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Philip Barbour High School is AWESOME!!!!! Principal Keener is a great guy who keeps everyone in line and he helped me through some bad times in my life.... I get along with my teachers too they are GREAT! Love the band and the sports teams. Mr. Drubel, Iapalucci, Freeman are excellent teachers. Lets go COLTS... School lunch does need improved more than just the spice
The School overall offers a basic and sometimes an above average public school experience. They were very enthusiastic when it came to participating in school spirit weeks however many of the kids didn’t like participating. Overall it was an ok experience
I like it I felt comfortable to be able to go talk to any of my teachers if I was having an issue in their class. I like that I was able to participate in sports and still be able to keep up with my schoolwork. I wish they would do a little more college preparedness and help more with applying to college and financially.
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This is a school where academics are not taken as seriously as they should to cover all student learning types. I had some poor interactions with some of the teachers and administration. Favorites are not something they try to hide at this school. It is not a school that prepares children to excel in the real world, which is a big issue. The students with the highest grades are still not prepared academically for the transition to college. I would not send your child here if you can avoid it. Bridgeport and Morgantown have a lot better school system.
Philip Barbour High School is an open, welcoming environment; supervised by caring individuals whose main goals are to assist in preparing students for the life ahead of them, through knowledge. The staff at this school treat us, not as students, but as friends, and equals.
PBHS did not prepare me for college or the real world. They are an unfair and terrible school. I was constantly humiliated by certain teachers just for my identity and beliefs. Absolute worst 4 years of my life.
My overall experience at Philip Barbour High School has been pleasant. Being in band is so fulfulling and it's where I found my place as a freshman. Looking back, I wouldn't trade my high school experience for anything.
There is a lot of favoritism in the school. Most of the teachers are cool and understanding people, and want to help you. There are also some teachers that will be the biggest pain in your grade you could imagine. They give projects that can't be right or wrong and then grade very arbitrarily. It does not matter how much time or effort you put into your work the kid that is friends with the teacher will get the better grade. The school also focuses a ton on sports because most of our teams are bad. The best athletes in the school, for the big sports like football, get away with a bunch of stuff.
This school has what it takes to make you a successful student for post-secondary school, but you have to be very motivated.
My overall experience at Philip Barbour is a positive and encouraging experience. The teachers, students, and staff all work hard to see the students reach their ultimate goal in life.
Philip Barbour is an excellent school. I love the simulated workplace the most about the school in the CTE. The classes are the classes I wanna take that will better me for my future.
Academically, Philip Barbour High School is not considered an exemplary school by any means. In fact, many students that attend struggle with standardized testing such as the ACT and SAT. I tend to believe this is caused by myriad factors, primarily the No Child Left Behind Act and too accessible options like summer school and credit recovery. As a result, students are becoming more idle in their classes, knowing they can easily make up just enough credits later to graduate. However, just like any other school, there are options available if you're looking for a challenge and want to improve upon yourself. Even though Philip Barbour no longer offers Honors courses, it does provide advanced placement classes as weighted credits and the opportunity to take college classes at Alderson Broaddus University in place of a few normal high school classes. If students so desire, they can choose to take the harder classes and push themselves to work harder to prepare for the future.
I liked that the school is smaller and allows a lot of interaction between students and faculty. The school needs to work on it's overall discipline problem though.
I had no issues during school. My biggest problem is that there were only 2 teachers that positively prepared me for college.
As a high school senior the teachers and counselors worked with me to make sure I had everything I needed to graduate and to move on to higher education.
Philip Barbour is from a poor area. All things considered, it is a rather good school. I would like to see more involvement from the teachers and parents in the area. Although we are small in numbers, you can make your experience at Philip Barbour as good or as bad as it would be at any other high school. Your high school does not determine your success, you do.
Since I have not attended any other high schools, I cannot say what it is like to compare. However, Philip Barbour does have good teachers focused on students well-being and the academics.
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there aren't many things to do, but the band is the best in the state. We also just got a new football field (though the team sucks). No one really cares about sports other than the football team though which is weird.
While there isn't much to do here, and there are few classes, I don't think this is the worst school there has ever been
Most of the teachers really try here, but there are others that don't care at all and just put a grade in for you whether you did the assignment or not
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