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Phillip O. Berry Academy of Technology Reviews

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Very good teachers. They actually care you at Phillip O Berry. Some of them anyways. There’s usually no fights and at the most there may be 1 or 2 every so 3 or 4 months. The MTSC team is great and they help with a lot of stuff regarding the school technology.
Berry is a very fun spirited school, especially around homecoming, spirit week, and comeing home time. The people there are so fun, we have the best cheerleaders in cms, and it’s a very populated school with many clubs. You shouldn’t have trouble being involved at berry because there are so many things that students can be
Deciding to attend Phillip O. Berry was the best decision my family and I could have made. I was able to find myself and my true passion for my future career. While attending this school, I have been blessed with numerous opportunities to enhance my highschool experience and prepare for my next steps into the real world. I have also been exposed to many different individuals such as teachers and administrators who have guided me and allowed me to gain a better understanding of what I should expect in college. This highschool has definitely impacted me in such a positive way and I am very grateful.
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Phillip O Berry is a very good school. The school does a good job of preparing students for college and the world. Its is a predominately black school and has a very supportive staff that takes time to know the students and form relationships. Some of our sports kinda trash though...
I love my school, I’ve been attending Phillip O. Berry Academy of Technology since I was a freshman. My school has great school spirit involving all grade levels. My school offers dual enrollment to those interested in taking early college courses and we have a whole school week dedicated to applying for college with the help of administration. My school has a motto of helping students become #nextstepready as we continue our journey throughout life. My school offered financial aid night and we sit down and have senior meeting with our counselors to ensure we are taking courses we need to ensure we graduate. I would change the classroom sizes they’re are a little too large. My school also offers a cardinal block to help you catch up on work and get help on work.
My experience was great. I surrounded myself with like-minded individuals and we were able to be successful. The staff is amazing and they ensured that each student is successful and gets the support and assistant they need. The offered STEM programs prepare you for college and give you first hand experience in that field of study.
my experience were pretty un-involved on my part but what i have seen is a under rates school with excellent liberties.
I like this school! At Phillip O. Berry Academy of Technology they have some good classes. You also always feel welcome and there is always something happening.
I like phillip o berry so far. Ive only been here for a month now so I am just now trying to figure this out
I believe that Phillip O. Berry Academy of Technology is an excellent school that requires no changes at the moment
The teachers are very caring and make sure to keep students motivated as well as involved. The teachers go above and beyond to get student resources to help students connect their learning to the real world. Along with the teachers, the administration are involved in the students personal life. They know student by name bases and keep the school feeling like a safe place.
Hi, this is my first year at Philip O Berry. I am a Freshman and so far I kind of like it. All of my classes are Honors classes. I really recommend any middle schooler or high schooler to go here.
Phillip O. Berry is a well-recommended school in my opinion. It has a friendly culture for the students. The Academies in the school gives an opportunity for the student to learn about their career choice. The school has many different clubs that makes the student interact with each other.
It is a school that wants you to go to college.They have many college preparedness classes for example avid.The facility is fairly large and has many courses to help to best suit you in what you want to become in your future career. Through theses outstanding programs i determined when i graduate i want to go to college and become a biotechnology engineer as well as a mechanical engineer.
Phillip O Berry is overall a great school within CMS. As a student there I feel like I am confident in what I want to do in college and as a career. I do feel as though the school itself could be better managed.
My Experience at phillip O Berry Academy of Technology has been good!! I have been able to get along with alot of people. I have also had great teachers that have helped me to be Next Step Ready!! I would recommend this school to anyone that is looking for a school that will prepare them for college! If I would to change anything it would be nothing.
Phillip O Berry of Technology is a really good school for people looking for a STEM school. The number of graduate are very high in Phillip O Berry. I love the way Phillip O Berry allow us to express our self each and everyday that we enter the school. If you ask me one thing that need change it would be the amount of fight in the school. We have many freshmen fight because Phillip O Berry have many student coming over to their school. We had one or two fight every 3 or 4 weeks. But other than that Phillip O Berry is a really good school with many dedicated teacher and staff. Phillip O Berry also offer many good opportunities for you to be next step ready.
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I would like to see more community and service activities and partnerships with companies to make out community better, and I also think that we should try to find sponsors for our school as well.
I like about Phillip O. Berry Academy of Technology is that we have teachers that want to see kids be successful and they motivate them to be a better person. One thing I don't like about the school is that they don't do things on time and they do stuff last minute.
Good opportunities provided along with good guidance counselors and staff. Though the school does lack some safety procedures along with some organization. Things and plans such as prep rallies will be planned but do not work out as hoped in the end. Though several good teachers are very helpful and many opportunities provided by guidance counselors and the school even has people to prepare students for college or involve them in early college.
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