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Weaver Academy is an excellent school for people looking to not only pursue a place in the arts, but to have an excellent academic experience. The arts programs are above most anywhere else around the area and the CTE programs are also good.
I enjoy almost everything about Weaver Academy. I love being able to flourish in my arts area (vocals), and having the opportunity to surround myself with inspiring people. I enjoy the challenging classes that I am taking. Overall, I will definitely miss this school when I graduate.
Once you get into Weaver Academy it's basically all about your PVA (Performing Visual Arts) or CTE ( Career Technical Education). Weaver Academy is a wonderful school that has in my opinion some of the best educators around Guilford County Schools. If you're looking for a place that has really good education, this is the spot.
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I liked how you could find a friend there. I think they could improve on the physical look of the school (building looks like a jail) but the outside shouldn’t really the focus. There are many different classes available to take but I wish they’d had told us more about it at the tours.
Weaver Academy is a great school to attend if you want to further your experience within your performing art. But the academics are a lot harder than a normal high school, that being there can be a heavy workload. You just have to prepare yourself physically and mentally for it. The school itself needs a lot of updating, or all in all a new school needs to be built. The ceilings are falling apart, we have classes outside in trailers, etc. The people there are mediocre, you will have your pros and cons for teachers and staff. But again all in all it is a decent school to attend, your pva teachers are usually phenomenal and you can easily build up your resume or portfolio!
It was a very diverse area with many different types of people. I have learned a lot about social equality and other things you learn at a liberal arts high school. I think that there can be some changes in accepting people with different views from their own.
I have been a student at Weaver Academy for the last three years, since my sophomore year of high school. Since attending Weaver, I have really grown to love and appreciate the diversity within the student body. Here at Weaver, I've realized that each individual student has had the ability to shamelessly express themselves and that is because of the diversity we aim for here at Weaver Academy. I really can say that if I had a choice to change anything about Weaver Academy, I wouldn't choose to change a thing .
Weaver is an outstanding school in the heart of downtown Greensboro. The PVA teachers are very knowledgeable and want their students to succeed. Overall Weaver is a very culturally diverse and accepting school.
I loved Weaver Academy and the loving community that supported me through high school and into college.
I love Weaver Academy. The academics are excellent and challenging. Weaver allows self expression and supports individuality which I love. It allows students to focus in particular areas of interest which can help them choose a career path. The energy of the school is always positive and uplifting and it is a great place to learn new things!
Weaver Academy is another world where kids can get top notch education as well as a very hands on experience with their performing/visual art or career tech. It is a refreshing contrast to the average public high school in a small, close-knit community with teachers devoted to giving students the best education to prepare them for long term life situations.
Weaver is a true arts school. The environment is very friendly and there is a feeling of welcome the moment one walks through the door. The staff and students all work together to support each other and ensure a growth of the arts in as many ways as possible. It is a place where a person can express who they are with no fear of being judged; a safe place.
The experience has been great. More diversity I think would be better. The Arts program is phenomenal. The students are very dedicated when it comes to their designated area. The academics are pretty rigorous but it just prepares you for college. I think the building does need some more beautification though because it's so old.
Weaver Academy is the most amazing school and I am so lucky to have attended it! My home school is Grimsley, but I was allowed to attend Weaver full-time as a CTE student. In my years at Weaver, I was able to take 14 computer science classes! I feel like I am very prepared to attend college as well as I have an insight into what I want to study at college. The classes were small and the teachers very knowledgeable! The teachers clearly enjoy what they teach as well as working with students. The principle runs a tight ship that allows students and teachers to blend well together.
I really feel like my experience at Weaver truly helped me to grow not only vocally but also as a person. Being constantly surrounded by the arts is so enriching and fulfilling, and it gave me the courage to continue to pursue that sort of life for myself. The teachers, academic and artistic, truly care about the students and work their hardest to help us grow. I am so glad to have attended there, and the only thing I would change is the amount of public funding our school received because it was FAR too little.
I love my school and all of the theater opportunities it has given me. Weaver is the #1 school in NC for a very good reason, because all of our teachers are dedicated to the students, and the students want to learn.
Weaver Academy has been everything that I had ever hoped it would be upon entering three years ago as a freshman. Weaver is a place with excellent teachers in both academics and the arts who genuinely care about their students' success and actively encourage them to pursue various outside opportunities that come their way. The students are all very focused and disciplined, not to mention talented in their respective arts majors, and have become some of my closest friends. Going to this school has given me the incredible opportunity to explore my passion for art, encourage and nurture my academic pursuits, as well as allow me to play my sport of choice on my home school's team. Ranked #1 high school in North Carolina for a reason, Weaver Academy is like no other.
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Weaver has provided me with a great opportunities to explore my passions and different career possibilities. I love the small, close-knit community and high quality of education. It is slightly lacking in foreign language and science options, but overall it is an excellent, well-rounded school with unique opportunities.
An amazing opportunity for kids in Guilford County who want to further pursue the arts. Rigorous academics that are comparable to that of other magnet schools.
During my time at Weaver I met so many wonderful people and made so many connections. The teachers and students alike are wonderful people. I think the only fault in weaver they don't prepare you for a normal college but prepare you for going into your focus in high school aka PVA. I love the community that I was apart of and I am always excited to go back to see the school I love.
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