an amazing mix of both academic and social qualities. Students are highly ambitious, creative, and curious.
Phillips Academy Andover is perhaps one of the best things that has ever happened to me. I have never been surrounded by a community as committed to learning as this one. It is truly an honor to attend an institution as incredible as Andover.
It's a great school with great academics, resources, and food. There is a lot of consideration put into student life and activities although some decisions made about student health don't match what students actually want. It is easy to struggle here and feel alone but the faculty here is amazing and generally cares about you. Also, Paresky Commons (dining hall) and Susie's (snack shop located under dining hall) are God sends.
PA is a one of a kind place, built on community, hard work, dedication, and a love for learning inside and outside of the classroom. The faculty and staff are dedicated to supporting students and encouraging personal growth. PA offers opportunities for athletics, sports, music, theater, and beyond... encouraging students to step outside of their comfort zone, be their best self, and embrace being a part of a community.
Phillips academy is a amazing school the school got good programs and sports team we come together as a Community All the time
I really love the campus and the academics and how there are so many opportunities at this school. I also have met some of the best teachers and faculty on this campus, so I really enjoy that as well. One thing I would change is the empathy and balance aspect at our school because I think there is a lot of talk about having it but not much is actually being done to improve it. I also think here should be more counselors on duty at the wellness center.
Academics are great, but if you are looking for consistent, high quality faculty advising and dorm supervision, look elsewhere.
The most incredible environment to prepare young people to think outside of the box, learn to challenge themselves mentally, physically and emotionally. An amazing place to develop lasting friendships with people from across the globe — different backgrounds and cultures... and enjoying a special bond through your time and experiences at Andover, and beyond.

Andover teaches you so many life skills, that become more evident how useful they are the more you experience what gets thrown your, business, challenges and opportunities.

Andover is the greatest investment in oneself and one’s education you could ever offer.
Andover has changed my life. My older brother and I both share Andover as our home and it has exceeded both of our expectations. We had previously heard that it was a terrific school and attending it has proved just that. There are countless clubs, athletic opportunities and classes to chose from and many are unique to Andover.
Getting through Phillips Academy is challenging, but I feel prepared for anything now! Great school!
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Andover was a very challenging school, but also very rewarding. The network is truly incredible, as you can seemingly go anywhere in the world and find Andover alums!
My experience at Andover was transformative. I learned how to think critically, how to manage a grueling workload that wasn't matched again until I was in a PhD program, and how to advocate for myself (while in an environment where I knew the faculty and staff were looking out for me). I took classes in subjects I never would have been able to at my home school, like Ancient Greek. I met kids from all over the world.

It was intense, but amazing. I would do it again in a heartbeat. If my daughter wants to go and gets in, we would love for her to go (although we'll probably move close by because I would miss her too much if we stayed where we are now).
overall it's good, i'm satisfy. Founded in 1778, Phillips Academy, also known as Andover, is an independent, coeducational secondary school with an expansive worldview and a legacy of academic excellence. It is a high school that stands ready to meet, match, and expand the minds and passions of some of the brightest students in the nation and the world. It is a place of great tradition and innovation. Because of its size, Andover offers enormous depth and breadth of activity and opportunity while still feeling like a personal place.