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Philipsburg-Osceola Area High School Reviews

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Our school has great teachers and a descent amount of course choices. More courses are being added each year. I wish some of them would have been available when I was entering high school. Our school's weak area is discipline. Discipline isn't always consistent with everyone.
Well p.o. has some good this and some not so good things.. The teachers pick favorites.. Mostly the sporty people and they also dont teach they sit at the desk and laptop all period and yell at your if you don't understand a concept. The school needs to be remodeled but instead of worring about the student safety they go and built a 8 million dollar multipurpose field that was not needed.
Many teachers carry a passion about the subject they teach and can really relate to kids and guide kids through their courses, while on the other hand there is some that do not understand how to help their students. The female sports tend to lead better than any of the male sporting events. This is a very average school not a lot of diversity between kids:
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I loved my high school. We might not of had many opportunities due to money or other issues and it was not too diverse but overall I had a wonderful experience. The best part for me was being apart of the cheerleading team. It opened me up as a person and gave me valuable life skills to be successful in the future. The academics at the school is also great. I learned many things and challenged myself with tough classes to prepare myself for the future.
There is lots of student involvement and hardly any peer pressure at PO. Some groups of kids aren't the greatest when dealing with homosexuality, but they argue that's "how they were raised".
Overall the academics are pretty great. This includes the teachers, the curriculum, and the overall class. The only downgrade in parts of the year is the workload; many of the teachers give a lot of homework at the same time, so it's a bit hard to manage at sometimes.
The teachers are mostly fresh from college, they are on their smartphones more often than they are teaching. If they dislike a student that student usually fails or struggles very hard.
The students who run in "cool kid" circle are rude & bully students who are less popular. There are fist fights every week, mostly in the cafeteria. There are bomb threats all the time and drug searches.
The administration could use a lot of improvement, office employees are not friendly at all, teachers are not helpful towards students. They write an assignment on the board and expect students to automatically know how to do the work. If the students ask questions the teachers get frustrated because they have to do their job instead of playing on their phones. If a student is "different" they're bullied by other students and the staff rarely reprimand the bullies and they continue to bully. I've never seen more depressed children in all my days.
Other than some students writing bomb threats this year, we really don't have any safety issues to deal with. Nevertheless, our school has everything you can think of to make sure the students are safe, other than the school security guards of course.
We have lots of different options for after school activities from Key Club to Illustrator's Club. I'm in quite a few clubs myself, I'm President of our Key Club, I'm in Tri-M, National Honor Society, and Prom Committee. For other extracurricular activities, I've been in our school band since I was in 4th grade. All of the club members are very committed and get their projects done sufficiently.
The parents along with the community are all really supportive of our school and almost all of the activities we have. To be honest, our football is pretty bad, yet just about all parents and most of the community still all come out to the games. The same goes for most sports, and of course Prom, just about the whole community goes up to see the whole school.
Of course there are some teachers that either aren't completely helpful or don't seem like they have their full attention on their students, but overall I have some great teachers. They devote their time to their students and make sure all of the students are caught up in work and actually understanding the work.
If something is needed to improve the educational environment we get it. Even though sometimes it takes longer than wanted it still is helpful.
With the teachers at my school they have their ups and downs. One day they can be extremely outgoing, but than other days they don't help their students at all.
There is way to much emphasis on sports and not enough on the Arts. We are not all going to me another Matt Adams or Scott Conklin.
There is way to much emphasis on my child only and not the welfare of all children.
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Our teachers are very limited to what they can achieve.
No problems except for bomb threats
There are many organizations and sports to join
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