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Phillip And Sala Burton Academic High School Reviews

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Phillip and Sala Burton Acadmic High School is a great school overall. I’ve enjoyed the years I’ve been here so far and flourished in the academics as well as extracurricular activities! The diversity is stunning and highly appreciated as students and staff get to experience a variety of cultures and traditions. Unfortunately, our school gets a terrible reputation based off its past but as the enrollment of Burton High School continues, it is no long the school it was once before and I am proud to be a student here.
The schools has many resources and opportunity for its students. The school is constantly hosting social events for students to socialize and build community such as Senior Skate Night and Gratitude Dinner. My teachers are always exposing me to new opportunities through setting up field trips and job shadows. The school also offers Puma Academy, 7 days a week afterschool. Puma Academy is a tutoring center that is open to all students at Burton.
Phillip and Sala Burton Academic High School is a wonderful school that promotes diversity and individualism. Our student body is comprised of many ethnicities that make the overall feel of the school very welcoming. One thing I would like to see change at Burton is more a structured curriculum and more hands-on opportunities to learn.
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I like how teachers take the time to help students that need it. They are very understanding and try their best to help the students. They encourage student to join a lot of extracurricular activities and provide resources to maximize their student life.
Burton has a community full of diverse students and supportive teachers. The enforcement of rules is very straightforward and everyone knows the consequences. I like how we have PRR (Positivity, Responsibility, and Respect) in which students can do something good and will get recognized for it. All in all, it is a great school since students are able to meet other students that will help them succeed.
Hi! I'm a sophomore who studies in Burton High School. I've a great experience with the administration people, because they're really helpful and nice. I really like the different strategies teachers use to teach,the topics we're studying,and the diversity of things we have in school. At last, Burton gives lots of support and I love it!
Burton highschool a school that is very diverse compare to the other schools. Many great resources to help you in the future like college advising. Lots of different clubs at this school you can join. Many teachers that actually care about you. Do not have the best reputation but its all false because this school is changed. Not the same as the past.
This school is extremely diverse and works well with getting their students on time to graduate with their own 7 class schedule completely standing out compared to the rest of the schools in the district. One thing that could be worked on is getting more funds for clubs and extra curricular.
Overall Burton is a good school, there are teachers who care for the students and their wellbeing, however there are also teachers who don't put in the same amount of effort as others. Being at Burton isn't as bad as people put it to be, Burton wasn't my first choice but I don't regret it since I have enjoyed my time being there. I got to meet so many friends and other people to support me and people who have been of aid towards my goal to college
I like that Burton is very diverse. I also like the counselors and teachers really care about their students and go out of their way to helo them. Something they can improve on is having more clubs such as dancing and art. Also, the girls sports teams should have as good equipment/uniforms as the guys.
All the teachers are friendly and all try to help you succeed as best as they can. Burton offers many programs to help students out with finding a job, etc. Although Burton has a bad reputation, I'm glad I did not transfer out in freshman year. I've met incredible people who I know will stick with me, even after high school. The AP and honors courses offered at Burton can also be very challenging.
This school was a great high school experience. I met a lot of interesting people and I learned a lot of new things. Entering high school, I believed that the experience would hopefully be finding more about myself and what I want in life. I didn't know how I would find it though, as it seemed that I was just moving in an aimless direction and wondering what it was all for. Thanks to the programs being presented, the staffs support through the years, and the community has really shaped who I am now and my decisions I will makes further on. I think that this school really set the grounds for my past which will carry on for my future as I am more certain than I ever been before.
Attending this high school was unexpectedly better than I ever thought it would be. When I got put into this school, I was reluctant due to its reputation, but the people and staff are amazing people. My experiences here have definitely changed my life for a positive. When it came to academics there were choices for people like me who wanted more of a challenge and it really helped me advance in academics. The sports provide a space to challenge yourself in athletics and create bonds with people at the school. It's just a great time to be here and I'll miss Burton once I graduate.
Very supportive teachers and many great extra curricular activities to do. Everyone in the school is really friendly and super nice.
Of course, every school has goods and bads, but my experience has been amazing. All the teachers would gladly help any student, even if you never had them as a teacher yourself. Most of them even stay after school in case a student needs extra tutoring. I transferred into this school my sophomore year and was at Washington High school my freshman year. If you want a very close community, with super nice teachers and faculty, it's definitely a good fit. Given its small class sizes, it's really easy to know everyone in your grade. It's really easy to get involved in your school.
I was first sent here without ever hearing about this school. I'm glad I was sent here because the teachers are nice and actually care about the students. The student to teacher ratio is small enough for teachers to really get to know the students.
Burton high school is a small, but diverse school. The staff give their best for the students. The academics isn't too bad, but there are certain classes that might feel too easy, and others that will stress you out. Like every other school, there can always be improvement, especially involving scheduling and the courses that are available.
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I'm very glad that I went to Burton High School. The students here are very friendly and it's very diverse. At first, I was hesitant to go to Burton because I heard that it was a very scary neighborhood, and there are many bad people, but I found that the neighborhood is really pleasant and many of the students actually live around there.
It was very diverse, had great teachers and resources. However, they offer 3 years of a language and more AP classes to get help students get read for college.
It is a very nice school, with community and pride amongst the students. The administration always works to make the school more friendly and fun, and there's lots of extracurricular activities and options aside from the regular schoolday.
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