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The teachers and staff are quite amazing, and they go above and beyond in their work. There is a lot of community support as well for the school, and this plays an important role in what makes this a great school
Philip is one of the best schools in South Dakota. Everyone there is friendly and accepting to new kids. Sure there are the groups kids are in, but everyone talks to each other and is kind to each other otherwise. Philip expects their kids to strive for higher grades by having a higher grading system, and every kid there works hard.
It is a good school with an exceptional education, but the people in my class are bullies and no one does anything about it. It is really frustrating because the people in sports who have parents that will go in to the coach or principle and yell at them because their child isn't playing, are the people that get to start, even though they aren't very good. I love the teachers and the education, I just don't like the people and sports. I usually cheer for the other teams at games because the people on the court/field/track, don't deserve to win.
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Philip High School is one of the most academic inclined schools in the state of South Dakota. We have great teachers that make it very easy to learn and help prepare for the future. Our school has been named a distinguished school district for multiple years and many of the students are ready for college when they graduate. Our sports also stand out upon many others in South Dakota. Our football team has made the playoffs the last four years and made it to the semifinals in 2014; also have had a handful of All-State athletes. The volleyball team has made it to the district championship the past several years and last year they were fortunate enough to make it to the State Tournament (7th place).
I have enjoyed all the sports and other activities that I have participated in.
I enjoyed going to Philip High School, I feel I have obtained a great education, have made many friends, and have stayed healthy in participating in school sports and have done very well.
I think the teachers are of great quality, have individual teaching styles, know their subject of teaching, communicate very well, and are wanting the students to succeed.
Bullying is still a slight problem in the school, but it also comes from the town. This most of the people living in this town are small minded Jesus praisers that do not appreciate the status quo being disrupted and this shows in the school too.
The teachers overall are very good. Like anywhere there are a few outliers that don't do as much as they should or are overly strict, but we also have teachers that understand students and that their lives don't revolve around school.
Philip High School is a relatively small place. This means closer relationships with other students and more individual attention from staff members. The school is very involved with the community and you can often find +75% of the town's population at high school sporting events.
School sprirt is very important ot everyone. However, the equipment isn't the best.
Most teachers here understand how students learn, others have no idea. We have a teacher that is great at what she does and takes pride in it, but we also have a teacher that we arn't sure if he/she knows what they are teaching.
There isn't many options for clubs. The variety is slim. Sports are a larger topic in our school then extracaricular activities.
The only extra cirriculars that we have are sports and drama
Athletics are one of the things that the school is good at and push students to do. We accell in most sport that we have.
The principal doesn't have any communication with the students and avoids them most of the time
There is not an abundance of bullying; if there is, other students help stop it or the school staff will. There is no school nurse. The school is extremely safe.
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Air conditioning and heating in all classrooms. Smartboards in every classroom. Two computer labs. Laptop carts. No school buses.
I was extremely prepared for college after attending PHS. The teachers presented the material excellently, and the guidance counselor helped us with scholarships, applications, etc. for college.
The school has a fairly decent dress code -- just started banning leggings the 2014-2015 school year. Guidance counselor is very helpful in multiple areas. Office staff is excellent. If you need anything, they will try their best to help you.
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