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Phillip O. Berry Academy of Technology Reviews

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Phillip O Berry is overall a great school within CMS. As a student there I feel like I am confident in what I want to do in college and as a career. I do feel as though the school itself could be better managed.
My Experience at phillip O Berry Academy of Technology has been good!! I have been able to get along with alot of people. I have also had great teachers that have helped me to be Next Step Ready!! I would recommend this school to anyone that is looking for a school that will prepare them for college! If I would to change anything it would be nothing.
Phillip O Berry of Technology is a really good school for people looking for a STEM school. The number of graduate are very high in Phillip O Berry. I love the way Phillip O Berry allow us to express our self each and everyday that we enter the school. If you ask me one thing that need change it would be the amount of fight in the school. We have many freshmen fight because Phillip O Berry have many student coming over to their school. We had one or two fight every 3 or 4 weeks. But other than that Phillip O Berry is a really good school with many dedicated teacher and staff. Phillip O Berry also offer many good opportunities for you to be next step ready.
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I would like to see more community and service activities and partnerships with companies to make out community better, and I also think that we should try to find sponsors for our school as well.
I like about Phillip O. Berry Academy of Technology is that we have teachers that want to see kids be successful and they motivate them to be a better person. One thing I don't like about the school is that they don't do things on time and they do stuff last minute.
Good opportunities provided along with good guidance counselors and staff. Though the school does lack some safety procedures along with some organization. Things and plans such as prep rallies will be planned but do not work out as hoped in the end. Though several good teachers are very helpful and many opportunities provided by guidance counselors and the school even has people to prepare students for college or involve them in early college.
I am only a rising sophomore so I haven't spent much time in the school but what I can say is that I felt welcome from the first day of freshman year. The teachers are understanding and flexible. There is a lot of diversity among the students and they were all accepting. I'd like to see more funding towards extra-curricular activities such as sports and clubs.
Well what like about phillip o berry was the students there and only some of the teachers. What I would the to change is administration and how they treat students and the unnecessary rules. Also this school needs more resources to help meet student needs like the library. We need more funding for clubs and major reconstruction of the buildings and teacher evaluation in the school
Teachers: Incredibly hit or miss. I’ve had some of the most caring, wonderful people as teachers and they’ve really changed my life (Ms.Collins, Mr.Ames, Ms.Jacks etc.) and then I’ve had some teachers who I know truly didn’t care about us at all. Admin hates all the teachers we like.
Clubs and activities: we have tons of them! But only a few that administration actually cares about. If you’re not in Student Council, NHS, HOSA, or NSBE, your club probably doesn’t matter.
Administration : the worst thing about Phillip O Berry. They are NEVER on the same page. You can ask 5 different administrators the same question and get 5 completely different answers. There is no communication or trust between administration and teachers which leaves the students stuck in the middle and screwed over. Admin at berry needs to be redone or we will quickly become another West Meck.
Resources:the library sucks and we can barely use it due to the CMS tech people on the floor under us.
I enjoy Philip o berry because the culture at the school. The school is safe and even though it is large everybody gets personal attention. The administration is there for the students to give us a better high school experience.
what i liked about Phillip O berry was that they gave you the opportunities to college and made sure you got there. what i would change be giving more preparation classes for college.
Phillip O Berry has a great STEM program. You have the option of studying what will work best with your future school and career plans. Staff is always available to provide help in all areas and that is great. Very friendly environment.
The school would be better with better administration. The school has so many great teachers here who are willing to go above and beyond for their students, but their attempts to make the school better are put down by administration. Overall, I like Phillip O. Berry, but I do feel like I could have been challenged more.
As a school POBA is great. The school have many programs to offer the students. POBA have all honors or higher classes. The school pushes its student to be "Next step ready" at all times. Being next step ready at the ages that we are is preparing us for college and and other opportunity we may get. POBA also have college programs that will prepare us for our future careers.
Overall, P.O.B has their own culture and tradition. Academically above other institutions. The student involvement with clubs/activities and school spirit is through the roof. Phillip O. Berry has a great alumni population, that actively visits and contributes to the younger classes. I love the opportunities that are offered for being a student at the school. Going in with an open mindset will result in a great time at the school, and its definitely something you'll miss after graduation.
This is a school that is amazing for getting kids ready for the real world. We have many kids that won't go to college and start in careers with 40,000 per year. We have many class for the Medical,IT, and Engineering fields and you don't find that in many places. Also our school sports play in one of the hardest conferences in North Carolina so your children will be ready for college in the athletic department. Last we have the most unique and different vibe from everybody in Charlotte, our school is known for academics, track, smart, and the people who have their very own personalities. You will have many different cultures who hang and chill with each other. Overall Phillip O Berry Academy of Technology is one of the best schools in North Carolina and is a life changing experience coming from middle to college. It's the type of school that you will miss when you graduate and reminisce about the enjoyment every single day because there is never a dull day at BERRY!
I decided to enroll in Phillip O Berry because I knew it provided an enriching and challenging environment. I am able to push myself out of my comfort zone which is good. Although, there are some things I want to change about the school. Like, student involvement and funding.
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Phillip O Berry is a great school, our school allows students to get an outstanding education, we have academys which consists of Health science, I.T. , and engineering which helps students get better knowledge on the field they choose to go to. We also have a lot of ways to get involved in school from clubs, to school events, sports, and even random activities the school holds during lunch. When I first came as a freshman to Phillip o Berry of course it was overwhelming at first but it took me no time to adjust and for Berry to feel like home. Out of all of the schools I’m Charlotte I wouldn’t go anywhere else. I am proud to be a Berry cardinal.
It was fun while it lasted but the school needs improvement, our new principle brought in unnecessary policies such as blocking of the main stairway to get to class. The school has a bug problem such as ants and cockroaches in classroom.
I liked my school my freshman year I felt as if I was coming into a new world to experience new things as a growing adult. I want to see the school's involvement in certain things to change.
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